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Fairy Tail Chapter 510 Review - Natsu's Heart

Written by Shiggins

We need a Slayer Babies spinoff.

I'm serious. I will review the shit out of an adorable chibi version of Fairy Tail that focuses on the young Dragon Slayers, because that would be too damn adorable to ignore. My list of spinoffs that I want Mashima-senpai to make is increasing, with Council Levy still being number 1, but you have to consider this at some point, sir. Please! Bring on the cute!

I've been saying that since I first started this series!
Our chapter begins with Natsu, Gray and Juvia unconscious while Lucy, Polly, Evergreen, Brandish, the Exceeds and the very sore Dimaria watch over them. Brandish has shrank their wounds as best she could, but she's decrease the size of Natsu's... let's call it Natsu's "Boop". Natsu's Boop is too powerful because it is powered by E.N.D, so the Boop is untouchable.

Lucy: ...Dimaria, close your legs.
Brandish: *uncomfortable cough*
Dimaria mentions again how Natsu is a demon, calling back to when he used the Boop to break through Dimaria's time powers. Dimaria questions how much Lucy knows about Natsu, pointing out how we think we know a friend but we can never be truly sure, using "Randi" as an example. Lucy claims she knows Natsu has no other sides, and it's totally not because omg-waifu-husbando-future-marriage!

Damn... So close to the return of Cute Brandish! Well, just need to keep waiting.
Suddenly, Natsu starts smoking. No, not like a sick addict who will be removed from this world once the alien emperor returns for us. The heat is literally leaving his body, making him cold and scaring them. We then travel inside Natsu, but not to his intestines. Natsu is in an empty space, where he meets Dumbledore Zeref.

Zeref seems to be a ghost here, created by Natsu's heart/Boop to give some exposition. We literally get shown a time long ago before Natsu's first ever death, where we see his surprisingly sexy birth parents. Then everything changed when the Fire Dragon attacked... If you ask me to resist an Avatar joke, I ask you to fuck off.

Oh my god.... HE HAS NIPPLES?!?!?
Natsu died from the dragon attack, Zeref made him into E.N.D, and Zeref then gave Natsu to Igneel. It turns out that in the past, Natsu and Gajeel used to argue all the time. Wendy was a crybaby who got upset when they had fights, and Sting and Rogue were Wendy's age and idolised the older two. Zeref then turns into Sting because Natsu had his homosexual reasons, I'm sure.

Okay, raise your hand if you bet that this dragon is Acnologia. Now, the two of you who didn't raise your hand, tell me why you think that is.
As Minato-Sting offers to show Natsu the identity of the Boop, we then go to the real Sting who is running shirtless because we all have homosexual reasons for Sting. I should take this moment to point out that we haven't actually seen Sting since Universe One happened, which is why he's mentioning to himself that Freed was the one who sent him this way.

To quote Tumblr: I AM SCREAMING!
Sting then comes across the odd sight of Larcade using tentacle-light-pleasure-magic on Yukino, clearly executing her via orgasm. This is when Sting finally jumps in and strikes Larcade, but it has no effect. Larcade uses his attack on Sting, but Sting is the eater of light and uses his Dragon Slayer power to consume Larcade's magic.

Opinion: Please be Pleasure-Light Dragon Slayer!

We've had Natsu use lightning and we've had Gajeel use shadow, so it's not a huge leap to have Sting use pleasure... Seriously, make this one happen. Sting vs Larcade in a pleasure-off would be hysterical. Nobody would ever want to fight Sting again, because his power would put them into tears of joy and pain. And the image of both Sting and Larcade trying to defeat each other via erection-inducing agony is equally ridiculous yet brilliant.

Could this be the most uncomfortable image FT has provided us?
The chibi Dragon Slayers are of course cute and adorable, although it definitely feel like we were moving past them far too quickly. The same could also be said for Natsu's sexy parents, but that runs the risk of another Mary Sue Mum that makes me want to slash some tires so it's debatable.

If we're lucky, we'll soon be seeing Natsu meeting E.N.D itself. It's hard to tell if this will be a Dark Natsu type boss battle, or some sort of confrontation against a maniacal formless mass. As I've no doubt said before, I hope this isn't the end of E.N.D but we'll see where this goes. For all we know, this could be Natsu about to unlock a brand new form that will help him be even more super-powered than before.

Manga Rating: 4/5

Character of the Week: Sting for his White Light Shite.

Best Part: Childhood memories.

Worst Part: History lesson was far too quick.

......That is fucking grim, Yukino!



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  1. About that pannel: Isn't it a flashback to the time shortly before Natsu and Wendy officially met?
    About the dragon: I dunno, the head of that beast looks different
    Also: Could we please get Gajeel remembering his childhood?! And he remembers his father being Acnologia?

    1. After seeing these previous comments and checking online, I can tell you that yes it was. You were right. I was misled by the placement of that panel, because it's between Wendy Chibi and Sting Chibi so it looked like that flashback panel took place at the same time as the Chibi flashback.
      Yeah, it does but I'd be surprised if they didn't somehow find a way to blame Acnologia for it. In fact, I'd be shocked.
      Ha! That'd be awesome. Then they both swish their beautiful hair "because they're worth it".

  2. am getting disgusted withe the way mashima is handling yukino, seously enough with this shit, enough with natsu randomling grabbing lucys boobs, seriously y does he keep doing this? amybe am remebering this wrong but this stuff didnt really happen before the first time skip, or at list it was just limited to lucy noticing that cana, or someone else was in her bath room the entire time

    1. I don't mind fanservice if it done in a non-sexual way to further the plot (which I would argue Yukino moments usually do) or if it's funny, but I do understand you're annoyance. For me, it just depends on my mood and what purpose it serves. In this case, it's seeing Yukino in a horrible situation so I understand it.
      I think there was some fanservice before the timeskip, but it definitely wasn't this paramount.

  3. I'm happy how Grandine's quote (From Chapter 101!) - "I'm sure That Child will end up meeting Wendy someday." - was brought up again. However, it's Grandine's following line that still concerns me: "Perhaps a more friendly relationship could be established this time." / "This time, I hope they become good friends." Just why exactly would Grandine be wanting Natsu and Wendy to be friends *’This Time?’* ...That would mean – at some point during 400 years ago - they were enemies? I can’t help but think, that while Natsu was Wendy’s friend, both back then and now - E.N.D was more than likely not.

    1. According to the official Crunchyroll translation, Grandine is saying "I hope they'll be better friends this time", which is probably just her hoping they stop making Wendy cry constantly. Now that I know what that panel truly is, it's all making more sense to me.

      That being said, if we saw that E.N.D was actually around during their childhood, that would be a great twist!

    2. I think the dragon who killed natsu and his parents was igneel due to the similaritys in appearance and how igneel said natsu taught him how to love another and the time between when zeref met igneel and the time natsu died was significant