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Berserk - Why It's Not Perfect

Written by Shiggins

Once again, WINP returns with our eyes set on hit dark fantasy series Berserk and what keeps it from reaching 10/10 perfection! So join me as I commit the sin of nitpicking something amazing, and you all decide to hate me for it! Links to previous WINP articles will be posted below, so please click and enjoy and hate! It's time for us all to go... Berserk!

As a side note, we aren't even going to acknowledge the 3D animation of a certain anime...

Kid Sidekicks

Who was the idiot who thought this was a good idea? Guts, one of the toughest and scariest anti-hero protagonists out there, does not need literal children following him around as part of a growing Scooby Doo gang. When writing the Commandments of Anime, the Great Savior Miyazaki did not see the need to mention this because he would have thought it obvious, but clearly someone forgot to tell the writers behind Berserk: Guts does not need child followers!

This is now 80% of the damn manga...
While the witch child Schierke isn't too bad, my patience wears thin when Isidro is brought to the centre. Isidro is everything wrong with child characters, from his arrogance and constant need for attention to his uselessness being a major plot point that causes the plot to literally bend so they can create a situation where he saves the day, he is just painful to sit through.

Isidro and Schierke also tip the scale of levity far too much. Before they arrived, the majority of humour came from Puck (who is surprisingly enjoyable as time goes on), but the series kept a dark and grim nature throughout. Puck was only for emergencies. By the time the series reaches the Fantasia arc, almost every scene involving Guts has at least one of the three characters making some sort of joke or funny face, and it completely upsets the balance. What was once hailed as amongst the best seinen manga of all time has fast become a shonen with the occasional titty, and I blame the children.

Rape is Bad

An odd nitpick perhaps but that is the point of these articles. Having one of your most major antagonists commit the act of rape can be horrific, especially with how Berserk uses it. The infamous scene where Griffith betrays his own team is embedded in our memories forever, and the rape of Casca is at the centre of it. The brutality and horror of the event is as perfectly executed as it is shocking.

I think Rape Horse might be one of the most unintentionally hilarious faces I have ever seen in my entire goddamn life.
However, much like Game of Thrones, Berserk didn't know how to put a stop to the constant use of nudity. Almost every major villain and enemy have been involved with rape in some form and manner. From trolls to corrupt kings to random bandits, everyone loves to rape a woman in the world of Berserk. And it might be weird to say, but that just gets annoying. I almost go into an arc expecting a rape scene now, and if I am expecting the scene then that lessens the impact and makes it feel almost token. Villain rapists should never be token.

"What a Smeghead!"


That isn't a mask. That is his face... somehow. It doesn't make sense in any way.

Casca Tells. Casca Doesn't Show

I love Casca. She's funny, hot, cool and isn't a total downer like so many other girls in male-central stories are. (See Red Dwarf for a perfect example of how not to bring a female character into a story.) It is just a shame that we never really get to see her be a strong confident woman in battle.

A pretty face that deserves to be covered in the blood of her victims... I am a weird boy.
What we are told about Casca is how tough she is, able to take on countless enemies and even lead the Band of the Hawk after Griffith and Guts leave for their own reasons, but we are never able to witness it. Instead, we see her be saved by Guts constantly because she has been injured or is literally having a period. No, literally. That actually is a plot point, and while I want to commend the series for using such a unique asset to further the story, I can't while I'm stuck here wishing she hadn't been a damsel in distress once again to make Guts look good.

Ever since "The Incident", Casca has been in a broken state, almost like a little child. While this is a harsh and tragic way to see such a character, I can't help but feel it would have been so much more compelling if the previous version of her had been allowed to kick some arse so as to create more of a shocking difference. As it is, both versions of Casca needed defended by Guts and that, quite frankly, sucks.

Guts Stu

When I started this series, I was immediately grabbed by the protagonist Guts and his disregard for the safety of others. It was shocking, yet almost comforting to see such a unique type of character that refused to stay protecting the random girl he found on the road and hear her backstory, instead choosing to focus on the main threat and plot that readers came here to read. Guts' story only becomes more tragic as we delve into his past and learn how he used to be and what made him the man he is today.

Of course, Guts can't remain the same forever and will grow as the plot continues... it's just a shame how utterly bland he becomes. What was once a hardened anti-hero has now become a wise man who protects his friends and his people, at any cost. He spouts advice to the children as if he's their Fairy Godfather, completely losing what once made him unique.

I know this is a joke, but almost every girl acts this way towards Guts. They have all fallen for him and desire him on top of them, and I hate that both Guts and Kirito have the same problem.
On the one hand, this has been handled naturally and he has certainly grown as a character. It's just a shame that the growth has come at the loss of what was once a truly interesting and unpredictable personality that helped Berserk stand out amongst the other stories out there. He has become perfect, amazing, wise and lovable. All the ladies love him and want him while all the men want to be him. He has become a Mary Sue... well, he's male so Gary Stu.

Any other flaws I missed? Any other articles you would like to see? Write in the comments below!

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  1. Does that mean whenever there isn't rape in an arc your dissappointed? In celebration of its returning please do a "why it's not perfect " for Hunter x Hunter.

    1. No no, if anything it is the opposite! If they manage to make a threat intimidating without rape, I am pleased because it subverted my expectations.

      Ooooooh that's a good one! I shall consider it done! Thanks for the request.

  2. Those are some really good points you made, especially the rape part. I have seen so many Berserk fanatics claiming Berserk is perfect and is the best of all, at least now I have evidence that it isn't, thanks to you! And don't get me wrong, Berserk is awesome, but the fanboys are unbearable.

    anyways, you did a very good job ! Keep up the good work!
    By the way, does this site still do anime reviews?

    1. It really isn't perfect. I'm always surprised when people say a series like Berserk is though, when it is so easy to love it yet see flaws.

      Well, I do from time to time. Our other anime reviewer has been extremely busy with work recently, but he will be returning after the summer. Do you have a request, perhaps?

    2. Ah yes, I was wondering if anyone could review Blazblue: Alter Memory and/or Keijo. Both have only 12 episodes, so perhaps it should be easier than reviewing longer series. Also, you/the other author can take your time, I'm in no such rush!
      Again, thank you for all your hardwork :)

    3. Funnily enough, my friend is actually already working on a Keijo review (someone else requested it a while ago) so that one will be taken care of soon enough! As for Blazblue, I'd be glad to do that one myself but do I need knowledge of the games to do so?

      And thank you so much!

    4. Hmm, I think it'll be better if you check out the storyline of the first two games: Calamity Trigger and Continuum Shift. The TV Tropes page has an adequate explanation I believe. I've seen people getting a bit confused otherwise.

      Again, I wish you all the best! :D