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My Hero Academia Chapters 170 & 171 Review - Together with Eri & Gentle and La Brava

Written by Shiggins

The villain has already succeeded.

Yes, if the newest antagonist wants to be remembered, then he shouldn't worry anymore because he has already made me burst out laughing and I doubt I'll be forgetting him anytime soon. And he is to be commended for somehow managing to win the show when the class are all having a great time themselves.

That reminds me. I need to think about my own video content...
Our review begins with Midoriya and Mirio visiting Eri in the hospital for the first time since the incident, after she specifically requested to see them. Her energy level is down, as shown by the horn on her head gone down, and Mirio takes a wrong guess about her favourite fruit. Moving on, Midoriya finally gets to introduce himself to Eri, and Mirio decides not to tell her the truth about Nighteye so she doesn't blame herself.

We get a scene that is both adorable and tragic, as we see she is unable to smile properly because of the damage Overhaul did to her mind. In a way, she hasn't been rescued. Midoriya then gets an idea and asks Aizawa if they can let her out for a day so she can participate in the Cultural Festival with everyone. She is quickly won over by candy apples and meeting the rest of the class.

My newest ship; Eri x Candy Apples.
The chapter then moves to the police who have received a video, from a villain named "Gentle". Gentle is currently robbing a store, and easily dispatches the heroes who try to stop him using his unusual Quirk powers. He tells his loli sidekick, La Brava, on a rooftop that he wants to find something that will make him extraordinary.

In the next chapter, we see La Brava enjoying a rather long video about Gentle and how amazing he is. We then move on to some narration that gives us more of an insight to how Gentle's mind operates and just how egotistical he really is. Finally however, the focus returns to the school as Aizawa tells the other teachers about Class A's plan and it is seen with a mixed response.

It's amazing how few comparisons between these two shows I actually make. (Also, MHA is way better and I regret nothing!)
Yes, apparently the other departments are getting annoyed and seeing them as cocky, arrogant and condescending. As Bakugou overhears this, the class begin discussing what to do for their song-and-dance routine. Thanks to the power of reverse psychology and some very odd roundabout logic, Bakugou becomes the drummer of this band. And as Jirou becomes determined to do her best, we see Gentle plan to invade U.A during the festival.

Opinion: Oh la la brava!

Yes, it's hard to deny that Gentle and La Brava took most of the attention in this review. Unlike Overhaul and the League of Villains, Gentle is definitely a comedy-focused antagonist and one that won't exactly terrify audiences. At first, I was getting a huge laugh from him but the second chapter quickly started to grate due to the pages being packed with text boxes and unnecessary narration. I can already tell what he's like from his first appearance, so the second chapter was just overkill. And taking time from what could have been more interesting, like more 1-A stuff.

Well, now she needs a visit to the hospital and fast!
Eri and Mirio spending time together in the festival is a surefire way to bring about some comedy and adorable facial expressions, to the point I might literally be squee-ing like Micha in front of Arba. (That's a joke for long time fans!) Of course, Mirio is setting himself up for problems by lying to her about Nighteye. Could she maybe find out the truth during the festival, run away, and bump into Gentle? We'll see!

Speaking of Eri, I'm going to congratulate this series for making her problem more difficult than a simple "grab her and go" scenario. She needs time to heal, and I can't wait to see where they go with this.

Lastly, this festival could be shaping up to have quite a few obstacles, as we see hints of hatred from the other classes. With hostility brewing and tension rising, maybe Gentle won't be the only one who Midoriya and Bakugou find themselves placed against.

Manga Rating: 

Chapter 170: 4/5

Chapter 171: 2.5/5

Best Part: Visiting Eri.

Worst Part: Too much narration.

Character of the Week: Eri for just being so damn adorable. She better get them apples.

Story of my damn life.
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  1. Okay I totally agree that Gentle is hilarious and by God I have waited a long while for a villain like this to show up. If played right this guy could be the leader of internet trolls. Also if this guy gets roped into the Villains alliance as their new barkeep due to Kirogiri's imprisonment I will have no choice but to pour myself a cup of tea in Gentle's manner. This guy must do two other things to make himself the best villain though. The first is every time he does something evil he must be pouring tea. Second he must kill Present Mic to make himself the most heard and obnoxious person in the world.

    One thing that always annoys me about UA however is the constant amount of animosity between the rival departments I mean this feels like a Hogwarts situation of school rivalries. Also why are the non hero departments pissed of, they go to a school that is famous for its heroic's department yet they get annoyed when these kids try to do something nice. That damn guidance Councillor needs to do his job although maybe its because of his current temperament that this is the way things are. His method of teaching must rub off on the students in the form of (I hate those guys over there with their zany personalities and their humorous intentions and their downright sincere charm).

    Anyway two really good chapters I didn't really mind Gentle talking more in the second chapter as it does lay the ground rules for the direction in which the arc will head. As for Eri I liked her scenes though I am worried that her return means Midoriya will use her again in order to use his quirk at 100% power.

    1. He's such a breath of fresh air, isn't he? Exactly what we needed between serious villains, after Overhaul and whoever is next. As for killing Present Mic though.... God help you for suggesting that. Fans LOVE him. A fight would be epic at least.

      I suppose its impossible not to feel at least a bit bitter towards students that are getting more recognition and adoration than you. It's just instinct. Personally, I want the other departments to get some development so we can sympathise with them more and understand the struggles they go through.

      I can't ever see the series being able to make her a constant upgrade, personally. I'm convinced there will be some sort of reason written in to prevent that.

      Thanks for reading!