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Fairy Tail Chapters 338, 339 and 340 Review - As One Door Closes, Another Opens

Random But Effective!

3 chapters for the price of one!

So to start off my collective review, we attend the party that is in the Pumpking's castle and is for all the mages. As with every arc ending, this chapter is fun, silly and shows us all that you can still have a life shortly after seeing your friends and yourselves die horrifically.

In this party, we get to see fun sights including Gajeel in a suit, Hisui and Lucy having a chat over Lucy's father, Mavis wanting food and Ichiya wearing a hat. One of the particular highlights of this chapter is Kagura, who has been forced into a dress and suddenly getting far too drunk. As with all drunk women, she cries, hugs and makes you forget just how cool she can be while sober. Milliana also had some fun where Erza won her over and cheered her up by giving her all three of Fairy Tail's exceeds to play with, against their own will of course. 

Context Is Needed!

Sting has also had a bit to drink and is shocking his entire guild by wanting to have a drink with Natsu and Gajeel, while Rogue keeps his usual cool demeanour and smiles with Gajeel. He seems determined not to become F.Rogue so I wonder how that will affect the future of the series itself. Yukino then appears and Sting goes over, asking for forgiveness and telling her how the guild is going to change for the better. He then revealed something interesting. Minerva and her father, the former guildmaster, have gone missing! Which means that somewhere out there, Minerva is planning her return and we haven't seen the last of her.

Can You Spot The Odd One Out?

Then, after far too much drink of course, each guild step forward and suddenly duke it out over who should get Yukino in their own, for lack of a better word, respective guild. This is immediately silenced by Arcadios, who announces the king wants to make a speech. This is when Natsu, who has been missing this whole chapter, appears and suddenly announces he is the new king, much to the shock of every single person, exceed or Ichiya there.

We Are All Doomed!

The next two chapters were a lot more serious, with the story wrapping up some plot points and starting us off for the next arc or two. We see Jellal and Meredy searching the area for Ultear, talking about how even time travel couldn't restore everything back to normal. Personally, I'm glad because if we had been given a full reset button here, I would have been upset. The fact that the damage is there, people can remember it and Ultear hasn't been miraculously restored. 

I Need To Go To The Beach More.

Doranbolt then appears out of nowhere, telling the two of Crime Sorciere about how the entire Council's minds have been altered so they are unaware of any of the circumstances. Also, it turns out Cobra willingly went back to prison straight away, much to my dismay. However, he shows that he hadn't wasted time during this arc as he had been listening to voices and warned him "The Door to Hades will open". Does this mean Hades, former villain of the series will return from the dead? Did he have some type of backup plan? A legacy? Or is this actually a gate to the netherworld? We don't know. All we know is it has something to do with Tartaros!

I'm Sure Some Time At The Prison Yard Will Fix That.

For those who don't know, Tartaros is the final guild of the Dark Guild's Balam Alliance, which involved Grimoire Heart and Oracion Seis. Apparently, GH was the strongest of the three guilds, but that doesn't mean that Tartaros are going to be easy to beat at all. In fact, I could bet they have some upgrade or grand plan that makes them even stronger. 

Am I... Really Such A Douche?
Later, an old lady comes up to Jellal and Meredy, and gives them a letter. It's from Ultear, saying how she was about to die and she hopes the two of them will keep on fighting and find Zeref and continue saving the world etc. Gray is on the wagon heading home and sees the old lady by herself later, and the smile makes him suddenly realise the old lady was in fact Ultear herself, drained of all magic. We see some tears as Ultear smiles and is happy to have no more regret, and she had probably died before the next chapter was finished.

We Will... We Will... Fuck You!
The final chapter shows us some great moments, and might in fact be my favourite of the three this week. We saw everybody warmly welcome back Fairy Tail, including Twilight Ogre, and then the mayor announces his surprise. They brought back the beloved guild! Fully restored and ready for the next arc! 

And now for the most serious part of the week. The imp that was once Obra reappears and goes to it's master. Zeref! Mavis then appears too and fans get to see a scene we've all been hoping for. Apparently, Zeref can still sense Mavis even though she is a spirit. Lucky for us, huh? 

You Know You Want To.
From this conversation we gather a few things including how Mavis and Zeref once knew each other, Zeref has come to a decision about what he's going to do to this world and that Mavis believes Fairy Tail can beat him. Zeref doesn't even think there will be a fight as he is just going to annihilate everything and everyone. Scary!

They So Want Each Other!

Overall, this was a great week for Fairy Tail and it's fans, as we saw tons of comedy, development, hints at the next arc, the return of Zeref and so much more. Seeing Gray be an ultimate arse to Juvia got annoying but other than that, a pretty much perfect week of fun.

Manga Rating: 5/5

Overall Character of the Week: Mavis Vermillion for providing us with laughs, and even managing to freak us out a little with how scary she got near the end. Seeing her have a scene with Zeref made my week.

Predictions: We're going to see some shots of Tartaros, a group of brand new villains including some freaks and the Guildmaster of Tartaros. Mavis and Zeref are going to keep up the sexual tension they have. Natsu is not giving the King's crown back anytime soon. 

P.S Thank you Gray for rejecting Juvia's latest hairstyle. We really don't need another one. 

Seriously Juvia, Calm Down.

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