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Fairy Tail Chapter 507 Review - Voice

Written by Shiggins

Well, that's an odd way to twist my expectations.

The running theme of this chapter was that they did everything I expected them to do, but they did it in a way I did not expect. You can see that as both a good and bad thing, but I'm choosing to see the positives, for the most part. And if you see it from my point of view, this chapter suddenly becomes really good.

"Think"? Erza, you're giving this fight too much credit if you believe actual the two of them are usual actual thought and reason here.
We begin where we left off, with Erza crying as she's finally put a stop to Natsu and Gray's feud and fucked up her hands in the process. We get some surprising flashbacks, that date all the way back to the Tower of Heaven Arc where Natsu attacked Jellal for making Erza cry, and Gray recounts how he said Fairy Tail would fall if Erza wasn't around.

(sigh) Back when Jellal was actually kinda cool... and the anime was weirdly fixated on having giant magic seals pop out of nowhere.
Erza has, at long last, snapped the two out of their battle as she reminds them who they are to each other. Suddenly, the ghost of Makarov has one final speech to give about what a Guild is, and he finally departs as Natsu's body returns to normal and Erza gives the two boys a hug to her boobs.

Here's to boobs! The cause of, and solution to, all of life's problems.
Speaking of boobs, out comes Juvia who is limping but happy to see Gray is alright. So Gray collapses as he's clearly shocked and relieved to see her alive, then Juvia collapses too because she's been overexerting herself, then Natsu collapses because everyone else was doing it and he's just a copycat. Lucy and Happy appear behind Natsu and hug him as well, allowing Natsu to seemingly faint.

Nooooo... Get up. Hug her. Kiss her. Love her. Impregnate her. Do not collapse, you asshole. GET UP!
Suddenly, we get quite the surprise as we move over to the Oracion Seis! Yeah, they're finally doing something and it's called "Getting Schooled 101". August is a beast that even Jellal can't take down, and every ability they use seems to be done by August but better. August is faster than Racer, hearing Cobra's thoughts and spinning much larger areas than Midnight.

You spin me right round... Oh yeah, Pete Burns has passed away. Sorry to hear about that.
Well anyway, back to Erza. They're about to take the three characters to Polly, when suddenly they are attacked. To everyone's surprise, it's Irene! She introduces herself to Erza as... Erza. Kind of.

Opinion: Hooray for cliffhangers that make me wish my time machine worked!

Irene isn't Erza's mother apparently. Or her big sister. She is... Erza! It's unlikely that she's Erza from the future, since her magic is so vastly different. Is this going to be like Ash from Evil Dead, where Erza's right eye has actually grown a new body after it left Erza and became it's own being, so she's Evil Erza that needs to literally be cut up into pieces by a chainsaw hand? (By the way, how amazing is Evil Dead? Like... wow, so great.)

"Just the two of us... we make it if we try... just the two of uuuuuus.... you and I!"
Natsu and Gray have finally stopped, and I can't believe how relieved I am. It's one of those situations that, the more I think of it, the better it becomes. The reason for these two fighting was fairly weak, it was far too early to see E.N.D get completed, and the war is still going on so the plot would be cluttered with it. To make it even better, Erza didn't just say "Makarov is dead so stop!". No, she didn't need to, because they've been through so much already that they shouldn't have been fighting like this in the first place. I thought that was really clever.

And oh yeah, Wendy is in this chapter too.
That being said, I'm a bit unsure about Makarov's ghost appearing for a second. This is Fairy Tail and it's full of magic, so I don't feel conflicted over him actually entering the story as a spirit (thankfully for what is only one or two panels), but it felt like overkill. The two had stopped fighting, so having Makarov appear to give more goodbye words felt like we weren't letting go of the character just yet. You could argue that we needed these last words so Natsu and Gray heard his advice one last time, but I personally would have left it out.

Lastly, the Oracion Seis and August! I have two theories about August, with the first and less likely being that he's actually copied their abilities, and enhanced them with his own strength. So for example, he copied Racer's speed and then added his own magical energy/chi/ki to make himself even faster. The second theory I have is that August's Scary Form comes with a complete index of spells and abilities, which means he is able to swap from one magic to the other and control it perfectly because he's such a damn badass. 

Opinion: 4/5

Character of the Week: Erza for breaking up the madness.

Best Part: Erza ends E.N.D.

Worst Part: Makarov was too much icing on the cake.

So... Happy would essentially become Dr. Eggman?

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  1. mmmm it's a mix of opinions for this one where it's 50/50 as whether or not everything said was good or bad since everyone had different expectations of everything. rating wise I think we can agree one but far as what you liked best I think is all a matter of people's opinions on that one since this is one of those chapters that passed for some and failed for others