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My Hero Academia Chapters 168 & 169 Review - A Collection of Aoyama's Eccentricities & The Culture Festival

Written by Shiggins

Now THIS is what I wanted!

While it's great to have fun action pieces and scary villains, I want more feel-good scenarios and growth! Seriously, if anyone can recommend an enjoyable manga to me that has some enjoyable characters and doesn't rely too heavily on action/fanservice, let me know because I need something like this to read on a regular basis and I will adore you so much!

Well, someone wants to be the next Jojo.
Our first chapter begins where we last left off, with Aoyama outside Midoriya's room for some unknown and potentially disturbing reason! He slinks off, and we discover that Midoriya is actually weak and freaked out as much as we have. He takes a look outside and sees a message from Aoyama saying "I know", made of the same cheese from last chapter!

The next day is one of excitement as the main trio are energetic to the point of insanity, and Midoriya is still freaked out because of last night's snooping from Aoyama. During the class, taught by Midnight, Midoriya wonders about him. He has the behaviour of a hero, but the attitude of someone who likes to remain distant. Next is the class by Cementoss, who still looks absolutely terrifying to me.

If I were these teachers, I'd make these students take some drug tests.
Kirishima is pumped up for this class, which requires developing his skills, and Bakugou scoffs at Midoriya for not getting any stronger despite boasting he was going to surpass him some day. Aoyama then takes the spotlight again as he uses his lasers in multiple ways, including writing text into rock! Although that all just makes him throw up even faster.

Finally, Midoriya can use this chance to talk to Aoyama about the cheese message. Aoyama reveals that he, like Midoriya, does not have a body considered suitable for the Quirk he possesses and he sent the message to encourage Midoriya. And so the chapter ends with Aoyama pooping himself, and the two now closer than before.

I am far too close to shipping these two.
In our newest chapter, we see my Pink Waifu breakdancing... I don't see why I need to discuss what else happens in this chapter actually. That's already enough for me to adore it, but I'll continue for you guys because I love you almost as much as I love the Pink Waifu Ashido. Midoriya is wondering if her use of dance, in which she utilises her entire body, could transfer over to his own powers.

Best page of MHA yet?
Surprisingly, but equally as welcome, Jiro gets a small bit of attention as Kaminari mentions her love for music, as proven by her room, but she warns him not to go any further on about it. This is when Aizawa comes in and reveals they are doing a School Festival! Aizawa answers a few questions that, while justifying why we're doing this so soon after a big battle arc, feels somewhat unnecessary.

The class assembles under Iida to discuss ideas for what the class will do for the festival. A maid cafe, food vendors, shows and dancing! Iida, Momo and a few others are discussing what to do later on, now with their list of options, and Todoroki surprisingly agrees they should do dancing. Ashido has the surprising gift to be able to teach them how to dance, but the only thing missing is music... Thank God for Jiro! Jiro is embarrassed and shy but the others, mostly Kaminari and the barely-existing Koda, manage to convince her to be up for playing.

I think we just got a glimpse of what Season 3's next OVA will be about.
Opinion: I can't understate how much I am loving these chapters.

High schools are so overused in manga, and that is sometimes just an inevitability. Having a school festival is almost always one of the most major events in a silly comedy or drama, but this series has immediately made them intriguing again just by giving every student a superpower. Now, when they start discussing having a dance scene, the possibilities become endless thanks to shadows, tails, acid and more being a factor.

Seeing Aoyama actually get a brief window where he was allowed to discuss his own hardships was just plain great. I adore seeing small characters like this get emotional scenes that aren't too melodramatic, and this chapter found exactly the right balance to keep from being a weepy montage of misery to tug at our heartstrings. I've seen anime in the past take a fun character and go far too serious with them, and I'm relieved to see Aoyama avoid that path.

I can't even decide which of these is my favourite. So many great options!
Jiro x Kaminari. That's a thing.

The characters were fun, Jiro might be getting some scenes next time during this festival, the dance number could be a great visual, and more Ashido is always a positive. Honestly, I'm having trouble complaining this time... Just give us more Pink Waifu!

Manga Rating:

Chapter 168: 4/5

Chapter 169: 4.5/5

Best Part: Hilarious character interactions.

Worst Part: Aizawa's unnecessary justification.

Maybe we'll get another return from Shoujo Shoto?
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  1. Yep two great chapters I have missed this school so much and its side/main characters antics even more. The first chapter was really interesting and adorable as it does bring up the idea that even those born with quirks can be incompatible with their own quirks. Also it gives us more Aoyama which is never a bad thing. I do agree that if they had made him into a more serious character it would have been a terrible blow to such a lovable character.
    Chapter two however has given me my fix for crazy and lovable characters I love all of their personalities and how much their choices for a festival represent these personalities. A round of applause for the death match option no doubt put forward by everyone's favorite classroom psycho. I am hoping that it gives more characters a time to shine. Jiro and Ashido are great to watch especially when Kaminari is involved so they all better get lots of screen time. If other unexplored characters (I'm looking at you Ojiro) can get more screen time I won't complain.

    As for where this arc looks like its going we should get to see more of the other departments and hopefully see them get some time in the spotlight as well. This is a great start to the arc and hopefully it continues in this manner of being funny, engaging and above all else filled to the brim with insane personalities.

    1. Action and drama is always a major part of Shonen but the fact we're seemingly getting a hilarious arc of madness in a school is just fantastic and what I am in the perfect mood for right now. Plenty of opportunity to develop characters and their relationships with each other, so I hope they keep this going.

      Also yes, Ojiro is definitely one of the ones who actually needs more screentime. I agree there.