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Fairy Tail Chapter 511 Review - Hunger Hell

Written by Shiggins

I want Larcade's powers.

Out of every power in this series we've seen so far, I think I want Larcade's the most. I'll win every Pleasure-Off I have against my friends, I'll always have an excuse to pay less than others at dinners because I'll be making them eat more, and I can sleep for as long as I want so I don't have to deal with the nastiness of the world. Admit it, I made you want to be Larcade. I made you desire it!

And I now realise Sting needs a new design, because in pictures like this he ends up looking exactly like Natsu.
Sting is told by his Guild members that Larcade is Zeref's son, but he's still suspicious because Larcade smells more like Natsu than Zeref. Nobody should smell the same as each other, no matter the relation, but Larcade does indeed stink of Natsu. Finally, we get some action with Sting seeming to take the upper hand.

Here's a fun game! What food would other characters become? I'll go first...
Natsu - Peppers!
This is when Larcade activates another spell of his but instead of pleasure, this one is hunger. Sting starts to see Lector and the others as literal talking food as if he's in the Madagascar movie, and tries to eat Lector. Kagura is currently trying to eat Yukino, and vice versa. However, Frosch is weird but adorable so he's waiting until Rogue gets here before he eats.

I can't believe I used to hate Frosch. Seems so silly now.... I still hate Lector though.
Suddenly, Sting snaps out of his trance and knocks them all out to keep them from eating each other. Despite Sting's hunger, he's still prepared to beat up Larcade but he's far more worn out now. Not fearing Sting, Larcade brings his crucifix down into Sting's shoulder. As Larcade vows to be the one to kill Natsu, we finally get the appearance of Rogue!

Future Sting is here! ...wait.
Rogue literally appears in 5 panels before fainting, but all he wanted to do was give Sting his power anyway so who cares? As Sting eats Rogue's shadows, Larcade decides to activate his final desiring spell, based around sleep this time. Sting is now the White-Shadow Dragon Slayer and he's going to take on Larcade's best attack.

Opinion: I wanted my Pleasure-Off!

So I was close to being right last week when I joked Sting would become a half-and-half, but it's Shadow instead of Pleasure and that's much less hysterical, but far more visually appealing. It's interesting to note that this feels like a reversal of Future Rogue, who had this same form when we saw him fight Natsu. And no, I'm still not believing we've seen the end of that character so I will bring him up when it feels relevant!

How can one guy be crucified twice in the same war? What is it with this guy and crucifixes?! Is this like Max with the broom?
The action this week was different from usual. Instead of straightforward kicking and punching with fists that were glowing or swords that were flashing, we got a range of tricks. While I thought that there was too much talking going on at times, I got a serious enjoyment from seeing Larcade's crucifix used violently as he messed up his enemies' minds and their bodies mentally.

One thing I won't be forgetting from this chapter is Larcade planning to kill Natsu himself. While we know he has intense daddy issues, this week saw the intensity being questioned, as we have to wonder; Does Larcade know killing Natsu will kill Zeref? If he's unaware, that means he's just so desperate to gain Zeref's love, that he's prepared to kill anyone he sees as competition. If he knows about this though, we could be about to see the depths of hatred Larcade feels for his neglectful father, not only wanting to gain Zeref's affection by granting him the death he's longed for, but also getting his own revenge on a man whom he detests.

Lastly, am I the only one who snorted at Rogue's cameo? "Hi, eat me! Bleh!". This sentence would be longer but... well, Rogue's entrance should have been longer too so it evens out.

Manga Rating: 4/5

Character of the Week: Larcade for his strong manoeuvres and keeping me interested in his allegiances to Zeref.

Best Part: Larcade and Sting are at it again!

Worst Part: Rogue? More like Ro-gone! ...Ro-gone. RO-GONE!

Is she... stalking the cat? She looks like she's stalking the cat from Attack on Titan. Yes, that cat.


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