Thursday, September 19, 2013

Character Birthday Challenge ~ Nagato

Favorite personality trait:
I liked his personality as a child better than his adult personality. The way he always needed guidance and followed every person with leadership, is absolutely my favorite trait of him as a child. It showed how much he underestimated his own abilities until he used the Demonic Statue.
Favorite relationship:
Konan and Yahiko. He really trusted them and he knew their abilities. It’s all because of Yahiko strong desire for peace that he became Pain after Yahiko died, but Konan stayed by his side and tried to care for him as much as possible. They were inseparable until the end, all of them. Yahiko lived forth in them and they tried to reach his goal in his place. That’s true friendship.
Favorite fight:
So many to choose from. I actually liked all the fights in which his Paths were used. The one with Naruto, the invasion of Konoha. I really like the way he used them for specific tasks.
Favorite jutsu:
This one, of course: Six Paths Technique. Amazing technique, especially when using his Six Paths of Pain. I like all the Paths’ special techniques and the way they can help each other out with their unique abilities.
Favorite outfit:
His original Akatsuki outfit. I really like its design.
Favorite random thing:
The fact that he’s an Uzumaki. Since I know that he and Karin are also Uzumaki’s, I always want to see it happen that Naruto finds out they’re from the same clan.
Personal thoughts:
I really liked Nagato as a child because of his personality, but when he became Pain, I actually disliked him. The way he talked about creating peace by the making everyone feel pain, was just a horrible way to justify his acts. But in the end, he entrusted his goal for peace to Naruto and revived everyone he killed in his last fight. And of course his reincarnation during the war, was an awesome moment. I loved the way he fought with Naruto and Itachi a lot.
Feel free to share your thoughts!
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  1. Good Guy Nagato : best friend dies, doesn't try to steal his girlfriend.

  2. Ah, Nagato. Gave up on attacking Konoha when Naruto told him what Jiraiya had already said. Not hating, just giving my opinion.
    He still a better villain than Obito ever tried to be. Kishimoto was really trolling all of us when he made all the deaths in the attack completely meaningless.