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Fairy Tail Chapter 491 Review - Mother and Child

Written by Shiggins

Well, isn't that convenient?

I'm going to be saying this a lot during this review, so I want us to get used to the phrase right now. It's not a horrible chapter, but it's one full of lucky charms and any other cereals with luck in them. So let's take a picture and give it a practice, shall we?

Well... isn't that convenient?
Our chapter begins with Zera facing Gajeel, and giving in to her old tendencies where she gets shy around people she's not used to, aka Mavis. She explains to Gajeel that he's alive because "someone" was distorting the world and everyone changed locations, hence Gajeel being teleported away to another area. Gajeel then blushes over his "death confession". Kawaii. Desu.

Well... isn't THAT convenient?
It turns out I was right, and Gajeel is on Tenrou Island now. It has become one with Fiore. And Zera also explains that because Mavis was woken up, Zera was revived due to Mavis' magic being reset/reawoken, and that's what created Zera's ghost in the first place. Gajeel asks for the basic version, and Zera confirms it's only temporary.

Weeeeeell.... isn't thaaaaaaaat convenieeeeeeent?
Back to Natsu's trio, they've just arrived outside Kardia Cathedral, which is right next to the palace now. This is when Gray, Juvia and Erza literally come round the corner and join them. Erza is still unconscious. And inside the castle, everyone has been beaten down by Eileen single-handedly being a boss.

Despite the Pumpking's pleas, Eileen uses her magic on Princess Hisui, turning her into a mouse. Eileen taunts the Pumpking, implying he's now lost his love for his daughter, but she's displeased to see he actually still does. This is when Eileen feels a sensation that stops her wanting to attack/kill the Pumpking, and goes outside to check. She uses her magic to cast a giant eye over the area. Eileen is shocked to see Erza's scarlet hair.

*deep breath* WELL... isn't that convenient? *panting now*
Back to Makarov's band, which now includes the Strauss sisters, where everyone is fighting Generic Man and his Generic Men. Unfortunately, these guys kinda suck and are being attacked by Eileen's duo, Hynhe and Juliet. Juliet seems to use the power of... let's call it "slime"... and they set their targets on Mirajane.

Suddenly, everyone in Fairy Tail gets a message in their heads to rally together to the same location so they can save and protect Mavis. Yes, it turns out it's Zera using her magic to communicate to everyone... something she's waited until now to reveal.


Opinion: Catchphrase of the review!

This got really close to me hating it. In fact, by all accounts and purposes, I should despise it. If I were to use the checkpoints of this chapter, it would make me mad. However, actually going through it did not annoy me as much as I thought it would. But did the writing get a bit sloppy at times? Oh yes.

Zera has already begun the Deus-Ex-Machina-ing I feared, with sudden telepathy. If she had that magic before, please tell me so I can admit I forgot. It's also interesting to note that Zera is definitely a real illusion now, as she's talking to Gajeel and communicating with magic. So there is a 50/50 chance that the series will decide to make her stay permanently, although I'd argue against that happening greatly.

D'aww, well isn't that convenient? For the army, I mean because the dudes in silly hats suuuuuuuck.
So I'm gonna take a guess and say Eileen's mother abandoned her for some sort of reason when she was a child, so Eileen grew up resenting little Erza ever since she was a baby and that's why she didn't give a fuck when Erza got taken to the Tower of Heaven. Which means this upcoming meeting between Erza and Eileen could potentially be really tragic for our number 1 FT girl (as voted by you guys).

Mirajane vs those two? Meh. Maybe they'll reveal something cool about Eileen that will cause a big reveal that coincides with what is happening with Eileen right now, but at the moment, I'm indifferent. It's probably just the lack of time we've had with the Wonder Twins.

On a final note, TOO MANY CONVENIENCES! Zera knows the telepathy magic and can communicate with everyone in the Guild. Oh and she came back because Mavis just happened to be reset when she left the crystal. And she seems to know everything going on right now during the war. And Gajeel was saved because he just happened to be teleported because Eileen just happened to be using her magic and... uggh. I liked this chapter at times, but this paragraph explains exactly why I can't go any higher than the score below.

Manga Rating: 2.5/5

Character of the Week: Zera, for her fun interactions with Gajeel.

Best Part: Zera is shy.

Worst Part: Zera can do a lot of stuff.

Anybody else miss Klodoa? I do. He was fun.


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  1. In the final Chapter 13 of Fairy Tail Zero, as I recall, Zera was able to make herself heard to Warrod and Precht in their minds through Mavis' magic, right before she faded away. So, looking back on it - since Zera stated that Mavis' magic is much stronger now this chapter - her telepathy might just be an empowered extension of her brief communication at the end of FT Zero. Effectively, the strength of Zera's magical power seems to be linked to Mavis' mental and emotional state. So, I agree that it seems rather convenient, but it is only temporary, as Zera said herself. Hope my input helped. Sorry to bother you. :)

    1. Oooh yeah, there was that... I might need to re-read Zero again. It's been a while. I'm not entirely sure about the mental/emotional state, but it's interesting to note at least. Thanks for your help! :)