Sunday, September 22, 2013

Character Birthday Challenge ~ Shikamaru

Favorite personality trait:
His sense of commitment to his friends and Konoha. He would do anything to protect his friend of end his missions with success. Even sacrifice himself.
Favorite relationship:
Choji. I love their strong bond. Choji would do anything for Shikamaru and the other way around. He always knows how to talk to Choji and give him more confidence in his own abilities.
Favorite fight:
Temari. In the beginning, it looked like he wasn’t planning on doing anything. But in the end he analyzed her every step and reacted on his own way. Amazing fight, but I hate the fact that he gave forfeit. But he got promoted anyway, so still a positive outcome.
Favorite jutsu:
Shadow-Neck Binding Technique. Amazing technique. I love the way his shadow techniques evolved and how he prepares his techniques. If it wasn’t for her Cursed Seal, I don’t think Tuyaya would’ve survived it. Such a fearsome attack.
Favorite outfit:
His standard Konoha outfit. It fits him very well.
Favorite random thing:
That he was the only kid in town that wasn’t been told to avoid Naruto. That’s good parenting. And I really love the way their friendship evolved.
Personal thoughts:
He’s lazy, but in the end he saves the day with his amazing analyzing skills and succeeds in keeping everyone alive. I really didn’t expect much from his in his fight with Temari, but I started liking his techniques and his personality. He also manned up after failing his first mission as a Chuunin and became even stronger. I’d really like to see where his limit of getting better at analyzing and coming up with solutions is.
Feel free to share your thoughts!
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