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Fairy Tail Chapter 508 Review - Pleasure and Agony

Written by Shiggins

Who here loves a good orgasm?

Yes, if you ever wanted to know about Fairy Tail's history with sex, then look no further than this chapter. What started out as a disappointing distraction to the central conflict soon became a hilarious segment that had everyone asking the exact same question: So who did "_______" fuck?!

Just a taste of what you're in for this week.
Chapter 508 begins with Rogue and Minerva, who have defeated Wahl and Bradman. Of course, they finally disappear into thin air and we will most likely never see my favourite robot/cyborg again... I'm sad now... Anyway, Minerva teaches Rogue about Fairy Law because they saw the light earlier and yes, it is odd how long it has taken for the defeated Neinhart's corpses to disappear, isn't it? 

Neinhart's magic took quite a while to turn off, since we've been through Dimaria, torture, E.N.D vs Gray, and Makarov's Fairy Law since he got beaten.
We then get a surprise as the focus actually shifts back to Yukino, Angel, Frosch and Lector of all people. After watching Fairy Law be used, they are now about to be attacked by the one and only Larcade Dragneel! He decides to attack with his own bright light, and as I'm sure you know by now, it is definitely NOT Fairy Law.

Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
No, instead it causes people to collapse in a mixture of pain and pleasure. Like an extremely powerful aphrodisiac, except nobody is trying to get on top of each other. (That would make a disturbing chapter, eh?). Angel, Rogue, Minerva, Macao, Wakaba, Alzack, Bisca, Max, Laki, Laxus, Mavis, Gildarts and even Irene and Zeref are all becoming turned-on! 

That's what you get for checking what gender Midnight is. Now, you get to suffer!
Speaking of which, we actually do see Erza's group again. None of them seem affected, so it's going to be Wendy and Erza vs Irene, while Lucy gets the injured to safety. Zeref, disliking that he and Irene are affected, orders it's immediate cancellation. Larcade does as told, and explains to a confused Yukino that his magic is "Pleasure". (See below)

Hmm... See my notes on this down below.
Before Yukino can fight back, it's time for everyone's favourite; Tentacles! Ones that literally pleasure you to death, and wow that is a wrong sentence to type. Before Yukino can be executed by Larcade, she is saved by the mage who literally owns her life, Kagura. Larcade then reveals himself to be Zeref's son.

Opinion: Anyone else sweaty?

So... I'm going to be a bit of a bitch here and say I'm not entirely convinced by Larcarde's words. "Those who have tasted the forbidden fruit" is the claim here, but that doesn't entirely match up with some of the targets. For example, I refuse to believe in a world where Max has had sex but Yukino hasn't. That's just all kinds of crazy. 

............It's the broom, isn't it?
There's also Mavis. That's the big one. Mavis. While I acknowledge how old she is, and the law of consent in Japan is of course quite different, I still don't see it being the case here. The first reason is because of Mashima-senpai himself, and the popularity of Fairy Tail in the West. He's smart enough to know that a large number of fans wouldn't react positively to the news that the body of a 13 year old girl had sex with someone, even with the mind of an adult in it. It's controversial and would turn a lot of fans off from the series. (Just look at the hate Black Butler gets for having some suggestive panels...)

The second reason is the story itself. When did Mavis have sex? Before she became "immortal"? Unlikely. While she was never-dying after Fairy Law? Unlikely again, since we saw zero possibility of a romantic encounter other than Zeref and I can't ever see Mashima's story suddenly turning around and saying "oh yeah, Mavis just had a one-nighter with Precht. She got wasted and they went in a bathroom and...". No. No, I don't see that being the case.

Were these two together or...? See, this chapter would be perfect for destroying ships!
I feel like this is a translation problem, where a phrase from Japan doesn't properly translate into English very well, unless you really work to twist it. A similar thing happened in Danganronpa 2, where Gundam said he wanted the blood of a virgin but there's debate over this because Sonia might have confused Shojo (処女) as Shōjo (少女).  That's why, when the time comes and the official translation comes out, I'll come back to this review and add my thoughts. So make sure to check back later!

August the virgin? Yeah, I doubt that. So unless he's just so super-special-awesome he's even stronger than Irene, this is an error. I mean, August is way too sexy for that!
With all that being said... How hilarious is all this?! The amount of stories a series like Fairy Tail could create with a chapter like this has to be monumental. Laxus has to have a group of girls, Max and his story of a love triangle between himself, a broom and a real person, Cana's apparent failure to get anyone... There's lots to do, but so little chance to see.

As for Larcade's claim that he's Zeref's son, I think that's more likely because he was "created" rather than "birthed out of Zeref's womb". A science experiment created by Zeref. E.N.D 2.0. I'm just not convinced Zeref was able to have a child properly, considering his curse.

EDIT: Thanks to Crunchyroll (support the official releases, guys!) translation, "forbidden fruit" has now changed to "such pleasures", indicating that only those who have experienced a certain type of pleasure will be affected by Larcade's magic. To be honest, that does leave me confused as it doesn't really fix any of my earlier problems but at least we know one thing... It makes absolutely no sense, no matter what translation you choose!

Manga Rating: 4/5

Character of the Week; Larcade, the Pleasure Priest.

Best Part: Pleasure and Pain, one and the same.

Worst Part: Still no development on Irene's words.




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  1. so random question, if zeref really wanted to die y was he telling natsu that killing him would lead to natsus death as well, what was the point in mentioning that, he didnt bother mentioning this during the s-class arc so y did he do that now?

    1. Well, during the S-Class arc he was crying and breaking down. The emotion of seeing his little brother for the first time in years was making him cry, and making the curse act out. Also, nobody knew what E.N.D was at that point so telling Natsu about it would have been fairly pointless for him. "By the way, you're a demon. I'm Zeref, your older brother. I created you after you died so you could kill me and it will kill you too." It'd be such an awkward info dump.

      As for mentioning it right now, I have two theories. One is that he thinks Natsu has a right to know, since it's his life as well. The other is that Zeref's mind is as twisted as the curse is, which we've seen many times. He wants peace, but he starts a war. He loved Mavis, but he dumped her corpse when she died like it was nothing. The curse is making him constantly contradict himself, almost like a second personality, so I think the personality he had/has is the more emotionless cruel one.

    2. alright makes sense, so remember the line were august says that god serena is with him and shows his hand, what do u think that could mean?

    3. I think either he means he's absorbed the power of Serena, taking his magic to make himself even more powerful, or he meant figuratively and was indicating his heart, since August does seem to have quite an emotional attachment to the Spriggan 12.

  2. Great job with the review oncemore, dearie! I enjoyed and agreed with your points; I just CANNOT believe the 'Forbidden Fruit of Pleasure' refers to THAT. But anyway thank you for your hardwork, and I wish you all the joy and happiness! :)

    Btw, who is your favorite anime cyborg? mine is Wahl Icht/Genos/both.

    1. Aww, thank you! Not been called dearie in ages... And yes this chapter was indeed a sweaty one, although check back tomorrow or later on to find out if the official Crunchyroll translation confirms that's what they actually mean.

      Oooh. It's a toughie but I think I'm going to say Genos or Edward Elric, if I'm allowed to count him. Is Wahl actually a cyborg, or is he a full-fledged robot?

  3. Aww, really, dearie? Okay then, since you work so hard for us, I'll be calling you a dearie from now on! :3

    Also, about that chapter. Do you think 'Forbidden Fruit of Pleasure' refers to sin and not s*x? I've read a theory somewhere, and it roughly goes like this:

    Eileen was surprised that Wendy (and Erza) didn’t get affected. Think, really think, why would Eileen be surprised Wendy didn’t get affected if she knew Larcade’s magic wouldn’t work on virgins? Wendy is a child. It’s pretty obvious she still hasn’t lost her virginity.
    Mavis asks why only adults are getting affected. Let me explain: adults have lived longer and so have a higher chance of having committed sin. This is Larcade’s magic’s true targets. The ones who have sinned. Mavis then gets affected. She has sinned. She has controled people like pawns and has killed and I really, really believe Mavis is a virgin.
    Larcade explains that those affected have tasted the forbidden fruit of pleasure.
    The forbidden fruit of pleasure is sin, not sex, atleast in this context.
    Zeref is a virgin. His curse doesn’t allow him to have sex, but he’s a hardcore sinner.
    I don’t think Angel has had sex. She has been with the Oracion Seis all her life and none of them have an intimate relationship with her.Gildarts gets affected but it’s not because he had sex. He’s a hardcore womanizer and he has beaten children (Natsu).
    Cana doesn’t get affected, but think, has she ever committed any sin? I don’t think drinking is a sin, only in the eyes of our real world society.

  4. I understand you points too but Jellal wasnt effected...and he has commited a sin by killing Simon?

  5. yea this isnt a hentai anime, even with the suggestions so mavis' 'kiss' could have been more than a kiss. obviously there couldnt be a sexy scene. stop assuming it was a kiss that killed her people :D and 13 or not she was a grown woman in that era even if her body didnt mature, unless levi is also a 13 year old? some people stay cute and tiny ya know!