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Fairy Tail Chapter 353 Review - A New Slayer Enters

And with that, I now see the true purpose of this arc.

So as predicted, Atlas Flame isn't here to stay. In fact, he's already dead. This is Wendy's Milky Way spell which she used to talk to Zirconis' spirit during the previous arc. Sadly, his mind is a bit frayed right now because of all the ice so he's having trouble keeping his words and sentences together. Thankfully, that doesn't mean he isn't helpful.

The Dementia Has Clearly Set In

Atlas Flame tells us how he is the Eternal Flame, but also that he was tricked into believing a certain mage was just an ordinary mage. One wizard turned the entire village into ice. That's quite an achievement, so of course the others ask questions. Atlas reveals that the person thought he was a demon, hence trying to kill Igneel's Eternal Flame by freezing the place.

How Could He Make That Mistake? Atlas Looks So Cuddly!
That person is a Devil Slayer.

And with that, I got extremely interested. A Devil Slayer is clearly the opposite of a God Slayer. Ever since meeting Zancrow in the Tenrou Island Arc, I've wondered exactly what God Slayer magic is and where it came from. Are there Gods in this world? Is the magic supposed to defeat people like Zeref and Mavis? I hope we find out soon.

As Gray realises that's why the ice was able to defeat Doriate, Flare decides to do what she's always wanted and gets on her knees in front of Lucy and the others. She begs Atlas Flame to unfreeze the town and I am happy to announce he does that by giving himself a pretty cool monologue about who he is. Just before Atlas Flame departs, he mentions something called E.N.D. Apparently, it is Zeref's darkest magic and not even Igneel could stop it 400 years ago.

Cool A Girl Down With A Bitchslap!
Oh and the giants are finally awake now. As they try to figure out what happened, Minerva finally decides to ditch the staring contest and leave her "battle" with Erza, which seems to have been nothing but taking off clothes, putting them back on, shrinking, growing then standing at the same spot while the others make the plot move on. Huge disappointment, coupled with Erza yet again trying to make Minerva a good guy. I'm thankful that Minerva told Erza that she'll corrupt the world with her own darkness.

Nice Way Of Saying "Go Fuck Yourself, Bitch"
While Natsu tries to think what E.N.D could be and the others enjoy the heat, we go to a random location of cold and snow. A lizard-man (who seem to always be there to provide meaningless words or messages) goes up to a man who is visiting a grave. Apparently, every member of the Kyuukimon is to meet up. (Kyuukimon is not a Digimon by the way. It means Nine Ghost Gate).

This Is Digimon's Kyuukimon Apparently
And with that, we meet the Devil Slayer, Silver. And yeah, I already like him. He's a bit over-the-top but who isn't in manga? To make things even more fun, he's a member of Tartaros. I don't know what Absolute Zero means though. A ranking perhaps? Are we about to see Fairy Tail's version of the Espada?

We'll find out soon but on the bright side, this arc has to be finished now. Everything is finished except to talk to Walrot again. So I'm preparing to celebrate.

Manga Rating: 4/5

Overall Character of the Week: Atlas Flame for providing information and making this arc worthwhile.

Predictions: A big talk with Walrot about everything that happened and if he knows about E.N.D. Next, we'll go to Tartaros and see our next big villain of the series having a cup of tea with Fairy Tail's Espada and preparing for world domination using a specific gate, most likely the Gate of Hades.

P.S I think we found Gray's brother.

Ice Powers. Black Hair. Gray and Silver. Get it? 

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