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Fairy Tail Chapter 509 Review - Kagura vs Larcade

Written by Shiggins

Stop trying to tell me they had sex!

I know it's a beautiful image of Mavis and Zeref as a lovely couple together, never ageing. An immortal duo that would live forever, as if they were members of the surprisingly enjoyable manga series UQ Holder, but it doesn't make sense! I am telling you that it doesn't make sense. AND WHY AREN'T WE FOCUSING ON IRENE?!

Why do you instantly believe the shiny man without any proof? I mean, he's telling the truth but... my point still stands.
August steps on Jellal. Ha ha! I mean uh... oh no, the Oracion Seis are down because August is able to single-handedly beat the crap out of all them with ease. Jellal yet again starts to talk about Erza being the light, but August calls him out on his crap by pointing out that he talks about light yet uses darkness to do so.

Maybe it's just me, but this feels like something important for Jellal, and yet the small panels show it's not going to be that big a deal.
Somehow, this encourages August to discuss Larcade, and how he's the son of Zeref. Apparently Zeref never gave Larcade love, so he travelled the globe like Doctor Strange and eventually lost sight of good and evil. And of course, this is when we go back to Larcade as he is now face-to-face with Kagura and Yukino.

Why does every manga or anime character have mummy issues or daddy issues? Y'all need therapy.
Larcade reveals, along with last week's bomb that he's Zeref's son, that Natsu is his uncle and we finally see the full extent of Larcade's daddy issues. He hates Natsu for getting all the love and attention Zeref never gave him, so he's seeking Natsu out here. Finally, Larcade and Kagura attack each other.

Ninja Art: Pleasure Tentacle Jutsu!
After some slashes and light blades, Larcade activates his pleasure tentacles again (stop making me type out tentacles!) to erotically torture Kagura. To Larcade's shock however, Kagura bites her own tongue to create pain and break out of the spell. She gets up close, slashes with her strongest attack and...

Oh... He Aizen'd her.
With that attack suddenly useless, Kagura makes another attempt to fell the priest, who is apparently the level of August and Irene. Her attack is blocked again, and with one slash from Larcade, Kagura collapses in defeat while Larcade preaches more and then tells a prayer. Finally, Larcade is ready to execute Kagura and we see August one last time as he mentions how the only person who could defeat Larcade is his mother... which we are then shown is Mavis!

Dun Dun DUH!
Opinion: And that kids, is why you should never kiss Erza or Jellal!

While I admit it is really cool to see Larcade kick so much ass, I can't help but feel the series is cheating somewhat by saying he's as powerful as August and Irene. When the arc began, August was considered the most powerful of the gang. They found a loophole by saying he was the most powerful man, and Irene was the most powerful woman so we forgave it. However, now it's being said that Larcade is as tough as both of them and that comes across as a forced attempt to surprise us.

Still not convinced Mavis and Zeref had sex! The timeline doesn't match up, unless some random chapter happens to have been kept quiet from us so we can get a surprise, and I still just can't see Mashima-senpai making the decision to have a 13 year old body give birth. This is obviously going to be one of those "I used the cells of Mavis mixed with my own to create a Mavis clone but then he was a dude so I ditched him" deals. They're clearly super frequent.

An attack so powerful it literally made her sandals disappear for a page.
Kagura, thanks for stopping by. You're cool as always but just completely useless this time around. It's always a shame when likeable characters are used like this, as cannon fodder to make the big bad guy look tough and whoever beats him look even tougher. So essentially, you just read a chapter about how strong Natsu and/or Mavis are going to be.

It might sound like I hate this chapter, but honestly I don't. Larcade is fun and unique enough, while also bringing some great potential for a dramatic meltdown later on when he comes face-to-face with Mavis. It'd be great to see some scenes between Larcade and Zeref as well, and maybe even Natsu as well if he's capable of having a dramatic conversation.

Lastly, where are the Wizard Saints? I know this is an odd time to bring them up but with Irene not around for a while, I might as well mention them. It really does feel like we're missing out by not learning more about them, although I suppose the excuse for their abscence is that they're so powerful that this arc would be a lot shorter. I am lamenting over the sudden loss of God Serena however, as he's appeared twice but never truly had time to make a meaningful impact. This is a character I was convinced was Yuriy and a character who probably has tons of secrets and possibilities surrounding him. He even poses like Ginyu! If you're going to resurrect anyone in this arc, make it him.

Manga Rating: 3/5

Character of the Week: Larcade for providing some fun fighting and potential drama.

Best Part: Larcade is unstoppable.

Worst Part: Where. Is. Irene.

Upside down and barely dressed! Why? Don't you EVER ask why!

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  1. -do u think that god serena is alive in august since august said he was with him, cause honestly there is still much we need to learn about him, am sure ur already know the question i mean, hell the saints were even shocked when he used slayer magic so theres a story right there.
    -will future rogue return, what would be the piont of making future rogues last words be about his cat dying to greys hands if grey was never evil enough to do this.
    -i hope auhust doesnt go down with an asspool from jella, gildarts and laxus are down and no where near them and all this talk about erza in greys mind is making me worried, i hated when laxus pulled red lightning from his arse and i hated it when gajeel ate anti-fockin magic particles that had iron in them for reasons, i cant believe the only fight i dont have a problem with is the ajeel one
    -yukino can do double summons without even needing second origin like lucy and we didnt even see the 13th key do anything so y is hero writing her like this, either do something with her or kill her and give the keys to lucy.
    -should it be reviled that the no 2 saint was weak during the day as a creature of the night, mening that he could return as an actual strong opponent, hell he only did one move so far and they said he uses vampire magic
    -lastly do u think angel should be reveled to have chinese zodiac keys, at frist io wanted it top be olympian gos keys seeing as how in the anime she went from spirits to angels, but i thought that might cause confusing with hades, lets face it she has nothing right now, shes just walkin fan service as far as i am concerned

    1. - I think God Serena is definitely dead, since we've not only seen him be utterly beaten twice, but one of those times was when he was resurrected-ish by Neinhart. I do feel like we're in for something though, whether it's in the form of a ghost or flashbacks, since there's just absolutely no way Serena is going to be forgotten as quickly as this. His posing will return, boss man!

      - I think so, since we never found out the reason behind Gray killing Frosch. And his demon magic is clearly starting to take it's toll on him, which could be a major influence later on. I'm not sure if we'll have Rogue the villain, but I think we're not done with that particular character arc yet.

      - Gajeel eating the particles because they had iron in them. I'm not a chemist but I think there is a foundation behind that, although I'm far too lazy to look it up right now. I'm sure someone else could tell you why it makes sense for iron to be in the particles, but I'm not as smart so... And yeah, let's see how OP Jellal is. Knowing that character, he's going to use some sort of super magic or some shit. I dunno... I don't like Jellal.

      - Yukino might actually have Second Origin already. It's never been said how powerful she exactly is, but we do know she's strong enough to join Sabretooth and she has the super secret 13th key so she's never been a weakling. Ultear's magic wasn't the only way to get Second Origin.

      - That'd be an interesting take, although it does make me wonder why he would fight God Serena without a plan to compensate for his lack of strength... See?! These Wizard Saints have a million reasons to be explored more.

      - I think Angel is mostly here for Yukino's sake, although I would like to see her do something relevant. Even if she got given one of Yukino's keys to fight alongside her, that would be interesting to see. Right now, she's mostly just here to give Yukino a happy ending... that was far dirtier than I meant it to be.

  2. That was a good review again, dearie! Thank you so much for your hard work! :)

    Hmm...I don't really buy this whole Larcade being mavis's son thing. I mean, how?
    Also true, where did the wizard saints go?! Mashima should give them some love too! Characters like them and kagura are badass but keep getting shoved away as fodder.

    Lastly, once I again I thank you for your time and hard work. Bless you, dear!

    1. You're very welcome!!!

      For me, Larcade has to be a creation. A test tube baby, created by Zeref out of boredom or an attempt to make a back-up E.N.D. His magic is strikingly different to the others, AND MAVIS CAN'T HAVE GIVEN BIRTH!

      The Saints were defeated by Acnologia (another character who just vanished) and haven't been seen since. I feel like they're going to have a huge scene later, but right now it's disappointment.