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My Hero Academia Chapters 162 & 163 Review - One Who is Worthy & Smouldering Flames

Written by Shiggins

More pain, more gain!

And finally, my wish is granted as we finish off the overly-long arc by switching over to the supporting characters I have been longing for. It was great to spend time with Midoriya but the story has been a bit heavy and stuck for a while now, and we're ready to get a good laugh from the nutjob of the classroom!

Why does he look so much like Kirishima?
Our chapter begins with Gran Torino, who has just taken down the enemy Kurogiri. Kurogiri then tells them that he's looking for someone, heavily implied to be Midoriya, and he then summons the enemy that All for One granted him permission to use in times of crisis... Gigantomachia!

The next morning, Midoriya sees the news on tv that Overhaul was attacked by Shigaraki. After being comforted by Aizawa, he goes off to see Mirio who is exercising in bed and keeping up his stamina. Thanks to Nighteye's final words, Mirio has resolved himself to keep working to become a hero. Midoriya tries to offer One for All to him, but is turned down quickly. Mirio gives him some inspiring words and we finally cut to seeing Bakugou and Todoroki as they go to take their provisional licence course. (Which they both failed in a previous arc).

WOAH! Trying to sneak a symbol past us, Mirio?
In the newest chapter, we learn that Midoriya, Uraraka, Tsuyu and Kirishima had been questioned and finally got to return to the heavily underused dorms that night. The rest of the class approach the quartet to check they are okay and learn what they can, while Iida tries to keep them from upsetting Midoriya as he remembers when Midoriya was upset a while ago.

Hey, stay away from my waifu! I called dibs! Her gorgeous pink butt belongs to me!
We get a small glimpse of Uraraka wanting to learn how to save people more, and Ashido and Sero check on Kirishima. Despite it being quite early, Bakugou goes to bed and Todoroki follows shortly afterwards. (No, not together!). The next day, both boys head towards All Might and Present Mic who are leading their group today. A flashback occurs in which All Might remembers that Gran Torino has captured Kurogiri but the League of Villains won't fall thanks to the ridiculously named giant that somehow escaped.

I'm not saying I dislike him, but Present Mic is way too popular.
As they enter the centre to take the provisional hero licence exam, Endeavour suddenly shows up who seems particularly enraged. And to finish this chapter off, we get a return from the students of Shiketsu High, which includes the optimistic Insasa Yoarashi, the dismissive Seiji, and the flirty Camie who may or may not be Toga in disguise like she was last time.

Opinion: I love Shiketsu High!

Yaoarashi, Seiji and Camie are great, if ridiculous characters that always provide some interesting drama and comedy. Seiji could finally learn to respect U.A students, Yaoarashi and Todoroki have an unpleasant connection... and of course, there is Camie who I am unsure is even the real one. I might be paranoid, but seeing Toga make a return could provide some extra tension and raise the stakes.

The second most popular costume for fetishists! (First being Midnight's. Third is Overhaul's)
The arrest of Kurogiri is somewhat disappointing however. He has always been a mysterious presence, almost regarded as the caretaker of Shigaraki by All for One, and so it is a shame to see him defeated off-screen by Gran Torino. On the bright side however, his capture could provide some interesting scenes for Shigaraki who now has almost nobody to hold him back from going too far anymore.

I really do hope we are done being miserable however. It worked fine before but now I am ready to get back to some fun and excitement. Nighteye is gone and that's a shame, but it feels like so long ago since Midoriya got to be the fun character we know he is capable of. It serves him best to be eager and full of hope, and I want to return to that next week. (Or next time we see him).

Lastly, that is a stupid name for such a cool-looking giant.

Manga Rating: 

Chapter 161: 3/5

Chapter 162: 4/5

Best Part: The return of old favourites.

Worst Part: Kurogiri's sudden exit.

Goodbye for now!

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  1. Loved these two chapters Kurogiri's capture while it should have either been its own arc was interesting as it could possibly lead to a mass breakout arc which would be fun. And it gives the League a new muscleman.

    Best part though being back at UA where all the zany and absolutely insane characters dwell. Loved seeeing all their reactions to the whole event and makes me wish for more of them to have story arcs.

    I think that the Lifestyle Councillor who just growled at everybody and could only get about three words out should be there instead of Present Mic.