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Fairy Tail Chapter 345 Review - The Little Champions

Written by: Shiggins

Better than last week but still so bored.

As expected, this week began with some humour with Erza checking her young body out. Of course, she has a bit of a freak-out when she has a look at her chest and between her own legs. (If you can't figure out why, then you are far too young for this blog.) After having trouble adjusting to her new body and rolling down a hill, she pictures some of the problems that could come from being such a short kid.

And So We See Erza "Falling Down" To Wendy's Standards.

This made me laugh a lot as we saw she believed Natsu and Gray would beat up children, and also that Doranbolt was secretly some type of sick pedophile! Fairy Tail are certainly getting riskier with their humour and I for one am loving it.

Child Abuse And Creeping On Little Girls Makes Me Wonder What's Next
Sylph Labyrinth reveal why they are so powerful, despite having no magic. It turns out there was a Grand Games for all Treasure Hunters of the land, and this trio are the winners. Only Natsu is impressed. Ironically, Gray steals from the thieves and manages to get the Moon Drip from them. This causes a bit of commotion where everyone passes it to each other to avoid Sylph Labyrinth getting it. Then Happy fucks up.

It doesn't matter anyway, as it turns out that the Moon Drip was nowhere near enough to unfreeze even a large patch of frozen grass, let alone an Eternal Flame or giants. This is when things get slightly interesting now. Natsu can hear someone from the patch that has been unfrozen. He says it's familiar but nobody other than Natsu can hear it. When Natsu runs to find out who it is, with the rest of Fairy Tail in tow, Sylph Labyrinth decide to steal Lucy's keys so as not to go home empty-handed.

You Know You're Unattractive When This Doesn't Get A Man's Attention
This is when Natsu meets a face we've only seen once. That creepy masked man whom we saw talking to Minerva, a few chapters ago. The Masked Man suddenly uses his magic to turn Natsu back into a child, which most likely answers the question of how Erza changed too. We can't be sure but it's quite likely.

I'd just like to take this moment to say that I really hope this arc picks up or ends soon. So far, it may actually be the worst arc we've seen in years. Such great arcs like Oracion Seis, Tenrou Island and Grand Games should not be followed up with such a weak and disappointing arc where the set-up was pitiful and the villains are currently making us pray for the return of true monsters such as Zeref, Hades or Midnight.

Crappy Villains And Plot Make Midnight Sad

Manga Rating: 2.5/5

Overall Character of the Week: Natsu Dragneel for possibly starting something that could become interesting in this very sad arc.

Predictions: Natsu can hear the Eternal Flame, as it is secretly a part of Igneel. This may also be a clue to Igneel's whereabouts and we might finally get some answers. Minerva is going to become the next Doranbolt with young Erza. Natsu's friends are going to fight the Masked Man and all of them, including Sylph Labyrinth's goons, will most likely become kids too.

P.S Who here likes Attack On Titan?

The Same Big Grin

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