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Fairy Tail Chapter 540 Review - Harmony

Written by Shiggins

Slayers assemble!

Now this feels like the set-up for a final battle! It was a bumpy road to get here and even the destination itself is probably going to have some troubles, but it was hard not to at least feel some blood pumping during this big reunion of badasses!

Um... Cobra? Can you just swap places with Rogue? They need to be together, ta.
Beginning where we left out, inside weird ice-like place, Natsu and Acnologia are giving each other the stink-eye as Natsu suddenly sees the other Dragon Slayers are also here, encased in "ice" as if they were trophies... or those old canisters from Tartarus. Whichever makes you happier.

Acnologia reveals that he has now gained the power of Space-Time Magic, and he is going to use it to destroy the world because he's a bastard. Natsu remembers the death of Igneel (see? People do die! Get over it!) and is ready to fight. Meanwhile, Erza is confused by Acnologia the Dragon running away from her, until she realises he is heading for Magnolia.

"Because I'm Erza, goddamnit!"
Suddenly, Ichiya and Anna appear and crash into the sea! As I expected, they survived and are now Anna is going to go back to explaining things. She tells Erza that Acnologia ate the Timelapse, but he has lost control of it. In fact, the amount of power has made him have to separate his body, with his soul and body in different locations.

Acnologia is lost in the "Ravines of Time", and the only way he can control his new power is if he uses the Dragon Slayers as power sources to help him stabilise. Erza decides to swim to Magnolia because she needs to protect it from Acnologia Dragon, and this is when Mest finally appears to help her get there faster.

Wait... How are you all finishing each other's explanations? Or are you just repeating it to yourselves?
Natsu is becoming encased in the crystal of the ravines of time, about to be held up and frozen like the others, his arm unable to move due to the damage from Zeref. Erza arrives in Magnolia, tells Lucy to STOP FUCKING CRYING and smiles because Makarov is alive. As expected, Acnologia's spiritual body needs to be defeated or else the dragon form will destroy them all. Everyone starts to believe in them, while Natsu cries out...

And boom! Natsu's arm has been slightly restored by Wendy's magic, as she and the others have broken out of their cages and are ganging up to fight Acnologia together.

Opinion: Tra-la-laaaa! Battle time!

So my theory was half-right; I thought they were inside Acnologia's soul, and would have to battle his spirit self to defeat his physical form. Instead, they are inside the "Ravines of Time", which I am just looking at as a small pocket dimension. In Doctor Who terms, this is the Void from Doomsday. In Naruto terms, this is Obito's dimension. While this probably isn't completely accurate, I am dumbing it down since it, much like your political stance, becomes weaker if you focus too much on it.

The idea of having your soul leave your human body because you literally have too much magical power inside you is a fairly damn awesome one, although I do wish it had been referenced in the past to provide more foreshadowing for this battle. A minor complaint in the grand scheme of things but one I couldn't let pass by.

"No more being slaughtered like sacrificial lambs! Consider this your first, small stride towards becoming a warrior race! Now, let's begin! Raise your hands up! Now!"
I'd be remiss if I didn't mention my disappointment once again though, at Lucy being kept to do nothing but cry like a big fucking baby while the Dragon Slayers fight to the death. Wendy, a literal little girl, is not crying and yet Lucy is. That is embarrassing.

Lastly... Anna. You have made literally everything worse since the second you arrived on screen, giving us plotholes, a super-powered Acnologia, a death fakeout, and exposition out of your arse with zero explanation as to how you got any of it in the first place. I hate you. Goodnight!

Manga Rating: 4/5

Character of the Week: All the Dragon Slayers for being all the Dragon Slayers!

Best Part: Reunited and it feels so good!

Worst Part: Lucy's development is ignored, so she can cry.

Hahahahahahaha... fuck this arc. (Damn, I do miss Flare though)
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  1. This chapter sure was hype as hell! A great setup for a final fight, and a great badass pose of the dragon slayers at the end. I'm sure there will be some bullshit in this fight, but as long as it's not TOO big, I will simply ignore it.
    Acnologia is looking as badass as ever(even in his chibi forms), and I'm super hype. I wonder though, could it be that the "crystal" is actually Etherion Lacrima? Because if that is true, then that would mean that we could see all the Dragon Slayers achiveing Dragon Force for their fight against Acnologia, which would even out the odds(and it would be epic as hell). Acnologia can eat magic though... Unless he can't eat Dragon Slaying magic. Actually, that's quite a high possibility, seeing that in chapter 528, after Jellal states that Acnologia eats all magic, Wendy still tries to attack him. I REALLY hope that is the case, otherwise there is no way for this battle to end without a bullshit "flame suprassing magic" kind of deal.

    1. Oh there's going to be bullshit, no doubt but if you were going into this expecting it to be perfection then you never read FT... which makes this an odd place to begin.

      Ha, that'd be cool. Probably wouldn't make a lot of sense mind you but at least it would be a good excuse to have them all go Dragon Slayer! Holy crap, Cobra Dragon Slayer would be awesooome!
      Well, we know for a fact that he can't eat his own magic since Natsu showed us that he doesn't eat his own flames way back in the beginning. So maybe that could be a factor too.

    2. Yea, for as long as I rememer, FT always had bullshit moments/fights. But as long as it didn't go overboard("because it's Erza", "Flame of Savage Emotion") I'm okay with it. I dislike heavily critizing a show for every small flaw, so I simply enjoy it.
      And yes, you're right. Especially at this point, there's no way it won't end in bullshit. I just hope it won't get so bullshit that I can't enjoy it anymore. And the small bullshit stuff(feelings, Friendship speeches, villain stupidity, etc.) is completely okay.

  2. Reasons for why Acnologia wants to destroy the world:
    no one appreciates that humanity would be all but extinct
    He doesn't have a cute pet/partner
    His in a saitama situation killing all the dragons was his sole purpose and just destroying everything is his last attempt to have a super final battle and a purpose
    His a Bstard
    He became self aware of being a fictional character and fully accepted his role to be scary and cool looking as possible until friendship kick his ads

    1. All of them, duh. They all combined into one SUPER REASON!

  3. I kind of gave it a 2 out of 5 cause one virtuall6 nobody on the protagonist team died cause of this war kind missing the whole point of what a war even is or how it can be impacting to people where the only real death count is on the protagonist team. I can't really count mavis since one she was kind of dead but kind of not due to the whole immortality thing with contradicting rules.

    Other thing was the friendship helped break the prison pillars of what were essentially made of time magic us ackmologias control. I know that's fairy tails thing but even should have a limit in how it can impact things since this is usually how you piss off a community about the rules of time travel and time control and it literally pomes a lot of logic girl may not quite grasp to a certain extent.

    I mean I get what the aim was and why it can be hype but still certain things which may not seem relevant to newbs in the anime community or big is a pretty big deal to those who've been around for awhile to know what one should and should not do in a long running series especially if it's meant to be a closing arc. Wouldve made sense if natsu had power of his identity as END to use and break the other Dragon slayer free.

    The whole set up here despite you saying it was hype feels like a set up for something anti climatic in a negative way and the fact no one really died in the hero team doesn't leave much to expect how things will turn out felt the heroes will win then happy ending and boom it's over.

    That's just how I feel right now cause I know he wants to end it but girl really put himself into a bad corner using cliches and short cuts to resolve all this. It's not as bad as Naruto was and still climbs down to be with body to but it will at least be on a second place pedestal under one piece since for all the slow progress Of a does cover his details and logic we'll enough.

    Before I go I do have a question. With one piece, naruto, bleach, and fairy tail how would you rate them from best to worst? All 4 were good there's no denying that but these 4 being in competition each have something wrong or fail at where one can list them from best to worst. For me from best to worst from my view point is one piece where there are a few holes and such but not to the point you can poke them let alone recall this point to say why,followed by fairy tail where what mainly killed it is the final arc we are in cause girl was too scared to push the consequences of war on anyone for the hero army, then bleach where it was great but kubo tried to add too much in there that it became ridiculous to say the least, then last place would be Naruto cause details and pkit holes were left unchecked and everything was all about sasuke and his clan and the body to continuation in both anime and manga carry these problems over and essentially forces what should've been himawari's powers and traits passed on to boruto just so shonen jump can keep doing this closed minded view in where only guys can be the main character and somehow save the world.

    How would you rate those 4 manga/anime from best to worst?

    1. Honestly, I am so done and tired of hearing people go on and on about the lack of deaths in FT that I don't even register it anymore. I have seen death fakeouts in Bleach and OP that are far worse than FT's and yet nobody ever talks about them, so I refuse to even go on about it anymore. That's how done I am with people discussing deaths.

      As for ranking... I'll go with;

      1st - Naruto. It had the best story structure that actually goes to an ending instead of wasting time like every other series out there, and Naruto as a character truly developed over time, especially when compared to Natsu, Luffy and Ichigo. The battles were clever, especially in Part 1 and every villain had an interesting backstory. The Boruto nonsense isn't even canon to me so I don't bother including it here.

      2. FT, just for the sheer amount of fun and character on display. It's a good laugh, if you don't take it seriously and some of the arcs are amazing.

      3. One Piece because although I hate Luffy, the supporting crew members are amazing and some of the villains are fantastic. However, it's gone on far too long and some of the arcs just feel like pointless distractions instead of plot progression. Oh and nobody says it has flaws. I have seen MAJOR flaws in that series, so that annoys me.

      4. Bleach, because it repeats itself constantly and that final third of the last arc was utterly horrendous.

      I did a Naruto vs Bleach vs One Piece article a while ago actually, which goes into more depth of my feelings towards them all.

  4. Even if you are tired of people talking about thendesth counts personally as a reviewer you have to account for everything to do a proper review. I get what you mean about the battles in Naruto but they became less and less clever and more stereotypical shonen jump battles that are even comparable to Dragon ball. I am aware of beach's flaws but execution was handled better in other areas, one piece where you can't really complain about it being overly long and slow since it's not the worst one to do that. And as for the fake outs in death for other series I think fairy tail pushed it too far compared to naruto, bleach, and one piece since at least they weren't saying the power of friendship or will power piled them back or in makarovs vase a random side effect of mavis and zeref dying brings him back.

    You can't Discount a factor in your reviews just cause you're tired of other people saying differently since you have a blog of reviews people are expecting you to keep fair and neutral and saying that will make one question of your other reviews or even integrity in how fair you actually keep these reviews.

  5. If you expect me to bring up the lack of deaths in FT in every single review then nobody will want to read it. I would literally be saying the same thing over and over. I know exactly how to write a review and I bring up the lack of deaths when the time is right. So no, I will not bring it up every single time because there would be zero point in doing a review at all if I was only going to say the same stuff over and over. That is how I keep things fair. I mention the deaths when death is a factor in the chapter, good or bad.

    As for death fakeouts in OP and Bleach, the excuse from Makarov being resurrected by Zeref and Mavis is much better than some of the excuses they have given in the past. One example is when Vivi's guardian exploded on a boat... then he was alive tons of chapters later. Or when the bird-man exploded with Crocodile's bomb in the sky... then came back alive later. Or when a bullman in the snow-themed arc had his heart impaled then came back to life too.

    Every series has death fakeouts, and to repeat myself one last time, I am not going to talk about fakeouts in every single review I do. If I did do that, I might as well copy and paste reviews every week instead of focusing on the attributes of each chapter.

  6. I think you're misinterpreting the basic idea in there. Maybe you should take break for a couple weeks since realistically it's possible to survive an explosion or even escape it. I'm the case of one piece we don't really know how close the explosion they were and death fake out can be handled right since I didn't find one piece a problem as much as fairy tails right now. Although that was still back in 2006 2007 where back then nobody really cared not do I think many Care enough to go back and look and is oda has learned a lot from that and has likely seen how that backfire. Not unlike with girl and kishimoto where despite public success they have taken the time to take a look at their rights and wrongs and main ? Note of what to do and not to do though in kishimotos case he calls beneath kubo cause he gave in to a kind of peer pressure and just went what cool over focusing on the actual story where even though kubo went all over place in manga and anime at least he didn't really try to keep things focused on one character that wasn't even supposed to be the focus on the first place since everything eventuallybties back around to the main character.

    1. Take a break? No, I don't think I will and I don't appreciate your tone, thank you very much. I review chapters every week and I will continue to do so in a fair manner.

      As for your argument about surviving a bomb to the face... I will let you believe what you like. In this case, we will agree to disagree and that is the end of it for me. Thank you for your comment.

  7. The bomb thing is from my own time in the military since i was there to see that happen and even pull that same guy to safety. How he survived it like he did was mainly luck hence you can't necessarily discredit surviving a bomb other wise everyone would start treating Marvel and DC comics in that same fairness.

    Reason you need a break is the fact you assume you are being attacked by me which shows and says you need to just get away from it all for a bit and recharge your brain since I doubt this is all you do since everyone has jobs me schools happening.

    The other thing about this is the moment you let your standards slip by any margin your reviews begin to get compromised all cause you think you shouldn't count one thing you think is annoying to bring up reportedly. These are things reviewers on a professional level have to maintain to make sure a proper review is done least you end up sounding like a bribed reviewer on otakukart, cruncyroll, or even viz media and basically lie about a series

    1. The bomb was literally the entire sky. If you survived a bomb that covered the entire sky while you were inside it, you are a superhero. If you seriously still doubt he was inside the massive explosion, here is a video on youtube. It shows him point-blank range inside it. If you can honestly tell me you'd survive that, you are not a human being. -

      And when did I lie? In fact, when did I ever say FT's death fakeouts were good? Did I? No, I didn't. My standards have not slipped. You want a parrot to repeat the same phrases that YOU want. That YOU want to hear every week, and that is me being a bribed reviewer. I concentrate on each review per week, and when a fakeout happens then I talk about it during that time. I did it with Makarov and Natsu and Gray and Juvia and everyone else. Look back at previous chapters if you don't believe me, because they are there. I will talk about the issues when they come up, NOT when they aren't in the chapter. If this was a review of an arc, you would have a point. I am not reviewing an arc. I am reviewing a CHAPTER!

      And now, I am done. If you are unhappy with my performance, you are free to leave. It is your decision.