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Top 10 Dragon Ball Super Fights

Top 10 Dragon Ball Super Fights
Written by: ClayDragon & Shiggins

Now that Dragon Ball Super has finished airing (for the moment) and we’ve had some time to come down off of the massive high that it gave us, we figured that we’d take a look at some of the best fights this sequel series had to offer. To be eligible for this list, the battle had to have been first shown in Super, so fights that were first shown in the Battle of Gods and Resurrection F movies will not be included here.

As is this the case with many of these lists, SPOILER ALERT. You have been warned.

 10.)        Gohan & Frieza vs Dyspo (Written by: Shiggins)

The Tournament of Power was full of battles that absolutely rocked, so it took quite a while for us to narrow down to the best of the best. And although it was by the skin of his pants, I'm relieved that Gohan managed to make an appearance on this list. His final battle in Dragon Ball Super was an eventful one that may not have served the character as a whole, but was great on its own.
Fist bumps make everything better.
In this battle, the majority of Universe 11's “Pride Troopers” are down and only Jiren, Toppo and Dyspo are left. Dyspo is the loudest and cockiest of the trio, swaggering around as he fights Frieza one-on-one until Gohan intervenes and makes Frieza follow orders. Yes, Frieza does what he's told! And by a Saiyan boy no less! Eventually, the duo smack Dyspo down but at the price of Gohan being eliminated from the tournament.
Even super speed won't save you from Frieza's bitch slap.
The fight is one of the very few in Dragon Ball's history that actually involves some strategy, which helps embolden it in my mind. Gohan and Frieza are both on top form, and Dyspo is great at being so punchable, which makes his defeat so satisfying. This fight isn't any higher on the list however, mostly due to Gohan's elimination once again cancelling out a future where he surpasses his father.

9.)           Vegeta vs Goku Black (Written by: ClayDragon)

When Goku Black first appeared, he seemed unstoppable. He was able to knock Super Saiyan 2 Trunks around like a ragdoll, and when he fought Vegeta for the first time he impaled him with zero effort, even when Vegeta was in Super Saiyan Blue. Despite him constantly looking down on mortals for their arrogance, Goku Black was full of hubris himself, so it was immensely satisfying when Vegeta took him down a peg or two in their rematch.
This must have been such good stress relief for Vegeta.
Right from the start, Vegeta utterly dominates Black in this fight. Whilst Goku keeps Zamasu busy, Vegeta consistently puts Black on the defensive and manages to simply tank through some of his strongest attacks. This ultimately culminates in Vegeta punching Black vertically through a building whilst berating him for being a fake inhabiting Goku’s body.
"And stay down, bitch!"
This is one of the moments in Super that really highlights Vegeta’s growth. Even though Vegeta is constantly aiming to surpass Goku, his admiration for his rival is obvious during his speech to Black, and this fight shows that no matter how powerful Goku may become, Vegeta will always be able to match him.

8.)           Goku vs Berserker Kale (Written by: Shiggins)

One of the strangest additions to the continuity that Dragon Ball Super ever gave us was a legitimately interesting genderswapped version of the boring antagonist Broly, but she's called Kale and is a shy Hinata-type who might also be a lesbian but we'll see one day, won't we? Anyway, it wasn't until later when we finally got to see just how much of a Broly-head this Kale actually was... and it was insane!
"...I need an adult..."
Motivated by jealousy from watching her friend/mentor/waifu Caulifla start to bond with Goku in a Saiyan battle, Kale transforms into this dangerous beast and wrecks the entire arena. Her mind degenerates into one solely determined to destroy Goku, while Caulifla and Hit can only watch in shock. Goku himself is shocked and smashed by Kale, and it’s only through the intervention of Jiren that a massacre doesn't occur.
"Puny God."
This battle is heavily reminiscent of what everyone enjoys about the first Broly movie, with green blasts and broken faces as Kale crashes Goku through every wall she can. Her own body fighting her as she keeps repeating “Son Goku!” in a rage, and the amount of personality that Kale had before her transformation helps make this fight its own thing, rather than a homage to Broly.

7.)           Vegeta vs Magetta (Written by: Shiggins)

It's Vegeta fighting a giant adorable robot that can spew lava. Of course it was going to be on this list! Funnily enough, Magetta was the second-strongest member of the original team from Universe 6 and he gave Vegeta one hell of a challenge in this battle. Admittedly, Champa cheated somewhat but that just made the event all the more satisfying.
Wait, did someone build Magetta? But he has a species name, which implies he's born naturally... 
After crushing Frost with ease, Vegeta moves to the next round and is given the chance to battle against Magetta. Thanks to Champa's newest rule, the entire ring is reduced to a simple cube and Vegeta has to use every trick in his book to take down the huge Metalman, who is literally getting stronger and faster as the match goes on.
The Tornado of Terror.
Both of Vegeta's biggest attacks, the Galick Gun and Final Flash, make epic returns and Vegeta never gives in despite the punishing and bizarre techniques employed against him. Toriyama's quirkiness is on full display here as well with Magetta, as he clunks and clangs, and it just makes the fight so enjoyable. That being said, Vegeta didn't have to make him cry!

6.)           Vegito vs Merged Zamasu (Written by: ClayDragon)

Let’s be honest, as soon as the Potara earrings became relevant again at the start of the Future Trunks saga, we all knew it was only a matter of time before we saw Vegito again. And lo and behold, when Zamasu and Goku Black fused into one body, Goku and Vegeta decided to join in the fun. And if Vegito’s long-awaited return wasn’t awesome enough, he also gained a brand-new form in Super Saiyan Blue!
*heavy breathing*
Given how easily Merged Zamasu had been overwhelming Goku and Vegeta, you might have assumed that he and Vegito would be easily matched at best, but during their entire fight Vegito clearly has the upper hand, and would probably have won had it not been for that pesky time limit. It’s certainly good to see that his arrogance hasn’t diminished since the last time we saw him.
"What is a god to a non-believer?"
Super has always been willing to reference its previous series, and bringing back Vegito was the next logical step. His battle with Merged Zamasu is frenetic, well-animated and just plain awesome. In fact, the only downside is that it’s over too quickly. Had the battle lasted longer, who knows how much higher it could have been on this list.

5.)           Universe 7 vs Aniraza (Written by: ClayDragon)

The Universal Survival saga could easily have been renamed the “Android 17 is Awesome” saga, and this fight perfectly exemplifies why. When Universe 3 is pushed to the brink of annihilation during the Tournament of Power, its final four fighters franticly fuse to form Aniraza, an enormous bio-mechanical being which takes heavy design cues from non-canon villains such as Hatchiyak and Hirudegarn.
Much like Vegito, this fusion is way more powerful than the sum of its parts, and it spends most of the fight pushing Universe 7 to the brink, to the point where it manages to eliminate Android 18 from the tournament. Eventually, it decides to blow up the arena with a massive energy ball, which forces the five remaining Universe 7 members to combine their powers to stop it.
What works? Teamwork!
Even then, it takes Android 17 launching himself through the energy ball and punching Aniraza in its energy reactor in order to finally give the heroes a chance and launch its attack back at it. Honestly, this fight has everything – it gives each character a moment to shine, it has great animation, and the music that plays over the climax is enough to give you shivers.

4.)           Goku vs Kefla (Written by: Shiggins)

It was agony trying to place this fight, but here we are at 4th place! The final climatic efforts of Caulifla and Kale in the Tournament of Power, which eventually ends in a conclusion involving Potara earrings and one of the greatest Kamehamehas of all time! To this day, it might actually be my favourite.
This is either a fight or a really energetic dance routine.
Throughout the tournament, we had seen the three Saiyans all go through development of both character and power, and it all came to a head here for the girls. Kale took control of her Berserker form, Caulifla promised to not leave Kale's side, and Goku made it to Ultra Instinct. Thanks to these efforts, the battle between the two was powerful and shocking, and eventually resulted in a fusion between the duo that gave us the overly cocky Kefla!
Pride cometh before the fall, eh Kefla?
Kefla herself is a great character, much like Vegito was. Female Saiyans is something the franchise had been missing out on utilising for years, and Kefla is definitive proof of that. She was brimming with Saiyan pride, if not overflowing, and like Vegito she needed taken down a peg. Goku sliding on her final attack by using his Ultra Instinct Kamehameha? I think that has taught them both a valuable lesson about humility.

3.)           Goku vs Jiren (Round 1) (Written by: Shiggins)

Speaking of Ultra Instinct, here is the very first appearance of the epic transformation and how it was used during its debut. Of course, that isn't the beginning of this fight. Oh no, my friends. The beginning of this is when Jiren beats the ever-loving crap out of Goku for half an episode and makes him feel like a weak little Yamcha!
"Oh, noooo..."
Jiren finally getting off his ass to knock some foes down was a big enough shock, but his battle against Goku was just terrifying. Every level of Super Saiyan, including the upgraded Blue with Kaioken x10, are broken through and Jiren doesn't even blink. He lets Goku charge up a colossal Spirit Bomb and then pushes it back with ease. Nobody in the audience wasn't wide-eyed in fear from Jiren's rampage.
The most epic staring contest yet.
Of course, it all resulted in the shock of Ultra Instinct's entrance and the usage of that amazing theme song! Blood pumping, fists flying, and the best fight of 2017! Goku reaching a new height and breaking through his limits once again! The animation is intense, the music is full of adrenaline and the simple form of Ultra Instinct is fantastic in motion! And people pretend that Super isn't great? Bah! Bay, I say again and again! Bah!

2.)           Goku vs Hit (Written by: ClayDragon)

Dragon Ball Super had kind of a rough start. It had to adapt the Battle of Gods and Resurrection F movies, and the quality of those arcs had been fairly controversial, so the Universe 6 saga was the first time we got to see new content, and it did not disappoint. By the time we reached the final fight in the saga, we were hooked. Goku squaring off against Universe 6’s deadliest assassin? It was the battle we were waiting to see.
Gotta say, the SSGSSKKx10 visual effect is awesome.
However, even those expecting to see Goku bust out a new form were taken by surprise when it was revealed just what that form would be. It wasn’t Super Saiyan Blue 2 or anything like that, it was the return of Goku’s very first powerup – the kaio-ken! Goku and Hit kept pushing each other to greater heights during their battle, and seeing this next stage of Goku’s evolution was, for some, more than enough justification for Super’s existence.
"He kicked me in the dick... Why? Why did he kick me in the dick?"
The wonderful combination of old and new is what makes this fight stand out so much. Bringing together Goku’s newest and oldest powerups in one form was a stroke of genius, and seeing it in action made us downright speechless. Whether you want to see Goku outspeeding time itself, or punching Hit whilst the two are in the middle of a Kamehameha wave, this fight has you covered.

1.)           The Final Battle (Written by: ClayDragon)

Really? Do I really need to justify this? Well, okay then…
Pictured above: awesome.
This fight is brilliant. Goku, Frieza and Android 17 vs Jiren in a pulse-pounding race against the clock to see which universe gets eliminated. Even though Goku is on the brink of collapse after suffering the consequences of mastering Ultra Instinct, and even though Frieza and 17 have suffered injuries that would have killed lesser men, they simply do not give up. This results in a perfect display of coordination and teamwork, including Goku and Frieza ganging up on Jiren in a much more effective display than when Goku and Vegeta teamed up earlier.
*heaviest breathing*
However, the final moments are what sell this fight. Frieza and Goku both tackle Jiren with as much power as they can muster, and the two sacrifice themselves to ring out Universe 11’s final member in the perfect conclusion to Frieza’s development over the course of the tournament. This battle has everything we ever wanted – perfect animation, perfect soundtrack and perfect action. Dragon Ball Super brought its A game for the climax, and proved to everyone that it isn’t ready to fade away just yet.

Honourable Mentions:
Android 17 vs Vikal & Kakunsa

Frieza vs Universe 9 Assassins

Gohan vs Lavender

Hit vs Jiren

Monaka vs Hit
Is there a moment you feel we missed out? Or do you have any suggestions for another Top 10 list? Let us know in the comments below!
This was our number 11.

Thanks for reading!

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