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Fairy Tail Chapter 461 Review - That Parfum is for Somebody

Written by Shiggins


First of all, my humblest apologies for the small break I had. I have my own reasons, but I have returned to reviews and what a gift I got. I will have my feelings of reviews I've missed below, but until then shut up and enjoy the parfum of man! For you see, Ichiya has dominated the page! 

I haven't pissed myself from laughing in so long... Thank you, Fairy Tail.
Chapter 461 begins after the defeat of Wahl the robotic man, and after Erza took down Ajeel with the help of Jupiter Cannon. (More on those developments later). The Thunder Tribe go over to ask Ichiya why he is even in Magnolia, and I have to admit, this is one of the funniest things I've read in a long time. Basically... THEY USED HIM!

So he... didn't know about the war? What was he doing this entire week?! This raises too many questions!
As Ichiya explains that he has had to refuel his airship, hence why he's still here, Wahl's metal head suddenly starts to glow and it explodes. Ichiya awakens to find that Freed, Evergreen and Bickslow used their own bodies to defend him, as they smile about how he's actually like a family member to them as well, due to their time with Blue Pegasus.

Even when crying, his words are still beautiful.
To the south of Fiore is the sea ship unit, which have two more Spriggan 12 on their way. One is Dimaria Yesta, who you may remember as some sort of warrior woman with no specified magic quite yet. The other person on the ship is Wahl, who is... not a robot man and is in fact, a laughing lunatic. In fact, he looks like Cobra on meth and auditioning for the next Joker. 

*insert obligatory Scouter joke here*
This new Wahl gets up, lamenting his "toys" being broken. He mentions how interesting it is to see Ajeel beaten and Brandish kidnapped, which Dimaria finds funny of course, and Wahl decides to open fire. Using his magic, a giant cannon appears in his hands and he targets Fairy Tail, despite being 400km away. (That's nearly 250 miles, provided the translation didn't make a mistake). 

I think that speech bubble just made me laugh at what could have possibly been a dying man.
Wahl's blast is near-apocalyptic and travels far, heading to the Guild. Without Freed able to provide shield, the panic sets in on the Guild and Mavis' ragtag losers (and Levy) try to come up with a plan. Just before they are hit however, the power of PARFUM is highlighted amongst the stars as Ichiya sacrifices the entire Blue Pegasus airship to stop the blast. Before the airship crashes, Ichiya opens communications and calls out to Lamia Scale, Sabretooth, Mermaid Heel and Quatro Cerberus to join the fight. And Natsu's reaction is... surprisingly precious actually.

Opinion: Let's talk about what I missed first.

Erza's defeat of Ajeel. I'm half-and-half on this one, because I liked Ajeel, so I obviously wanted to see as much of him as possible. It was gratifying to see Erza not get an easy one-sided victory for once, as Ajeel was nowhere near an easy force. Since fights never seem to last too long in this series, I did feel a sense that Ajeel could have done more, but the fact it took an entire Jupiter Cannon to the face to get a win, which is impressive when you really think about it. It'd be like taking Etherion's angry little sister on. Just not a chance in the end really. I don't think we've seen the last of Ajeel, but he's not coming back anytime soon. I think we can expect a Zancrow-like return, where he comes back after the most major battle is over. Maybe he'll run into Acnologia or someone new.

And with the same results too, probably.
Wahl definitely felt too quickly before though. I loved the robot design when he first revealed his metal form, and the body afterwards was very creepy and noticeable. When the first Wahl "died", I was pretty sure he wasn't down permanently but I felt such relief to see this new crazy form reveal himself. While not as "unique" as the previous Wahl, this one is probably going to be more interesting overall. 

Brandish is obviously coming back. Let's not even pretend that this is her taken out of the war. She took a bump in the head and has crap defence, but she's got a role to play and we all know it. Her attack is amazingly strong, and she's got a history with Lucy. Those two combinations will most likely result in a fun chapter where naked Lucy is tiny and running away from "giant" Brandish. Seriously, I'm calling that right now.

Dimaria is finally making her appearance, and I'm excited for that. Erza is down due to her painful battle with Ajeel, but Wendy might get her back up enough to take on this "warrior". I hope so anyway, since I think Dimaria could make good banter with anybody. She seems like a good type for interesting conversations, y'know?

Ichiya had some amazing scenes recently. From his shocking appearance, (teehee), to his defeat of Wahl, to the utterly hysterical scene he had at the beginning, and finally his call to all the other Guilds, Ichiya is a treat. I always enjoy having him around, and seeing him call Sting, Rogue, Kagura, Milliana, Yukino, Chelia and of course, WILD FOUR! 

Manga Rating: 4.5/5

Character of the Week: Ichiya, for his hilarity and for his cry to bring in reinforcements.

Predictions: Begin the assault, and destroy all those who stand in your way! Murder! Gore! The torture/interrogation scene from Casino Royale being used on Brandish! NONE OF THIS WILL HAPPEN! Instead, the other Guilds will charge in and kick some major ass, until another Spriggan 12 member shows up to cause chaos, then the Wizard Saints will have their long-awaited appearance.

Best Part: Ichiya's sacrifice and message.

Worst Part: Does this mean no more Ichiya for the rest of this arc?


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