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Fairy Tail Chapter 462 Review - Battlefield

Written by Shiggins

Go go, Fairy Taaaail!

Yes, the teams are formed and we're going to see some major ass-kicking from here on out. See, Bleach? THIS is how you do a war! Get all your characters together and have all of them doing shit. Deus Ex Machina is not a good thing... but anyway, enough cringing at Bleach. Let's move onto Fairy Tail, and damn is it getting good.

*puts this down like bait, to see what fishy readers I snap up*
As the sun rises on a new day, the war seems to be on a slight pause. Mavis feels bad about dragging the other Guilds into their fight, but Laxus says that's not important and they need to fight. He's especially angry because he wants to avenge Freed and the rest of his pals. (Which instantly bummed me out because I now realise that we won't get the Thunder Tribe for the majority of this war now. Again!)

But... where's my baby, Bickslow?
We then go back to Brandish, who is handcuffed in the Guild. And... it looks wrong. It's the clothing, obviously but somehow, wearing a cape made Brandish look less revealing. Now, it almost makes Fairy Tail look like the villains, which isn't helped by two old perverts that Lucy needs to smack. Lucy wants Brandish to answer what her relationship with her mother was, but Brandish likes to torture the readers and keeps mum.

Me to the rest of the manga fandom, including myself, every day.
As Brandish tells Lucy that this may be the only chance she has to kill her, a choice I'm wondering Lucy may regret not taking eventually, we see Marin fucking Hollow outside and planning to break Brandish out. However, we're now off to the west of Magnolia, where Invel and minister Yajeel are talking to their Emperor Zeref about the defeat of Ajeel and Brandish. Zeref is not surprised.

Oh so THAT is why they have similar names... WAIT, WHAT?!
Stating that their inability to kill is Fairy Tail's weakness, we wrap up that section of the chapter and skip back to the Fairy Tail Guild, where Warren reveals that all of Bosco's Guilds have been wiped out. And we get a great glimpse at the teams that are marching out. Sabretooth and Blue Pegasus have formed one team and are going to take on the North. Mermaid Heel and Lamia Scale are going to the South port, where Dimaria and Wahl currently are. And of course, two Fairy Tails to join them!

Who the fuck are these people?!
Mirajane, Elfman, Lisanna, Gajeel, Levy and Lily are joining the North team Blue Tooth (I named them that myself), which should be good enough I suppose. However, the more interesting team here is Natsu, Gray, Juvia, Wendy and Laxus going to the South. Yes, Laxus is going to meet Wahl face-to-face and, unlike with Tempesta, get the revenge he deserves! And Juvia and Gray get to meet Lyon again, which shouldn't disappoint. Oh and Wendy gets to meet her future life partner again.

Do me a favour, Mavis. Just let him go. I mean... I'm not gonna miss him.
Just as the gang notice Natsu is missing, the injured Erza says she wants to go to the South to see Kagura, who I think would be a better match than Jellal but that's a whole other rant for another time. It's "sister love" for now. Lucy and Cana get the role of looking after Brandish, because surely that won't cause any trouble... 

If the anime does not provide the most badass music of all time for this walk, I will never forgive them. (And the anime better bring back the actual colours too, because I'm sick of the shaded bullshit Tartaros is going through right now. It sucks)
"But what of the East and the West", I hear you sputter! Well, Mavis says the West are the slowest ones, so they are most likely travelling with Zeref and can wait for now until the other three are dealt with. And the East... Oh they get a good force. They are apparently the strongest ones, so Mavis has sent out The Wizard Saints! 

Suddenly, the tracker picks up Natsu. And yes, he's going exactly where we all want him to go. Fuck the planning, because he's charging to Zeref head-on!

Opinion: I don't know which I want to see more!

Do I want to see Natsu fight Zeref? Blue Tooth and Team Gajeel? Mermaid Scale and Team Laxus vs Dimaria and Wahl? Lucy and Cana chatting to Brandish about Layla? Or the Wizard Saints? I'm seriously unsure, and this is quite a lot to take in so I hope Hiro Mashima doesn't collapse under all this. I'm not asking for pitch-perfect, but I have a feeling this could easily crumble.

Didn't she have the exact same bandages on during the dragon attack from GmG Arc?
Laxus is fighting Wahl and it will be great. He's a former member of Blue Pegasus, so he probably has a good relationship with those members, which makes it a bit of a shame that he's not fighting alongside them and instead going to Mermaid Heel and Lamia Scale. Feels like a missed opportunity. 

We don't have Ichiya sadly, but Nichiya is here to make up for that. And Gajeel can fight alongside former apprentice Rogue, so that will be good. In fact, I hope they actually explain their past more, because we've barely seen or heard about it. And since this is Fairy Tail, I have a good feeling Levy, Lisanna and others will be somewhat useful too. If I had to guess, I'd say they are about to meet August and one of the members we have yet to see.

Must... Resist... Shipping... Feels... For now at least.
The Wizard Saints, including my bald buddy Jura, are going to fight the strongest force. That means they're going to meet God Serena. And I'll admit, I'm nervous about that. I'm hoping that Warrod being there will mean we get a confrontation involving Yuriy, but if this Serena is just someone new... I am going to be so upset.

Natsu is going to fight Zeref, and Invel will probably not do anything for now. He's saving himself for Gray. It's unlikely Zeref will reveal he's Natsu's brother or anything about E.N.D, but I'm hoping Natsu at least asks. What I really want from Zeref though is his gentle side to fight his scary side. That's when he is most interesting and tragic, and I want to see Natsu trying to deal with that.

I'm surprised we haven't seen Crime Sorciere yet. I know it's only a matter of time and Jellal is just waiting until he can dramatically rescue Erza again, but I was expecting at least a mention. If I had to guess, I'd say they are going to arrive to help out after Wahl is down and Dimaria is destroying everyone before her.

I can't believe I never asked this before but... How bloody fast is that stupid cat?!
On a side note, I wish shonen series would decide on technology. Naruto and One Piece do shit like this too. Do you have electricity? Yes, but only some and only during some occasions when it's convenient... Fairy Tail had what looked like a bloody iPhone, but it doesn't have gas-powered cars but it... it's a mess. A nitpick sure, but one that's really building up in annoyance. Especially since Magi jumped the shark when it comes to technology...

Manga Rating: 4/5

Character of the Week: Natsu for going to face off against Zeref.

Predictions: We'll start off at Natsu meeting Zeref, where he'll get attacked and have to fight to reach Zeref. Then we'll skip to Marin's attempts to break out Brandish, before moving on to Team Gajeel meeting Blue Sabre. And lastly, it'll end with Laxus seeing Wahl for the first time. Basically, get out the rope because we're going to skip about the place, bitch!

Best Part: The badass teams.

Worst Part: Laxus not working with Blue Pegasus feels like an unfortunate idea.

Fairy Tail set in a Japanese setting... I'd be up for that.
Bonus 1: Fairy Tail Zero is officially getting an anime version! Set to air during the Winter 2016 period.

Even the advertisement is full of the glorious yuri love. Praise the sun!
Bonus 2: Fairy Tail Sabretooth is over, so now it's time for Gajeel! And no, I'm not joking for once! 
I am now 80% sure Mashima-senpai reads my reviews! Sigh... If only.

Bonus 3: Because why not?

Can't go wrong with a picture like this.

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