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Fairy Tail Chapters 489 & 490 Review - Universe One & Fairy Tail Zero

Written by Shiggins

The Seven Stars

The Monstrous Six

The First Dinner in Five Days

The Fourth Guest

The Third Seal

The Two of Us Together, Forever and Always

And now it's time for Universe One and Fairy Tail Zero.

The countdown is complete and... that's what we were going to?

Kinda feels a bit unlikely that you would call your magic "Universe One". Was someone just trying to not break the number chain?
August is pissed off, and clearly going to destroy utter shit up. Which he does. And it was good. So good, that the Guild saw it too and are worried about Natsu and Lucy, but not Happy or Mest because fuck Happy and Mest. Cana activates Fairy Glitter, finally destroying the ghost and giving us the naked loli we all wanted. And the most confusing aspect of this chapter finally rears it's head as Eileen actually manages to send Acnologia flying quite far back.

Acnologia finally learns the meaning of emotion and starts to enjoy himself. Eileen says Zeref will become stronger than Acnologia when he gets Fairy Heart, but Acnologia just smirks that off. Eileen begins to use a magic never used before, and the entirety of Fiore is suddenly under her enchantment. Everyone all over the country is engulfed in the light of Eileen, including a shocked Zeref. Universe One is activated.

Can we just take a moment to acknowledge the underappreciated heroes/villains? The nipple-blocking rays of light or rubble or person's head. They don't ask for recognition. They just ask you don't see anything inappropriate.
In the next chapter, we see a flashback for Mavis as she says goodbye to her best friend Zera. Mavis wakes up to find herself alone and, as she shakily walks about, she creates an illusion so she has clothes. (Sorry, Mest-ers). The Guild is empty, except for one sexy motherfucker.

Daaaamn.... Now I wish my own clothes were an illusion too.
Zeref admits this confuses him somewhat, but he's just taking advantage of the situation Eileen put him in. Far away, Natsu wakes up surrounded by trees and groping Lucy. I just want us all to acknowledge how calm Lucy is about this, as she must be as sick of it as we are at this point. Anyway, thanks to August's attack being heat magic, Natsu seems to have negated it. Holy shit, is that goddamn convenient.

I suppose you could count this as character development if you wanted...
Gray, Juvia and Erza are also alone together, as are Wendy and Carla. The unimportant folk of the Guild, as well as the Strauss girls, are on a beach. The army is heading for them apparently, so this sad group are finally going to be doing some action. Brandish has healed August, and he tells her that all of the relocating of characters is a side effect of moving Zeref to Mavis.

.............Sorry, Eileen. I literally wasn't paying attention because all I could think was "Who decided that these two panels must utterly focus on Eileen's leg movements?" I just... I just got to know. That's all...
Zeref tells Mavis that Fiore is 1/20th of it's original size, at most, and Mavis and Zeref have a staredown. Eileen has found herself in the castle, now sitting on the throne because she can, right in front of Pumpking and his guards. And as the others notice the changes throughout the country... we suddenly skip to Gajeel waking up and encountering the ghost of Zera.

So we traded one ghost for another then.
Opinion: How did we fall for this twice?

In Fairy Tail Zero, the series was counting down until it became Fairy Tail Zera. In Fairy Tail, the chapters were literally counting down to Zera! Zera is Zero! Zero is Zera! We fell for that once, but twice?! Are we imbeciles?! What is wrong with us, honestly? Fool me twice, shame on me. Admittedly, I was expecting something more devastating or tragic, but this could be a lot of fun if done right so I'll live with it.

So once again, you gotta read Fairy Tail Zero. As in, you have almost zero choice now. (Ha. Zero).

Yeah, I was gonna say. Are you on Tenrou Island or something?
Let's talk about Eileen's plan and power. She's strong enough to fight Acnologia head-to-head, which might mean she's stronger than Gildarts. She rearranged Fiore and doesn't even seem exhausted by it. As for the rearranging of Fiore, I'm not entirely sure why from a story perspective yet. Maybe it's to create some surprising matches and meetings between other characters, but right now it's going to be very difficult to keep a track of who is where and what.

How dare you, Mashima-senpai? How dare you make me say this?! But... I have to. I have no other choice, but to be upset that Gajeel is back from the dead. After being gone for one chapter, I thought we'd be getting some emotional scenes before Levy goes to find Gajeel and all that, but he was gone for one chapter. I feel manipulated, but in the bad way. We all knew Gajeel was coming back eventually, but this soon? It makes the "death scene" from before feel so cheap and hollow now. At least we got that confession, but I'm still grumpy!

Honestly though, I really just want to see more of Zeref vs Mavis. That scene is easily the most interesting to me, but only because I'm worried Zera might be a Deus-Ex-Machina generator in a moment and I don't want that. Ever.

Oh and Natsu negating August's attack.... That's bullshit.

Manga Rating: 3/5

Character of the Week: Eileen for her impressive skills and those panels weirdly focusing on her legs.

Best Part: Acnologia got dorky because Eileen got him off.

Worst Part: Gajeel already?

I'm confused. Aren't these covers meant to only have fanservice?

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