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Fairy Tail Chapters 504 & 505 Review - Crack & Trump Card

Written by Shiggins

The general consensus is that Gray is dumb. Do I agree?

Well at any rate, it looks like we're finally beginning the battle we've been longing for since we first heard about E.N.D and Gray's battle with Silver. Natsu is on fire but not in a good way for once, and Gray is just looking like he's had a bad day, he's taking one down, and he sings a sad song just to turn it around...

Special credit to "Yonkouprod" for this early translation.
Chapter 504:

Natsu is barely responding to Gray's words, clearly out of his mind, but Gray isn't doing much to help the matters by blaming Natsu for being a demon, which is part of the race that killed Ur and Silver, and declaring he'll kill him. The two fists clash in a dramatic explosion.

Indeed he won't, Mr Pot.
Back to Lucy's group in the basement as they have a small chat about determination, and Lucy is finally able to get properly dressed again before she inevitably gets naked again one day, and she heads out to find Natsu. After a brief glimpse to remind us Juvia is alive, the focus is back on Gray and Natsu.

It turns out Natsu actually thinks Lucy is dead, which is why his rage is taking over so much. He's heartbroken and in distress, so what this fight essentially boils down to is two guys thinking their girlfriends are dead when they really aren't.

I suppose every anime eventually needs to go to DBZ levels of action.
Back at the battlefield, Erza is basically leading the charge as she wipes out more of these "super dangerous army folk", and all the injuries they gained during this fight seems to have been done off-panel because I've never seen them hit one guy! Suddenly, Eileen's giant magic eye appears in the sky again as she searches for Mavis.

Mavis' voice suddenly echoes throughout the battlefield and a giant illusion of Mavis appears to cheer on Fairy Tail and ensure Eileen knows that she's outmatched. With Mavis' words providing some extra morale, Eileen smirks and gets ready to fight back.

I refuse to make another Titan joke so... I can't wait for the episode where Saitama punches her in the face!
Chapter 505:

This chapter begins with Eileen using her super-powerful magic to enchant the useless army soldiers with Berserker magic, turning them into fighting monsters that actually are a threat! Remember all those times I complained like a bitch because we never saw these guys be effective? Well, they are now! Erza and the others are struggling to fight back, since they don't even feel pain.

Seeing the Guild being brutally attacked, Makarov declares this to be the end of his journey and goes into the Fairy Law stance. Everyone is excited at first because Fairy Law is a badass magic, but Mavis tries to stop him. It turns out that Fairy Law takes away your life every time you use it, and using it right now against so many would result in Makarov's death.

This panel just does not fit at all to me. It feels so out of character, that I'm convinced it's a small translation error.
Mavis says she has a plan, but Makarov is too desperate and can't let his children suffer, which they'd have to do if Mavis' plan was to have a chance to succeed. Makarov is proud to use his life to save them from pain and give them a future, and Makarov gives what could be his final words as Erza begs him not to do this. With a huge blast of light, and everyone's tears, Makarov unleashes Fairy Law. When it's over, there is silence and Makarov's dead body stands strong.

Opinion: I am so angry at my lack of sadness.

Let's start off with Makarov, the big scene of the fortnight. That was well-done and emotional, if a too bit sudden for my liking. I would have preferred some build-up, but that's a personal problem and not my major issue with this event. No, the main problem is that this arc has caused me to not even be convinced he's gone! We've talked in the past about how this arc has had too many death fakeouts, and it's caused the only actual death we've had in the war to feel like "just another one", even though the difference is that he's definitely dead.

Dying while he stayed standing. It's a classic in manga, but it's always effective.
By the way, he better be dead. I am not kidding when I say that if this is a death fakeout, I'm not even going to review that chapter properly. I'll just put in a giant "No" and that will be the review. This was a death that should have had more impact, but that doesn't mean to reverse it. It means to leave it alone and seal it. Have the characters react to Makarov's death, and make it an emotional chapter that will really make the weight of the death hit us, because right now I think almost every fan is really struggling to believe this is the case. Hell, I'm struggling!

How was the rest of the chapter? Well, I finally feel validated about the army! There's an oddly sadistic pleasure inside me as I watch the characters get beaten and stabbed, making me feel that they're actually a threat for once. So that's a bit of a petty personal victory for me.

Gray and Natsu's fight is somewhat disappointing as well, but that's mostly because the reason behind it isn't as great as it could and should be. Gray's anger and disgust towards all demons is justified, as is his current rage about Juvia's "death", so him not listening to reason or believing Natsu is his friend anymore makes sense when you look at how desperate he is, and how hurt he feels. However, this has lost it's weight as well because of the death fakeout, with all of us knowing Juvia and Lucy are perfectly fine. Just like Batman vs Superman, we know the reason they're fighting could be a million times better, so the fight we've been wanting to see for so long feels nearly wasted. On the bright side, the actual violence feels authentic and brutal, and I do find myself caring about how they're going to end this. Could this perhaps be one of the reasons Mashima-senpai choose this week to take Makarov's life?

Yes, I still think she's a factor in this war! I AM NOT DONE WITH YOU YET, DIMARIA!
On a last note, I've noticed Eileen might be going by "Irene" now because that's how translations work these days. If you're a long-time reader, you'll know this isn't the first time something like this has happened. So I'm asking whoever reads my crap to comment below and let me know if they'd prefer me to stick to Eileen, or go with Irene. Thanks, guys!

Manga Rating:

Chapter 504: 2.5/5

Chapter 505: 3.5/5

Character of the Week: Makarov for his noble sacrifice and (hopefully) his tragic end.

Best Part: Makarov's goodbye.

Worst Part: The overwhelming shadow of doubt that this moment is going to get ruined.


Hiro Mashima's concept art for Eileen. Damn, that's so cool.

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  1. not gonna lie while this was something I saw coming from a mile away when the war started like you said I feel that perhaps it's cause of all these death fakeouts that's hard to be sure kind of like the joke in comedy action films where they show some guy who was important to the cast dies as they take a moment of silence but then 2 seconds later dead person wakes up to give more info. I think rule to any good story is that you're allowed 1 to 2 death fakeouts max provided it's possible to make happen but that's it. Hiro used all his up too many times.