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Dragon Ball Super 6: Preparing for the Tournament review

Written by: The Inquisitor

The chapter starts with a battle that occurred a long time ago. Beerus had done something that pissed Champa off, so the Brothers of Destruction started to battle it out. After fighting for a few pages, and destroying multiple planets in the process, Champa reveals what Beerus did: he ate the puff-puff fruit that was on their birthday cake! ...It is impossible to make that sound dramatic.

I've been there Champa. I react the same way when someone eats my peanut butter.

We then go to Whis and Vados, watching the fight from the sidelines. Vados claims that she thought getting only one cake was a good idea, but Whis suspects that she knew this was going to happen, a suspicion she neither confirms nor denies.

So she is a bit of a manipulative bitch. I'm going to like her.

We then go back to Tom and Garfield, while continuing to fight they talk about Planet Sweets, the planet where the fruit came from. After Champa claims that his version of the planet is better than Beerus', they both decide to fight seriously and start to charge up an attack. However, they are both incapacitated by their respective attendants before they can release their attacks. Whis then suggests that, instead of fighting each other, they have a food contest, a suggestion that both the Gods agree to.
Boys, what have we told you about destroying the universe?
In the present day we see Beerus and Champa discuss the terms of the contest, Beerus wants to know what he gets if he wins, and how Champa will get the earth to his universe if he wins. Champa reveals that for the past decades he has been searching for planet sized Dragon Balls and has found six out of the seven. If Champa wins, he will use the Super Dragon Balls to transfer the Earth to his universe, and if he loses, he will give the six that he has already found to Beerus.

Beerus is still unsure of whether or not he should accept the challenge, since even if he wins the six Super Dragon Balls, they are practically worthless without the seventh. But after Goku explains that they could find the seventh with Bulma's radar, and then practically begs him to allow the contest, he accepts in a way that I find rather hilarious.
That line is extremely funny to me. I don't know why.

Now that the contest is official, they decide on the rules. They will be exactly the same as the Tenkaichi Budokai. If you quit, are unable to fight, or leave the fighting area, you lose. No killing. Etc. After that is finished Champa and Vados leave, with Champa stating that it will be an easy win after seeing how slow the Saiyans were. 

Back on Planet Beerus, the Saiyans take off the heavy suits that Whis forced them to wear in the previous chapter, and decide on who is going to participate in the match,  Goku and Vegeta had already agreed to be in it, and Goku selects Buu and Piccolo. Vegeta asks why he didn't select Gohan, and Goku explains that he didn't choose his son because he has turned into "a total bookworm". Beerus then selects the fifth member, the strongest person he has ever faced (besides Whis). 
There are two truths about Gohan in this picture. The awesome truth and the unfortunate truth.

After all that is over, the Saiyans return to Earth to get a new dragon radar from Bulma, who tells them that Universe Seven probably has it's own version of the Super Dragon Balls. Goku and company decides to search for those Dragon Balls first, but since Earth is at the edge of the universe, none of the Dragon Balls appear on the radar. 
So, the Milky Way is at the edge. Wait, how does she know that?

Knowing that they would have to go to the center of the universe, Bulma calls her sister who sends Jaco to help. Jaco initially denies the request due to not knowing where the center is, but then he tells them about a man named Zunou who might be able to help them. Bulma then leaves with Jaco to find Zunou, leaving the Saiyans to discuss how they both married strong-willed women.

I don't get it. Can someone explain this to me?
The chapter ends with Champa and Vados, having finished the construction of the tournament grounds, Vados asks Champa who he plans to select for the tournament. He has a rather exciting answer, since Beerus is going to have Saiyans on his team, Champa is going to have Saiyans from Universe Six on his team.

I undertand why you need toilets. But why shops? Nobody is going to be there.

Opinion: I cannot wait for this tournament to start. 

We have a lot of new characters to look forward to. The ones I'm the most excited to meet are the Universe 6 Saiyans. I'm curious as to whether they will be their own unique characters or if they'll be counterparts to the Saiyans in Universe 7. If it is the latter case, then we can expect to see other counterparts as well, maybe a U6 Piccolo, or Krillin, maybe even Frieza.

We also have see the fifth member of Team Beerus, the strongest person Beerus has ever fought. If this person really is stronger than Goku in SSG form, then I am very excited to meet them. Although, I'm probably not as excited as Goku.

And lastly we have the mysterious Zunou. According to Jaco, Zunou is an omniscient being that knows everything about the universe. Whether or not this claim is true is unknown, I'm going to guess that his level of knowledge is exaggerated, but he most likely knows something that will be helpful.

I'm having a strange Billy and Mandy flashback. Kudos to anyone who knows what I'm talking about.

The last thing we learned about in this chapter is the Super Dragon Balls, these planet sized Dragon Balls can supposedly grant any wish, so far Champa has collected six of the seven that are in his universe. What Champa intends to do with the SDB after he collects a seven is unknown, I'm guessing it's something along the lines of total control over all 12 universes, or food.

Manga Rating: 3/5 

Good Things:
The tournament is official.
Many new characters to appear soon.

Bad Things:
Gohan won't be in the contest.

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