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Top 10 Naruto Fights

Written by Shiggins

Another year, another Naruto.

To remember the reason this blog even exists, it is time to celebrate the legacy of Naruto once more with a battle list! Yes, I am writing down the top 10 battles to feature in the Naruto franchise and judging them by their variety, impact on the franchise and any other elements I think are worth mentioning.

Obviously, spoilers ahead. And canon works only. No filler here.

10. Sakura and Chiyo vs Sasori

Let's start with the fight that really got my hopes up for Part 2. Before the timeskip, it almost felt like Kishimoto was unsure what to do with Sakura Haruno. Is she a master of Genjutsu? Medical jutsu? Strategy? Or is she just a damsel in distress for Naruto and Sasuke to save? Well, we finally got an answer when Sakura learned super strength and medical jutsu, combining them into a badass combination that could have made her one of the fiercest forces in the entire series.

She is literally punching his heart out! Why is she not the most awesome character ever?

To this fight's credit, it really does give Sakura time to shine. I would argue that this is truly Sakura's finest moment, as she works alongside the wise old puppet master Chiyo to take down the first of the Akatsuki, Sasori of the Red Sand! Sasori uses every trick in his extensive arsenal, from poison spikes to iron sand to a literal army of puppets that can take down a nation, and Sakura has to improvise and fight back against them all without room to breathe.

Well, that just doesn't seem likely...
Both parties in this are clearly giving it their all and the various twists and reveals keep you on your toes as Sasori keeps revealing everything he tucks up in those sleeves. Sakura's studies of medicine come in especially handy against Sasori's poison and Chiyo's relation to Sasori creates a truly emotional conclusion to the red-head's story. For one brief, shining moment, Sakura was the true MVP.

9. Naruto vs Gaara

The conclusion to one of Naruto's greatest arcs might not be able to surpass some of the other battles during the Chuunin Exams (more on them later), but it certainly provided an exciting way to finally put an end to the villainous Gaara's reign of cruelty. Never before has sand been such an evil device, and the way Gaara uses his makes Crocodile look like a poser.

Subtle or whacking us over the head?
Gaara really starts to break apart as the fight goes on, as he seems unable to get his hands on Sasuke and starts to actually take damage from Naruto's attacks. An explosive in an anus and summoning a giant frog are just some of the strange ideas Naruto comes up with, as Gaara allows the monsters to take over and eventually he breaks to allow it to become whole.

Speaking of whacking over the head... ouch!
Watching a giant frog turn into a nine-tailed fox so it can battle a raccoon made out of sand is a sight that only anime could provide. Everything Naruto has learned in this arc from Jiraiya, Kakashi and even Rock Lee and Sasuke come into play as Naruto races to take down Gaara once and for all. Only once it is all over can Naruto let out that he truly knows what it means to be someone like Gaara, and a new arc of growth could begin for both of them.

8. Kakashi vs Obito

By far the shortest battle on this list, Kakashi's fight against his childhood rival and former friend Obito Uchiha is one of great sadness and suffering that breaks Kakashi's heart to even take part in. After finally discovering that he was alive, something Kakashi always dreamed of, he is forced to stop Obito from literally destroying the world of Shinobi in a one-on-one in Obito's pocket dimension.

Fight to get your colours back!
Taking a break from the Earth-destroying war going on between Madara and Naruto, this fight is as tight as it is brutal. Kakashi and Obito both using the jutsu they are best known for, from portals and shuriken to fire and water, and the actual hand-to-hand combat is fantastic. On the level of Part 1's Taijutsu, I would say.

Naruto had a LOT of sexual tension when you look back on it.
The only real downside to this fight is the lack of weight to the animation. It all comes across as fluid and the characters occasionally move around too much like they don't actually have a solid body. However, that is more than made up for by some of the kicks and punches that actually do have some strength. If this fight had been longer, it might have made it higher.

7. Naruto vs Sasuke Final Battle

A lot of you are probably shocked to see this fight not even in the Top 5, but that is by process of elimination, I assure you. Taking place in the end of the war and serving as the final battle of the main series, before we were supposed to give a shit about Boruto and whatever his nonsense is, this is the final climax between Naruto and Sasuke.

I'm too busy laughing to appreciate how cool this is.
Sasuke wants to kill the Hokages, and Naruto wants to stop him. Emotionally, this is one of the high points and if this was a list about how great the writing could be, I would argue that this entry might deserve to be number 1. Instead though, we're talking about the battle itself. Naruto uses Sage of Six Paths and Kurama's Chakra to great effect, while Sasuke's eyes match him at every turn.

I don't have any jokes here. This is just incredible.
The final few moments where they are both just exhausted is so brutal and tragic you can't help but tense up. The main fight itself relies a bit too heavily on God-like powers however, and that is why this entry doesn't go any higher. I do love those final punches though.

6. Team Asuma vs Hidan and Kakazu

Shippuden's biggest problem was, arguably, the treatment it gave the supporting cast of Naruto's generation. Hinata, Kiba, Shino, Rock Lee, Neji and Tenten are practically forgotten, but Shikamaru, Choji and Ino, also known as Team Asuma or Team 10, finally got their time to shine when the villainous Hidan and Kakazu appeared and murdered the beloved Asuma. Fuelled with a need to avenge him, the three set out with Kakashi to take the bastards out.

If they ever do a Naruto Super, I want to see Hidan's head make a return.
One of the reasons this battle works is the dynamic between Kakazu and Hidan. Both are immortal, petty and refuse to let the other one show them up or get in the way of what they feel is the most important. They have unique movesets that the heroes must fully decipher so they can win, and Shikamaru's planning is only just barely enough to grant a victory.

Kakazu: Hidan, what does the scroll say about his Chakra level!?
Hidan: IT'S OVER 8000!!!!
Naruto's final appearance is also great, arriving in an almost Goku-like manner as he jumps in with a brand new power and tests it out on the big monster that is attacking everyone. The Rasenshuriken, Asuma's lighter and many more make this a hugely fun battle for a group that definitely deserved a lot more.

5. Sasuke vs Itachi

And now we come to the battle that had been building up since the very first arc. The fight between Sasuke and the one he has been planning to kill for years, his own brother Itachi. The Uchiha clan have always been quite the overpowered band of hotties, but this time it is Uchiha against Uchiha and being overpowered can only get you so far.

Sasuke, you might want to get tested after this because... well, that's a lot of blood.
It is here where the very best of the Sharingan's jutsu are displayed for the first time, including the black fire Amaterasu and the fire-armour of Susanoo. We even get a cameo from Orochimaru during this chaos, so that's fun.

Oh no. It's over so soon. I totally believe that. What a shock. Such a surprise.
Of course, it all ends with Sasuke's win but only by the skin of his bare chest. Itachi's sickness and a surprisingly emotional last sentence finish this gorgeous battle, and the impact of all this would forever change Sasuke's journey and his development down a villain's path that Naruto would have to confront.

4. Rock Lee vs Gaara

How damn cool is this one? I just felt like I needed to say that because this fight is so freaking awesome! After receiving hints of Rock Lee's strength during skirmishes with Sasuke and the Sound Ninjas, we finally saw just how strong he was when the lottery during the Chuunin Exam pitted him against the terrifying force known as Gaara of the Sand.

Hitting a guy from below? Rock Lee did it first!
With Guy cheering him on constantly, Lee keeps pushing beyond his own limits and shocking literally everyone. Gaara gets his first real wounds, Naruto promises to never underestimate him ever again, Kakashi is equally amused and horrified, and even Guy is given a surprise at just how far Lee will go to win and be a real ninja.

Of course, we all remember how it ends. Despite literally opening up gates of power to become the strongest ninja around, Lee still loses to Gaara and is crippled before the audience's eyes. It's a brutal and harrowing experience for both the characters and the reader to witness, and one can't help but bow their head in respect for Rock Lee. Oh and Gaara was cool too, I guess.

3. Naruto vs Sasuke First Battle

Often seen as the turning point of the series, this battle takes place between a heartbroken Naruto who wants to save his friend, and Sasuke who wants to join evil so he can gain enough power to kill Itachi. And both of them are losing it, emotionally and spiritually.

The next generation of Kamehameha vs Galick Gun
In the course of this battle, we see insults and rage fly. They can't control their own powers and Sasuke grows purple lipstick and wings. It's a madhouse. What's great about this battle is that both of them are giving it everything they have, using every skill that the past arcs have taught them and fighting to decide the fate of the next half of Naruto.

Yes. Apparently only transvestites stand a chance against Itachi.
The shots in this are iconic, from the opening stare-down across the valley to the Rasengan-Chidori clash, to the final shot of Sasuke looking down at the beaten Naruto as the rain pours down his cheeks. Naruto vs Sasuke is the most remembered battle by fans for good reason, and only just barely manages to not make it to number 1.

2. Naruto vs Neji

Often seen as the perfect example of what makes Naruto so... Naruto! This is the perfect representation of what these characters can do physically, all while displaying some phenomenal writing and showing that Naruto can find similarities in even the coldest bastard out there. In this epic match, Naruto seeks to avenge the broken Hinata by battling her cousin Neji in the first round of the final Chuunin Exam.

"KAMEHAM..." Oh wait, I made that joke already.
While the battle does slow down because of Neji's backstory, it is a great example of just how ferocious and dark the world of Shinobi really goes. His usage of the Byakugan is fascinating, and something I sorely missed during Shippuden. How could eyes that literally scan your insides and let you pierce your opponent's heart not be used more?!

Yamcha no!
Naruto's determination is, well, beautiful. He fights to the end, exhausts his energy, and comes out victorious with a brilliant final punch on Neji's lovely chin. The reason this is above the fight with Sasuke is because it just feels so damn good to watch Naruto's training pay off. He came so far, and at the end he got to smile wonderfully. And so did we.

1. Naruto vs Pain

A predictable one perhaps, but I stand by this choice 100%. Many call this arc the highest point of the Naruto franchise, and it is hard to argue with them really. After a long training period where Naruto goes to learn the Sage Mode from a bunch of frogs, he returns to his home village to find it completely trashed and the cruel antagonist Pain standing before him.

If Marvel can take Quack Fu seriously, then why not Frog Fu?
What follows is Naruto punching, blasting and cloning his way through multiple Pains and their ridiculous arsenal of jutsu. To get revenge for his teacher Jiraiya, to defeat the man who they think is the leader of the Akatsuki, and to save his friends, Naruto has to destroy them all. Somehow, the power to push is terrifying when given to a man with piercings!

Gotta go fast!
Naruto's transformation into a berserker of Chakra, Hinata's confession, Sakura calling out for help, quoting Jiraiya's greatest book... All of these and more keep the battle tense and full of surprises. A long, epic stand-off that is as badass as it is ambitious, Naruto earned this win. He earned the return of Kakashi. And he earned the village's respect. I would say he earned ours too, but we gave it to him long ago.

Honourable Mentions:

Naruto vs Haku

Guy vs Kisame

Guy vs Madara

Rock Lee and Gaara vs Kimimaro

Minato vs Masked Man
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