Monday, December 18, 2017

A Message for You All

Written by Shiggins

No, I'm not quitting!

In fact, that's one of the things I am going to talk about in this special article. After much deliberation and conflict with what I am currently doing with Otaku Nuts, I have decided that there are going to be a few improvements here or there. For more details, take a read.

Let this wise master tell you his grand plan!!! (No, this isn't about Naruto. I just like Jiraiya)
First of all, I am not going to stop writing for Otaku Nuts. I love it. I love writing and I love that people come to read my work. I see myself as very fortunate to have people come to check out my articles and give their feedback, even if I am infrequent with it.

Sadly, that is because I have to work. If this was a job where I got paid, I would be practically spraying articles at a considerable rate because of how passionate I am about writing. However, I am not that fortunate. I have set up a Patreon (link here) but until the day comes when I have people who depend on me and support me, I must continue working in my other job. So my schedule with articles are still uncertain, but I do as much as I am able for now. And since I do it all for free, I like to think you're kind enough to forgive me for that.

In good news however, I have decided to add movies to Otaku Nuts' range!

Picking up my pen like...
You read that right. Movies, both old and new, are coming to Otaku Nuts. From recent hits like Star Wars: The Last Jedi and The Disaster Artist, to old golds like Jurassic Park and Blade Runner, to lesser-known features like Space Pirate Captain Harlock. I am planning articles for all types of movies, because... honestly, I want to. I want to expand. I want to improve. Movies are a passion of mine and I want to talk about them.

And before you ask, here are a few questions I've already answered.

Does this mean there will be no more manga or anime articles?

No. This blog was built for anime and manga, and they will not be disappearing. I am just adding movies to the list of articles I will write about. Weekly reviews of My Hero Academia are not going to be affected.

What films do you not want to review?

Porn. I am open to any requests and ideas that you have, but I didn't review Boku no Pico and I am not going to review one of those "xxx" porn parodies. Other than that though, go nuts!

Besides films, are you working on any other article types?

Depending on how people react to this decision, I may decide to include articles for video games and TV shows in the future. Of course, this is just a maybe at this point as I know there are a lot of pros and cons when it comes to talking about video games on a professional level.

Lastly, I am considering adding videos sometime in 2018, but that will be discussed later.

So for now, please keep reading and supporting. Every view is appreciated, and I hope to bring more content as the year goes on. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to send a message or leave a comment.

Can't wait for 2018!

As you can tell by this gif, I am super-excited.
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  1. Wishing you all the best with these new undertakings! I for one am looking forward to the new content (And am definitely in favour of potential ON video content, should you decide to go down that route). Keep up all the good work, I believe in you!

  2. Good luck with all that! I'm pretty interested and will keep checking out this blog forever:) I'll also support you and all your decisions
    Take care and I wish you all the best oncemore!

  3. Seems like a cool idea!! Good luck with all that!!!

    I haven't commented for a long time since I don't read the BNHA manga, I'm an anime only. But I'd be glad to check out some articles about different movies :)

    1. Thanks, Captain! I hope you enjoy the movie content, as well as anything else I have prepared! There is always a chance of more Fairy Tail!

  4. We all love jiraiya , hope every thing work out for you , i will continue to support you.

    1. Jiraiya is really damn awesome. And thank you for your support, friend!

  5. I both love and hate how you made the porn joke before anyone else had the chance. Good luck though can't wait to read your new content.

    1. (evil laugh) I was one step ahead of you because my evil is like yours! But thank you for your support. I'm excited too.

  6. I may not write anymore, but I still read almost every article you put out. Keep doing what you're doing you beautiful blonde bastard.

    1. Haha, well you know there is always a spot for you. Thanks a lot, Inquisitor!