Sunday, July 28, 2013

Ouran HighSchool Cosplay by Kelsie&Kylie

Kelsie and Kylie  are 15 year old cosplayers from USA who loves to cosplay twins and paired characters from manga and video games. Before you ask, yes, they're real twins. We've chosen to feature their Hikaru and Kauru cosplays which is one of their best works.

I can't tell which is which, either.

In the mean time, for the budding cosplayers who wish to know the details about their costumes, I had asked the twins to elaborate about them a bit.

"We Bought our Ouran suites on [link] That is the link to the suites. We really love how they fit but but the badges were not the same as to what the pictures show, but other than that we love them. They are very durable.
And we bought our wigs on [link] We did style the wigs ourselves after we got them, but even if you cant style wigs these still look very good unstyled." ~Kelsie&Kylie

Find out more of their cosplays on their deviantArt accounts. They also have a Facebook, Youtube and a Tumblr. Also, feel free to bug them on their twitter account.
Excluding Ouran High School Host Club, they have done cosplays for:
Kingdom Hearts
Fruits Basket
& many more!

Thankyou, Kelsie and Kylie for letting us feature your amazing cosplays. 

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