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Fairy Tail Chapter 352 Review - I'm Back, Baby!

Written by Shiggins

I can't believe I never predicted that ending.

As expected, this arc is not over yet although I think it's safe to say we're almost done. Everyone is shocked and upset, with Gray playing the blame game on himself and thinking that this will also cause all the giants to disappear if he tries to unfreeze them too. Thankfully, Wendy announces the Flame is not gone. I'm a bit confused here because last week, Wendy acted like she sensed an evil or scary magic. That's just intentionally misleading us!

Punk Rock Tried To Destroy The Fire, But Fire Was Much Too Strong!

So the alter still has some fire left and yes, they need to ask Natsu to restore it using his fire magic. Unfortunately, this is when the chapter gets stale and boring as Natsu basically goes nuts and wipes out the cyclops-bat using a new magical move. Natsu defeats it before any giants can get hurt and Erza and Minerva can feel his ultimate chaos from afar.

Quote from Fist of the North Star: ATATTATATA­TTAT­ATATTATATTATATT
Two birds with one stone is achieved as Natsu used the same move to restore the Eternal Flame. Everyone is happy and a wee bit shocked as they see Atlas Flame rise from the alter. For those of you who can't remember, Atlas Flame was the dragon made completely of fire in the previous arc who came from the past and was once mounted by Igneel, hence his cooperation in fighting with Natsu against Future Rogue.

Ghost Rider Before He Was Played By Nicholas Cage
So this was a nice surprise that redeemed this week's chapter. Once again, the cyclops did nothing but fill pages and bore me however the return of Atlas Flame is welcome for so many reasons. The idea that a dragon is here raises many opportunities. If Atlas is here to stay, then he could be a completely new influence to have in the series. If not, then maybe he'll tell Natsu how to make sure all Dragon Slayers how to finally get strong enough to face off against the dragons if they should ever return. Or he'll reference the Gate we've heard mentioned.

Manga Rating: 3/5

Overall Character of the Week: Atlas Flame for returning and opening up many new ideas for the plot.

Predictions: A big speech from Atlas Flame, followed by Atlas Flame either dissapearing or unfreezing the giants and village. Then Minerva will run away and we'll see Walrot again.

P.S I think it's safe to say Doriate died in that cyclops burning corpse.

R. I. P Doriate

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