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What is the One Piece? - Theories

Written by Shiggins

900 chapters and we still don't know!

The fact that One Piece is still so supremely popular, despite not even revealing the secret behind its own title, is nothing short of a miracle. In fact, it just keeps adding story lines instead of concluding them! And so, it is time to celebrate the release of over 900 chapters of this series (seriously, that is impressive) by tossing my own straw hat in and giving some guesses as to what I think the mysterious treasure known only as "One Piece" could be!

I swear to God, if it turns out to be that damn hat...

The Journey

An obvious one, and hopefully the least likely, but I can't ignore the cliched and painful resolution that the it isn't about the destination, but rather the journey. That it doesn't matter if you become the Pirate King, because you already have great friends and memories that will last a lifetime. And if you never find out what the One Piece is, then that's fine because it was never that important in the grand scheme of things!

"We don't need gold, so long as we have each other" - Cheesy Ass Finale
Obviously, this one would be awful and the worst of the worst. As he has shown before though, Luffy wouldn't even care if he learned it didn't exist. We know it does thanks to Whitebeard, but never forget that Luffy threatened to end the voyage if he got so much as a hint from Rayleigh where or what the One Piece actually is.

The possibility of this being the final answer is maybe 10%, but that's still terrifying.

One of Several

What if this manga is actually a jigsaw puzzle?

I know this one sounds horrendous, but we all know that this franchise is planning to go on for as long as inhumanly possible. And yet, fans have been waiting over 900 chapters to find out what this treasure actually is! Eventually, we're going to need to be told what it actually is... so what if its just one of many?

It would definitely make for a good game, at the very least.
Having the "One Piece" be "One of Several Pieces" would be a huge way to extend the storyline and give the crew a reason to sail from one location to the next. "The second piece of this treasure is at the island of Rabid Rainbows. After that, we need to go to the caves of diamond farts to find the third piece." If you want a story to go on for longer than necessary but give readers a sense of searching and progression, this would not be the worst way to go.

A Devil Fruit

Since the beginning of the franchise, Devil Fruits have been there. In every arc, we find a new DF user who has some insane and ridiculous power, from turning into smoke and creating candle wax, to becoming an awful giraffe man with sword fighting skills. Devil Fruits range from the awesome to the absurd, so I wouldn't be surprised if the One Piece was just the ultimate version of that. A Devil Fruit that gives the user the power to be a God or see into the future like the pathetic Yhwach from Bleach.

Are they all in water? Eww. Soggy fruit!
In fact, we could even go one step further and say the One Piece might be the method to controlling all DF users. Imagine how much devastation could be caused if a man like Blackbeard or Akainu gained control of every single DF user out there! That'd be a hell of a final threat.


One Piece is crazy. Do not tell me there are rules to it. Gol D. Roger was an old man in an anime, which means there is an 80% chance that he was a pervert and a troll. Now you look me in the eyes and say it wasn't possible that he decided to mess with the entire world and just placed a dull "one piece swimsuit" as the final treasure.

You can't, can you?

"One Piece Swimsuit". Get it? GET IT?!

What are your theories on the One Piece? Any other articles you'd like to see? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. it's impressive but this is more of a double edged sword on one side you have all the positives you mentioned and more but on the other hand this relies on making sure old and new coming fanbases are interested in what looks to be a very long run and given the fact Oda has gone to the hospital multiple times already the other risk is him leaving this to someone else after he dies and they botch it all or similar to kishimoto he botches it cause he may ended up forgetting what he was intending to as he reaches the end. so we'll have to wait and see since despite popularity you can't really deny everyone is mainly on and off with this series. they'll be on for a few chapters/episodes or arcs then lose interest for awhile then come back to it then it repeats.