Sunday, October 30, 2016

Kasane Chapters 77 to 80 - From Out of the Night's Rain 3 to 6

Written by: Pomelote

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 Chapter 77 - From Out of the Night's Rain 3

Kasane Chapter 78 - From Out of the Night's Rain 4

Kasane Chapter 79 - From Out of the Night's Rain 5

Kasane Chapter 80 - From Out of the Night's Rain 6 


Well, that escalated quickly. That escalated really quickly.

Huge apologies for falling behind on Kasane, but now that things are back to normal, I'll continue posting multiple chapters until we're caught up to the present! Keep watching this space over the next few weeks!

One of the things that also suffered in the hiatus was the translation of Izana, which has been stalled at the start of Chapter 4 until now. But I'll post the finished chapters as 'Part 1' at some point in the next week or two, as well, so at least there's something to read while I finish off the second half.

Oh, and recently, there was a bit of a collaboration between Daruma and the band Ichijiku that resulted in an official theme song for Kasane (and Daruma made the cover art for their most recent album, too). I've uploaded the theme song with a rough English translation here for anyone interested. I recommend checking out Ichijiku's other music, too!

Anyway, I think I'll save my thoughts and speculation on these chapters until next time, when the arc finishes.

Translation/continuity notes: 

A short synopsis of 'The Moth': Oai's husband, Hori, suddenly comes back home after going missing and being assumed dead. Although alive, he's also sickly and behaves strangely. At the same time as he reappears, Oai finds a strange hair-comb, and a mysterious woman with a parasol starts to appear in their garden at night. Hori also start to obsessively go fishing at a nearby lagoon. The both of them seem to be looking for something. Anyway, in the end, the comb disappears from where Oai put it and she goes to the lagoon, where Hori and the woman appear to be, underwater. Then, either the water itself literally rises up and swallows her, or she jumps in, I'm not entirely sure. I guess they were ghosts? Oh, and the moth of the title refers to a moth that appears on the night that the mysterious woman first arrives.

The story in part 4 is 'La Morte Amoureuse' (or 'Clarimonde'), a short story by Theophile Gaultier, about a young priest almost "tempted" away from the priesthood by a beautiful, morally-ambiguous vampire, Clarimonde. Here's the Wikipedia entry, for the interested. You can draw a few parallels between the doomed relationship between Izana and Atae, and the one between Clarimonde and the priest, if you're so inclined. I know I do!
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  1. Welcome back!

    It's strange how Sukeyo let Izana marry Atae with her face, even if she herself liked him. I wonder why Sukeyo didn't leave Atae while she still had the chance? It was obvious that Atae only loved Sukeyo's face with Izana's acting ability.

    Thanks for the translations! I'm looking forward to the next chapter! :)

    1. I assumed Izana married Atae without really bothering to ask Sukeyo, and she went along with it. She did say she was bad at saying no, after all! :p

      I think there's quite a bit still left unknown about Sukeyo and her motives, but taking these chapters at face value, it looked like she was just desperate to believe the "relationship" could work and ignored all the bright, flashing warning signs. I'm not sure why she'd be so fixated on Atae, though, when they'd barely interacted. I guess being cooped up alone making costumes for six years doesn't exactly leave you choosy. ゝ◡╹)ノ♡