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Best Female Characters of Fairy Tail (As Voted by Fans)

Written by Shiggins

Fairy Tail has some great women.

So out of curiosity, I did a small poll to see if anybody agreed with me about who was "the best". After quite a few votes and the results constantly changing, I got my answer. And now, as voted by you all, here is the "official" ranking of the Fairy Tail women and what makes them so popular to the general public. Oh and why I love them as well, because I'm the writer and I can say what I want because I'm a big baby. Ha-ha!

Humans only so piss off, Carla.

10. Lisanna Strauss

Often seen as the underdog of Natsu's love life by fans, Lisanna is cute but rarely used enough to gain a high enough popularity to eclipse the others on this list. As the sister of Elfman and Mirajane, it's no surprise that she's here really, since adorableness is enough to get attention from even the most cold-hearted of fanboys that write Otaku Nuts articles every day. When she's not shipped with Natsu as some sort of love rival to Lucy, fans tend to put her together with Bickslow. I don't agree with that, I just acknowledge it exists.

Just imagine how high she'd be if she ever actually contributed to the story!

9. Yukino Agria/Cana Alberona

We had a tie for 9th place! Both the Celestial Spirit Mage who is said to resemble Lisanna, and the drunken homosexual/bisexual/Lucysexual got the exact same amount of votes, so I went the lazy route and put them both here. So why do people like Yukino? Well, she's the only sweet girl of Sabretooth (Minerva is weird so it's hard to tell what's going on there anymore) and many often ship Yukino with Sting or Rogue, depending on how their preferences for Minerva x Rogue are. And something tells me that it's not exactly a coincidence that she's popular and that she is both Lucy-like and Lisanna-like.

I will admit... I lean more for the Sting x Yukino choice.
As for Cana, well she's cute, drunk and can be badass when the time calls for it. Her lack of shame to squeeze Lucy tight is a laugh, she's not exactly a "girly girl" so many fans will enjoy that, and her relationship with Wendy in the side stories are very endearing. Also, she drinks a lot and I like to think half this fandom is drunk anyway.

I wonder if we'd like her more or less, if the series ever seriously approached her alcoholism...

8. Mirajane Strauss

Older sister of Lisanna? Check. Is very pretty? Check. Can easily snap and turn into a sadist who will literally smack your ass in the middle of the street for her amusement? Check and check! Yes, while some like Mirajane for her sweet and cuddly side, I tend to remember her darker moments. The time she went nuts on Freed, or when she and Erza smashed up a guild's hall or when Erza became her servant for the day and... well, you all know the moment I'm referring to. Others may prefer Mirajane for her sibling relationships however, and her kindness towards each guild member. Me? I just remember her getting out the riding crop.

Mirajane's sexist form, by far.

7. Juvia Lockser

It's always nice to see Juvia get some love, since a lot of the fandom can be especially cruel towards the stalker type, even if it is done for laughs and not to be taken seriously like some fans do. Juvia is cute, but can also be sexy. She's hilarious and goofy, but can also be strong and determined. At times, her big speeches about love can get a bit overzealous and her relationship with Gray is far too much of a crawl like every other ship out there, but I don't care. I love her. Just look at this pic! How can you hate that?

Sorry, but no Chelia on this list today!

6. Brandish

My girl! Nobody messes with my Brandish, especially when she's damn adorable! Oh and when she's tortured by her past, surprisingly tragic at times, while also displaying a large level of dominance over her opponents due to her destructive capabilities and such... but mostly the adorableness! She's so cute and so funny... Oh and recent events involving her, Mest and August definitely got her some sympathy points from the readers and quite a few votes.

................I feel like there's a hint here as to why I voted for her...

5. Levy McGarden

Gajeel x Levy! Gajeel x Levy! Gajeel x Levy! The female half of the BEST ship of Fairy Tail, Levy is a shocker. She started from such humble beginnings, with bigger breasts and zero personality, and has now gotten into the top 5 on our poll! Ever since her attack from Gajeel, she has managed more and more to make an entrance in the world of Fairy Tail. She's a bookworm who can write magic with her feet, and she has the love of Gajeel.. Sorry, let me fix that. She officially has the love of Gajeel.

Now if only the dub could have given her the voice of an actual woman her age, instead of the 50+ year old one she has now...

4. Wendy Marvell

Everyone loves a loli. More importantly, everyone loves a loli with development. When Wendy first appeared, she was a quivering, shaking, stammering piece of cute that we never thought would be a major character. Yet here she is now. She's strong and takes on villains like Ezel. She has the best galpal relationship I've ever seen, and she's able to activate Dragonforce whenever she wants because she is the ultimate badass of little, Wendy Marvell!

I present to you... Claydragon's vote!

3. Mavis Vermillion

Everyone loves a... Oh wait, I've already done that one. Um... Ah! We all love it when an old man and a loli fall in love! ......Moving on. Mavis Vermillion, first Guildmaster and founder of Fairy Tail, is a delight and has only become more and more of a great presence since the Grand Magic Games arc. As we delved more and more into her backstory, which was filled with misfortune and tragedy, we only just got attached. Don't ever die Mavis...  Again, I mean.

Those are some Sebastian-level bedroom eyes right there!

2. Lucy Heartfilia

The main heroine, therefore she instantly gets tons of points. It is the right of the female protagonist to be high on the list, and with a protagonist like Lucy in the running, you better believe she deserved the number 2 spot. She's got the fanservice. She's got the blonde hair. She's got the humour. And most importantly, she's got the personality, development and possible romantic ship with the protagonist. She's a great protagonist, and not much else needs to be said. She deserved those votes.

I wonder why blondes like me and her look so good in purple...

1. Erza Scarlet

It was undeniable. I had a strong feeling this would be the case, and so it was. Erza, the red-haired fighter of badassery and comedy, has made it to the top and is the best female character of the Fairy Tail series. She has everything the fans need: A tragic backstory, a potential lover that swims in angst, a brilliant sword, some hilarious moments, some naked moments... It's just everything you want in a female character. She's funny, charming, strong, determined, feminine when she wants to be, and undeniably deserving of your vote.

My personal favourite outfit of the beast. Tell me yours in the comments below!

Honourable Mentions:

Kagura Mikazuchi


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