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Shimoneta - Do the Panties Hide More than we Realise?

Written by Shiggins

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Just like Kill la Kill in 2013, not a lot of people would openly admit that they watched Shimoneta, or to give it it's full name "Shimoneta: A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn’t Exist". The reason for this is a very simple one actually; It's so perverted! Episodes devoted to vibrators and constant shots of "ecchi" nudity, as well as the enormous amount of vulgar words that even the Japanese anime censors (with fun splat sounds, of course). And yet, after taking a moment to think about it, I realise it's actually one of the smartest series I've seen this year.

......No, I'm serious. This is a smart series! Please don't leave yet!
Meaning no disrespect to any anime out there, but a lot of them do have fairly straightforward tactics to appease a mainstream audience. They'll start off with a slightly bland hero, surround him with typically interesting characters that includes the big "life-changing character" that begins the events of the plot, (see Rukia or Index for examples), and then the power of friendship and teamwork will save the day against the big bad villain. It's a fun tactic that usually provides a few good laughs, good characters and plenty of emotion or action.

Somebody please explain this joke! I only count three... technically.
So does Shimoneta do the exact same thing? Almost but the reason I mentioned the previous formula is because I can't think of a lot of series that tackle the issues that Shimoneta does. And almost all of it is linked to one hilarious, gorgeous, batshit insane bitch known as Anna Nishikinomiya.

It's as if the phrase "there are no brakes on the rape train" was created solely for her.
When the series begins, she's the sweet Student Council President and the "antagonist", although that's definitely not her fault. She has been raised in a world where constant surveillance and punishment prevent people from learning about the "evils of sex" and even curse words and masturbation are alien to her and most people. The main characters are the rebels against this world, and therefore they become Anna's enemies.

And here is the head of the rebels, clearly not giving a fuck.
Considering the series is setting up this premise that it's good to be perverted, unlike almost every other series that only has perverted characters to be beaten up, I expected Anna's development to take the slow route of making her learn new facts and she realises the error of her ways and blah blah happy ending blah. All of that changes however when she gets accidently kissed by the main protagonist, Tanukichi Okuma. Instead of realising it's a good thing to be perverted, SHE GOES INSANE!

The face of everyone during the last scene of episode 4.
Anna, instead of realising it's good to give into desires and study them, snaps and actually attempts to rape the main character! The tone of the series takes a very dark turn during this scene and yes, it still has a comedic edge because of the reactions by a supporting character in the cupboard (long story), but I wasn't laughing! And I don't think many others were either! Anna's cracking from sanity makes complete sense too, since she was never raised in an environment that could educate her and help he understand her feelings. And more importantly, it's one of the few series I've seen in a long time that is properly saying; "Rape is bad by any gender!"

Really? People actually think that Okuma should WANT to be raped by this insanity?
The amount of times Anna tries to molest or perform rape on the series is actually near-horrid. Of course, the anime downplays it somewhat by keeping a few sections of comedy during these scenes, but the undertone of how wrong she is and how much we should be afraid for him is real. Okuma doesn't want this and he is nearly being raped without his consent. The series is aware of it and never shies away from it or implies that it's okay because she's a woman and he should be "grateful" or some other bollocks. And honestly, in this day and age where the internet is finding "something offensive" in every subject, I think it's very brave of Shimoneta to try to shut up those idiots who cheer on underage boys when a teacher gets raped, or use terms like "rape-baiting". It shows a level of maturity that many people lack, despite having it be over-the-top and slightly-comical.

However, the double standard here is not the only thing that got my attention, although it does relate to that rape scene I so intrigued you with earlier. The "terrorist rebel" Blue Snow spends the entirety of this series swearing and using innuendos (which frankly, I find almost as hysterical as puns), while barely wearing anything in her "Blue Snow" outfit. However, a few seconds after she interrupts the rape scene and thankfully prevents it, she sees her first penis and... this is how the cocky, confident gal who never shuts up about sex reacts...

I'd like to take this moment to remind you how mature this series is.
The girl who has no understanding of sex, due to being raised like an olden-time Amish, is the one who goes wild and obsesses over her "love nectar", while the girl who claims to know everything about sex and never be bothered is the one who freaks out at just seeing a dick. In a way, it's almost like modern society. The ones who boast the most, especially on the internet, tend to be the ones who talk big but can't handle big. And those who aren't educated properly don't know what to do and just lash out in the most extreme way they can.

The denial of sexuality in this series from many character is reminiscent of certain parts of the internet itself, as it's becoming increasingly popular to deny you are sexual and that you are in fact disgusted by sexual things. (And no, I'm not saying asexuals don't exist. I'm just saying that a lot of pricks on the internet claim to be asexual then will be one of the many sexualities the internet has in a few months time.)

I was like this after episode 4. And after I put myself into a state of denial of course.
Overall, I think this series does tackle some issues you rarely see in this day and age, which is ironic considering we might need it now more than ever. Too many people think it's okay for rape/molesting under certain circumstances, especially if the female is the culprit, and no, it's never okay. It's degrading to myself to even have to type these words but since some clowns have difficulty understanding, I'll just say it right now:


Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to watch this supremely mature anime talk about how a girl's hairdo looks like a penis. Good day!

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  1. I have to ask. How the fuck did you find this series?

    1. Funny story actually.

      It came up on the website I go to for anime, and the picture made me think it was a superhero comedy. So without reading the description, I clicked on it and discovered that it was actually the main girl wearing panties on her face and not a white superhero mask. And... It's weirdly addictive.

    2. my weeb ass friend. if want to watch its uncensored version, its on all you have to do is search shimoneta in he search bar and youll have the oprion of the censored and uncensored

  2. Thank you for writing this! I've been following the series and recently I've noticed, mostly on tumblr, people have been criticizing the rape scene saying that it trivialized male rape/assault. Yet when I watched the scene when it first premiered I and a lot of other viewers were rightly horrified by the scenario. (I mean just the music in the scene is a good indicator on the initial intent of the creator) And because of this I feel like so many people are missing out on a really well written, by just writing it off as a "basic ecchi trash". Which is disappointing considering the tumblr community tends to praise sexually liberating material like this. Plus I love how the show recognizes that there are a ton of different kinks/etc and embraces that.

    1. It's a common misconception, especially on Tumblr. Many people tend to look instead of listen, so shows like Kill la Kill and Shimoneta are instantly classed as "porn" and while I do acknowledge it can be distracting, I do remember to chastise those who don't at least take a look. Of course, some series can be both perverted AND written badly. (See Monster Musume for that). That's just how it works.

      And let's be honest here, half of Tumblr are probably just not acknowledging the fact that men can be sexually assaulted too. These are the people I've seen call Joss Whedon sexist for Avengers: Age of Ultron. Not EVERY Tumblr user is like that, but many of them will refuse to accept it on the grounds that the victim is a man.

      And yeah, me too. From crossdressing to homosexuality to just good old hentai, the show knows what it's talking about and has a lot of fun with it. That's how good writing works.