Thursday, April 5, 2018

Hiro Mashima's Upcoming Manga Projects

Written by Shiggins

A wee bit of news for you!

Thanks to the glorious circle of Hell that is Twitter, we've learned many things. From memes and memes to more memes and even more memes! But it turns out that useful facts can come from Twitter too, as shown by Hiro Mashima, Fairy Tail's creator, and his recent announcements!

Oh and don't forget. Season 3 airs in Fall 2018!
First of all, if you haven't checked out Mashima's Twitter page then do so immediately. Despite finishing Fairy Tail, he's still drawing fun pictures of the characters and it is definitely worth a look. If not, you could always check out Tumblr and their insane amount of fanart. Many of which are nsfw if you're a disgusting pervert!

As for Mashima, he clearly is not a pervert!
Now, for the actual news. Hiro Mashima's next manga is set to debut in Kodansha's Weekly Shonen Magazine on June 27th, which will be the 30th issue of the year. While we don't yet know the details or designs, we do know it will be a "new form of fantasy" and will feature the return of Plue. Neither of which are especially a surprise since Mashima's trademarks are fantasy and Plue. And boobs. Plue and boobs.

The more curious of his announcements however are Fairy Tail news! We're getting a new spinoff manga and a new sequel manga! If you read my review of the final chapter, you'll know I believed the ending was open enough to easily provide sequels should Mashima ever wish to return to it, and now it appears he has! So basically... I told you so!

I'm still waiting for Madhouse to reboot Rave Master though.
Sadly, we don't yet know if he will be providing the art like he did with Fairy Tail Zero, or if he will give it to someone else like he did with the other spinoffs that were much less interesting. In fact, the very idea of a sequel manga gives me a shudder. Not because I have no faith in Mashima-senpai, but because I've seen Boruto.

Still though, let's have a bit of faith. Fairy Tail could be making a brief but fun return, and I'm looking forward to reviewing those when they return. Until then, let's speculate on what the next manga will be like, (I predict boobs, Plue and comedy) and what the spinoff could be based on. My personal ideas include:

Something Gajeel x Levy.

The 100 Year Quest.

Erza goes on a cruise.

Wendy x Chelia at college.

My thoughts on the other spin-offs varied but they were... simple. Effective enough and lacking, but nice and simple.

Final Chapter Review: CLICK HERE

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