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Fairy Tail Chapter 344 Review - Failures Fight Fairly Well

Written by: Shiggins

And now the strangeness increases.

While Erza stays behind to investigate the village of giants and ice for clues, the rest of the Fairy Tail group chase after the treasure hunters from Sylph Labyrinth. The treasure hunters claim they went through too much trouble to obtain the moon drip and aren't going to give it up easily. After a small foot race which, thankfully, did not take twelve pages, the three decide to stand and fight instead. And it turns out, they aren't half-bad.

Epic Bro-Fist

Natsu takes on Lala, which is the name of the guy with the big chin who keeps saying "Duun". He uses a weapon which is shaped like a fist and wields it like a hammer. In other words, he is an expert at fisting. Natsu, obviously not fighting seriously yet, starts to realise that these three are actually good fighters. Gray takes on Hiroshi, who uses a type of extendable sword, which I personally thought looked quite badass. The final guy, Drake, gets an advantage point and prepares to take down the girls with his sniper, which was a welcome surprise considering we haven't seen any gun magic since Alzack and Bisca. (Two candidates I would nominate for their own spin-off.)

Shot Through The Heart! And You're Too Late!
Lucy brings out our old friend Sagittarius, in an effort to defeat Drake. Sadly, this proves ineffective as he keeps shooting every arrow out of the air in response. And as Natsu acknowledges that they are in fact, not complete failures, we go back to see Erza Scarlet.

Smart Enough To Not Bother With That Stupid Fight
Erza decides to prove why she is the next candidate in line to become Sherlock Holmes, by noticing that the giants were going out to fight whoever most likely trapped them in ice and was after the Eternal Flame. Following the direction they came from, we see it's already gone. Before Erza can properly look around, she notices she has reformed back into a child.

Since It's Manga, It's Not Perverted To Stare
Ok, I'll be serious here. I found this chapter boring. The bad guys are boring, the village itself is boring and the fact that Erza has been reverted back to a child could possibly have some humour for a while, but I doubt it's serving any importance except to make it so that Erza can't save the day here. After the big drama and excitement of the Grand Games arc, I suppose it would be difficult to follow it up with something even better, but come on! This is boring me so much. The fact we didn't even see Minerva at all did not help me at all.

Manga Rating: 2/5

Overall Character of the Week: Erza Scarlet for making me consider her the 2nd best Sherlock Holmes ever. (Right after Benedict Cumberbatch.)

Predictions: Child Erza is going to be attacked by Minerva and possibly kidnapped for no other reason than it excites Minerva sexually. Natsu is going to go serious and defeat these three assholes in 10 seconds flat, or I am going to throw a childish tantrum.

P.S I always enjoy a bit of chibi from Fairy Tail

Violence Never Looked So Cute

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