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Fairy Tail Chapters 538 & 539 Review - When The Flames Die & World Collapse

Written by Shiggins

Now this feels more like a final battle!

I am back from my break and ready to continue, and it is hard for me to deny a slight fanboy delight at what we got. Yes, there were flaws and of course I am going to go over them without mercy, but I couldn't help but smile while thinking about these two chapters overall. Sue me, I'm feeling optimistic for once!

Ah Tenrou Island. The arc that brought FT to a surprisingly great level of fun.
Our first chapter begins with the locket being the only thing left of Zeref and Mavis, while Lucy is about to collapse from writing in E.N.D, when the words suddenly go back inside the book and it closes. Gray then uses his Demon Slayer Magic to erase the veins/demon inside Lucy and... everything seems to be okay. Then suddenly, the book disappears!

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much crying from Lucy recently.
Just as they start to worry, Natsu arrives behind them and we get, quite honestly, a lovely scene where they are reunited and mention how Mavis has passed away but they can still smile in spite of it because... well, it is the right thing to do. Meanwhile, Jellal has woken up and is told that, because of Ichiya's and Anna's sacrifice, he should treasure his own life.

Basically, she's saying "You need to stop bloody trying to sacrifice yourself constantly and breed with me!"
They start to discuss what they do next, including apologising to Julia and going to find Aquarius' key, before suddenly realising... Natsu has disappeared! Realising that this could be the effects of E.N.D disappearing as well, Lucy panics and begins to cry.

Basically he's saying "I need to stop bloody trying to sacrifice myself and breed with her!"
In the next chapter, Wendy notices a crack in the sky is appearing and FINALLY he returns! Acnologia is back for his final battle, and he's even stronger than before! How did he escape, you ask? He ate the magic of time! And now it is time for a big speech about huge his cock is, while he blows shit up. (He must be an American)

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeere's Acnologia!
Wendy is targeted by Acnologia and suddenly vanishes into his hand, much to Erza's horror. Speaking of vanishing, every other Dragon Slayer disappears too, even the "fake" ones Cobra and Laxus. Natsu finds himself in a strange world with glacier-like platforms, and is told he is in the ravines of time itself. And he is now face-to-face... with Acnologia!

Opinion: Dragons vs Dragons!

Yes, it looks like we've entered a situation where the final battle is between Dragon Slayers only, instead of Team Natsu. On the one hand, that is a cool idea since Gajeel, Wendy, Laxus and Cobra are some of the best characters in the series and I'd love to see as much of them as possible. However, that feels instinctively wrong because... well, it excludes Lucy. And the cooperation of Lucy and Natsu is far more interesting and emotional than Natsu's relationship with Cobra. No offence to the snakeman.

I have to say though, that Acnologia eating the Timelapse itself is a pretty badass way to get him back into the fight. I assumed he would be too strong and just escape, but actually getting stronger by eating it is a lot of fun. (Although I do wish it had created a transformation of some sort, just to add variety).

Wait, are they... inside Acnologia? If so, that's badass.
And I'm just going to be honest... I liked it when Natsu returned to Lucy and Gray and Happy. I enjoyed it. It made me feel fuzzy. Don't judge me. I got to feel fuzzy and emotional, so that was me satisfied.

The biggest flaw, of course, was Lucy's "corruption" being so quickly erased. In fact, I'm almost unconvinced that it is fully finished, considering how big that book was meant to be and how it seems to already be gone. Surely the demon inside Lucy isn't gone already... is it? If so, that is nothing short of disappointing. It would almost feel like someone cut it out, as if they didn't agree on Mashima-senpai going through with that plotline.

Lastly, it is interesting to note when exactly Natsu disappeared; When everyone was making plans. This is another callback to before the war began, when Lucy was telling Natsu and Happy not to make post-war plans because, in fiction at least, they always go wrong. Personally, I just wish Mashima-senpai was planning a Fairy Tail Z...

Oh before I forget, STOP FUCKING CRYING, LUCY! She has done it so damn much during this arc.

Manga Rating: 

538: 3.5/5

539: 3/5

Best Part: Acnologia's glorious return!

Worst Part: Lucy's cleansing.

Best arc of the series?
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  1. dragons are already op, achno is even more op, aching eating the time nonsense is just too ridiculously op, i dont believe that the 7 could take on a regular dragon
    seeing as how they could not even scratch them a year ago, and i dont see how achno could be defeated in a satisfying way now.

    1. If my theory is correct, I think they are meant to be inside him, like how Igneel was inside Natsu before. If so, maybe that is their advantage?

  2. What are you going to do when fairy tail ends? Will there be another manga you start reviewing or is this the end? I'm both excited and worried for this "final battle" most of the dragon skaters are exhausted and Acnologia has proven to be many times stronger then each of them I don't want acno to go down like a zeref or with some random friendship speech power up it would be too much cringe to handle

    1. Oh I'll review another manga. It will most likely be Hero Academia or that new series Dr Stone, with possible monthly reviews of UQ Holder. I'm not done yet! (I just need to find more people willing to read my rubbish haha)

      And I agree. The most we can really hope for is a good spectacle though, since we don't have a lot of chapters to end this fight with. Still pouting we aren't getting a sequel...

  3. Despite all the current mess, I have to say I'm super happy for Acnologia living up to his hype.
    At this point, I don't really care if the battle makes sense or not. I just wish that Acnologia won't get the Zeref treatment, and a good fight instead. Also I hope that if Natsu indeed takes Acno down(which he will), there will be some super epic transformation of some sort, and not just "flames of savage emotion".

    1. Well, the other Slayers are there too so perhaps we'll get some SUPER DRAGON BARRAGE OF EMOTION attack from all of them at once. That would at least be a cool image.
      And yes, it is nice to see Acnologia go absolutely crazy. Full-on hard-on for evil!

  4. I feel like a great way Mashima can end his masterpiece is if Natsu somehow eats the elements of the other dragon slayers to take on Acno as a super slayer like the heavily unused God Serena. Or even more absurd but badass being somehow he eats the elements of past dragons wanting Acno dead all this time and becomes the next King of the dragons. Just ideas.

    1. Oooh Super Slayer would be awesome. Probably make no sense but it's magic! Super Slayer would be awesome enough!