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Fairy Tail Chapter 541 Review - The Magic of Hope

Written by Shiggins

Let's get ready to rumbleeeee!

Now, while you have that epic music in your head, let's just run into the review as we get the slayers of dragons fighting the ultimate dragon while everyone else does their best to stay relevant! And if we're lucky, they just might be because that plan is actually clever.

Gajeel: Dad? Is that you!?
Everyone charges, upgraded by Wendy's enchantments yet still being blown away because Acnologia is the final boss and nobody just beats a final boss without getting their asses kicked first. Cobra can't even hear his heart or thoughts, meaning he can't predict his movements. Everyone else meanwhile is discussing what to do about Acnologia-Dragon.

WOAH! Gajeel, you can't call her a... oh "Runt". I totally misread that. I thought he said "Jeremy Hunt". That's a name nobody should be called.
Strategies are discussed, including freezing him with magic or attacking him with a sword, but they are all found to be pointless. However, Lucy has an idea! Lucy says some characters need to get a huge ship to trick A-D into feeling motion sickness for a moment, which will give them all an opening to activate the one magic we have seen Acnologia fail against... Fairy Sphere!

Lucy x Acnologia confirmed!
Levy and Freed will go with Lucy to find the book about Fairy Sphere, and a group led by Minerva will get A-D to the harbour. Back to the Ravines of Time where Acnologia tells the 7 what is going on outside. All he values is destruction and nothing more. Back to Earthland where Mest has teleported Gray and Juvia to Lyon so he can help them get a large ship. With all the madness going on, Lucy has to find the book before it is too late.

Opinion: I just realised who Acnologia is.

Acnologia is Kid Buu. A final monster who values nothing but destruction and chaos, battle and madness. All he wants is to destroy everything and everyone without restraint, and it will take the gathered spirit and power of everyone to defeat him. Personally, I think that is rather cool and Acnologia has definitely managed to gain some support from me ever since I saw his face. It gives him personality, which his giant dragon form was incapable of due to looking so monstrous. Admittedly, I would have liked to see more of a reason behind his love for destruction, but he's a villain. Villains don't need to always be deep. Sometimes, a love of death is enough. And in Acnologia's defence, he is proud to be nothing more than a monster. He wears it well.

You probably won't find a lot of reviews that say this, but I personally found the scene where they discuss how to battle A-D a much-needed one. I always enjoy seeing a scenario being broken down, with every possibility being considered. The final plan, to use Fairy Sphere, is very risky but much better than that fucking Timelapse disgrace ever could be. It has been shown in the past, ties into the "bonds of family" trope the series has been using since Day 1, and it actually sounds like it could work. The "One Magic", a magic of love, could be what fuels the Fairy Sphere (and Fairy Glitter and Fairy Heart) so maybe that is Acnologia's limit. We'll find out.

Is Lyon... just chilling with a cup of coffee during a war?!
My man Cobra better be awesome here. I have no doubt that Natsu, Wendy, Gajeel, Sting and Rogue will shine but Cobra has never been so important before and he is usually the least relevant and involved when it comes to the Dragon Slayers. I know he's "a fake" but Cobra has a hot girlfriend who was a flying snake, is missing an eye, and even once wore a cape. A CAPE! He needs more!

Oh and let us always acknowledge whenever we see Gajeel acting like a big proud brother to Wendy. Always. He is her big brother!

Manga Rating: 4.5/5

Best Part: Lucy's plan.

Worst Part: No motivation for A-D.

Kinda creepy to realise that every single character on this cover is dead, isn't it? Wait.... except Franmalth. DAMN IT!

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  1. This chapter was definetly good! I actually like Lucy's plan a lot - it makes sense in the Fairy Tail world, and is actually really smart. Granted, I'm still not sure if it will work or not, considering Acnologia can eat through space and time now :/
    Also, is it just me, or does it feel that Hiro thought of the Fairy Sphere plan beforehand, and included the timelapse on a whim so he can keep Acno at bay. Because really, Lucy's plan is great!

    Glad to see Acno being a badass! And I agree, I as well started liking him a lot more when I saw his human form. Personally, I'm a HUGE fan of dragons, but while I like Acno's Dragon Design, his Human Form is way too epic and badass. Kinda sad that he doesn't have a real reason, but as you said, at least it fits.
    The true thing I'm scared of right now is that we have 4 chapters remaining. Which is way to little!! Even if Hiro gives only 1 chapter for the epilogue(which is too small), we will only have 3 chapters of the fight remaining(which is also too small)!
    So I really don't know how Hiro can finish this manga on a good note. If he does more pages on the final chapters, then maybe it could somehow work out(still is rushed), but otherwise... I have a bad feeling about it.

    1. Lucy's plan feels very appropriate in just about every way. It fits with the logic of the world and I didn't think of it myself. It doesn't need to work for too long, just long enough for the Slayers to slay.

      I'm waiting to see how this goes before I react. The final chapter is always the longest but I saw Naruto manage to scrap out a satisfying ending despite so few chapters and Bleach manage to destroy itself with so many chapters. I wouldn't expect an amazing ending though, but a satisfying one is still in the cards.

    2. Well, I truly hope that's gonna happen. How many pages did the last chapter of Naruto have?

    3. Naruto's final chapter was actually only 16 pages. I guess I was mistake with that one.
      Bleach's final chapter was 19 pages.
      Nisekoi's final chapter was 24 pages.

      So really, the likelihood of the final chapter being a larger than normal one is unlikely but as I now come to realise, it isn't the size that matters. It's how it is used. Some do it better than others, but we'll find out soon.

    4. Well, I sure hope so. I guess we'll have to see.

  2. Since they indicated early on that when Zeref dies Natsu would too that means that all other Etherious die too. Since Natsu is no longer tied to Zeref that means Franmalth has died. SO YAY just a pity it happened off screen.

    1. .....I can't tell if I am euphoric or enraged. Well done!

  3. Acnologia continues to devolve into a goofy shone villain stereotype. The lack of depth wouldn't even bother me if his threat level and personality was consistent. Not to mention the inconsistent motivations. In this chapter, he wants destruction. In the movie (which is canon), he thought some random little girl got killed by dragons(Even though he was already a dragonslayer).

    Why did no one think to use Fairy Sphere earlier in the arc to protect Ishgar or at the very least Fairy Heart? Shouldn't Acnologia not suffer from motion sickness in dragon form? Motion sickness comes from the human body not fully acclimating to dragon senses. Also, Natsu should be dead. His life is tied to Zeref's.

    1. Honestly, was Acnologia ever deep? He was always the "destruction" side of the two villains, with Zeref providing the depth. I was never warm to him as a character, but I do like him as a sexy force to fight. As for the movie, I can't comment. I have yet to see it.

      Probably the same reason you or I didn't think of it. We forgot or hadn't figured it out. It has been at least a few years since that event happened and a lot has happened since then. I personally completely forgot it haha.

      We've seen Acnologia suffer from motion sickness before, so maybe the fact he has both a human and a dragon form is the reason. Igneel didn't ever get motion sickness but that might be because he has no human form. Best guess I can make here.

      Lucy wrote in the book of E.N.D to change Natsu's fate. So far, its a disappointing resolution but that's the only answer we've got. Disappointing though, unless something happens here.

    2. Another thing, if all Acnologia wanted to do was destroy everything why didn't he do it before this point? He was powerful enough to do so.

  4. Lucy being able to immediately comprehend, memorize, and rewrite Natsu's book was dumb enough, but we don't even know if she did do that because it's not stated or implied anywhere and makes her breakdown in 538 make no sense.

    Acnologia's back story is also not relevant in the movie. It's just kind of there.

  5. This arc is confusing counting very demon Zeref has made it has had the most deaths within the series while having the most fake outs. I dont care for depth at this point I just want the hype.