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Fairy Tail Chapters 341, 342 and 343 - Water, Earth And Then Ice!

That's Right. The Anime Is Returning!
Strange Moments At Every Turn!

So to start off this week, we get what Fairy Tail is widely known for: Fanservice! That's right, almost all the main females of the Fairy Tail guild are trying out their new bathhouse, and not being shy towards each other at all. Levy mentions how Jet and Droy decided to try doing a mission of their very own, which turns out to mean "Follow Gajeel and Pantherlily, then beg them to save the day". Cana suddenly teases Lucy about how she heard of Natsu's groping skills, and surprisingly, gets a good grope session of her own too.

The Fanfiction Writes Itself These Days! Also *drool*
This is when Levy asks about where Wendy is, revealing that Wendy and Erza are working together in a comical play done by that annoying guy who seems to own the only theatre in the world. When everyone gets confused as they notice a red-haired girl, they look over and see somebody quite surprising. Flare from Raven Tail. Or known as only Flare, since Raven Tail has been disbanded. So after a strange conversation, which involves tackling Cana and then being "washed" by hair, Lucy asks if Flare wants to join FT. Flare suddenly smiles and says she doesn't want to. Liar!

THIS IS RAPE! FAIRY TAIL HAS ACTUAL RAPE!  (Actually, I think Cana likes that!)
Later, after a housebreaking, Erza, Lucy and Wendy all decide to go find Natsu and Gray, who had gone off on a quest together. Turns out they've been fighting for three days straight, but only between themselves as they had been finished their job for ages now. After a huge mishap which results in Erza getting punched in the face and proceeding to beat the ever loving shit out of them, we go back to the guild and hear the next mission. This is when things get interesting. 

I'm Sure She Had That Coming On Some Level.

The mission is from Walrot Seeken. Walrot is number 4 of the Wizard Saints and is considered as "not even human". I am now aware of what Ooba meant by that. Which brings us to the next chapter where we meet this "man".

So the group, which are the usual five and their exceeds now, travel to a large area with grass and peace and nature. I was actually expecting a desert or lots of ruins. Boy, was I wrong. Anyway, so as they travel, with Natsu and Gray unable to stop bickering like children, they remember how this man is one of the four strongest mages in the land. And now, it's time to meet Walrot. 

He's... Beautiful.
He is a tree. A tree who makes jokes.Yes, a talking treeman who loves comedy. Looking back at his silhouette, I guess I can completely see it now. And after a bunch of jokes, we get right down to it and cut through any bullcrap. To put it simply, Walrot travels to make deserts grow grass and flowers by using his own powerful magic. He found a village that worship an "Eternal Flame". That Eternal Flame has now been frozen, as well as the residents of the village. So the job is simple really, Gray and Natsu have to work together to get rid of the ice and save the village.

As Walrot then puts them all on a tree using his magic, sending them towards the town, he suddenly has a flashback of his own.We see him from a time before he was a tree, and talking to some weird man whom none of us know yet. We then see Walrot, the Weirdo, a young Purehito and Mavis, (who is slowly becoming one of my all-time favourite characters), all together and taken a picture. It turns out that Walrot was one of the first four members to ever be a part of Fairy Tail and helped construct it! Very interesting. 

Mavis Loves To Photobomb.
With the final chapter, the others look round the village to have a gander at all of the buildings, noticing all the ice. They then get a shock upon discovering it is a village of giants, much to my dismay as I feel giants are boring and actually quite predictable most of the time now. Gray, upon seeing the giants in ice, suddenly remembers Ul, Ultear and Deliora. Needless to say, Gray gets sad easily when thinking about them. 

Natsu Has A Good Eye For Sizes
Unfortunately for the gang, Natsu's flames and Gray's molding magic can't melt the ice or even break it. To make things a bit more eerie, Gray thinks the magic is similar to everyone else. I'm betting it resembles Ul or somebody who was in the Grand Games. Next we see some treasure hunters from the guild known as Sylph Labyrinth, who look very generic and boring as villains. Definitely not going to be a big impact on the series. I really hope so at least.

Dafuck is Duun?
And no, the treasure hunters didn't freeze the village and giants and Eternal Flame. They just want to rob the Flame, now that the giants can't stop them getting to it. However, they actually do have a way to make the Eternal Flame unfrozen again and this is when they suddenly become almost interesting. They have Moon Drip. For those too new to the series to know it, Moon Drip was what Lyon tried to create to bring back Deliora and remove the ice around it. Moon Drip is made of  concentrated light coming from the moon. So seeing it in liquid form, in the hands of these clear failures nonetheless, is strange. 

While the team chase after the treasure hunters, we see a very strange masked man who notices that wizards and thieves are now in the village. His boss appears, clearly female, and tells him that the wizards are the only threat of the group. Apparently, Masked Man doesn't know much about the surface world as he is clearly a hermit or former prisoner. And then we see his boss. Minerva has returned! A brand new guild, a new coat and wanting to be called "Lady". Bitch is back! 

Even The Actual Manga Notes Call Her Evil
So for me, this week felt more and more like filler as the pages went on. We got some good laughs, lots of sexy nudity, possibly saw Cana raped by hair after letting out her homosexuality on Lucy's boobies, then we got to meet one of the top 4 wizard saints. Hearing himself say how he is not actually the strongest around is interesting, as he seemed to imply he was actually quite weak. This makes me think he's really smart and a good healer. 

Seeing generic villains and starting this arc in a bit of a lazy way to get things going, which makes me think this is nowhere near the true start of the arc. The fanservice was excessive as always to the point of ridiculous, and we didn't get any big moments or shocks yet. Seeing Minerva return so quickly is interesting as this will probably mean she'll be a big part of this arc. The possibility of Flare in Fairy Tail excites me greatly. 

Manga Rating: 4/5

Overall Character of the Week: Lucy Heartfillia for fanservice, being in almost every page this week, making me ship LucyXCana again and putting up with every idiot around her.

Predictions: This arc is going to take a while to get to the real stuff. Minerva is going to be captured but this will be a part of her plan and she will end up meeting Cobra and asking him about what he heard during the dragon fights. Lucy will somehow be naked again.

P.S Loved the Rave Master reference.

Wendy Makes A Cute Haru.

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