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Fairy Tail Chapter 351 Review - Bang, And The Mountain Is Gone!

I really hope this means the arc is over now.

So far, we've been through a lot of strange crap in this arc. Once again, the characters are back to their original ages which only made reading the first page sad for me. I was begging to see young versions of Erza and Minerva fight but that's just not happening. Now, everybody in the group is reuniting except for those two badass babes. Natsu did look ready to pulverize Flare for past crimes but then realised how hurt she must be about her village so promised to help instead.

The "I'm-A-Hero" Cliche
Then we find out what the flame is. The entire frozen mountain! I honestly didn't see that one coming and I'm kicking myself because I feel like I should have. Before the group can properly lament how bad the Eternal Flame being frozen is, Gray arrives with his two cat friends and that massive cyclops-bat-thing. Natsu decides to swap places with Gray so that way, he's fighting the giant bat and Gray deals with the frozen mountain/flame. A pretty weak excuse to have Natsu fight something this arc, but I suppose he has been neglecting his audience who want to see him punch someone.

The "Punch-While-Saying-Something-Dramatic" Cliche
Natsu beats up the bat. I honestly can't think of much else that needs to be said here. He starts attacking the bat with fire. It's been done before and when we look back on Natsu's best fights, this isn't going to make the list at all. I'm not even sure why it's here other than to fill up pages. Thankfully, Gray's job interests me. Gray is going to use Ice Make to form the ice into a shape of his choosing, thereby freeing the Eternal Flame. There is a big dramatic sequence when everybody notices the ice starts to melt. Then it's gone.

The "Our-Last-Hope-Is-Gone" Cliche
Not just the ice. The Eternal Flame has completely disappeared all of a sudden. Everyone is shocked as am I really. Wendy senses something but I'm not sure whose magical power it could be. Minerva's father? Tartaros? Who knows? I wasn't expecting yet another evil force to suddenly kidnap a mountain-sized flame. This arc is feeling too much like a mess and personally, I hope this signals the end.

The "I-Sense-Something-Wrong" Cliche
Overall, I was heavily disappointed. This arc has become nothing but a mess and is easily one of the worst arcs Hiro Mashima has ever put on paper. Remember that Spider-Man 3 movie? And it sucked because of too many villains (as well as some horrible dancing scenes)? This is the same deal really. Too many villains and things going on! I want to return to our old friends back in Fairy Tail. I'd rather take a spin-off arc about Gajeel, Juvia and Elfman than sit through what the main characters have had to recently.

Manga Rating: 1.5/5

Overall Character of the Week: Gray Fullbuster for doing something relating to the plot and not wasting time with stupid bat-thing.

Predictions: Against my wishes, this arc won't finish yet and Natsu can't hear the voice anymore which is pissing me off because now we'll need to wait longer to find out what it was. Flare is joining Fairy Tail, Gray is freeing the giants and Walrot is going to give his secret reasoning for not telling the group about all this shit. Maybe he's a villain? Probably not but I'd like that.

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