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Fairy Tail Chapter 370 Review - The Rabbit Uses Phoenix Down

I'm honestly wondering how Fairy Tail will survive this arc.

With the seals finally destroyed, Face appears and the entire guild of Tartaros shakes. Natsu and Lisanna are falling over, and then they see handcuffs, a bone and more importantly, a sword slide over to them. They realise they can use the sword to cut the chains but for some reason, they didn't bring up the question of "who gave them the sword?". It might have just been a guard who fell over and dropped his sword, but I'm doubting it. Could it be Silver? That's my best guess but honestly, I have no real clue.

Even Lisanna is tired of your stupidity, Natsu
Back to the demons, Franmalth points out that Face hasn't activated yet, but merely revealed itself. Apparently, the only person who could activate it remotely was the Ex-Chairman. (The dead dumbass from the previous chapter.)  So now they just need to go to Face and activate it manually, which sounds like the next few chapters should be a good race to see who can get to Face first. Personally, if I don't seem them act like Wacky Races for a few chapters I am going to be so disappointed.

A pirate, a bomber and a pretty black guy... It's Micha's dream threesome!

And speaking of Wacky Races, Tartaros' equivalent of Muttley and my favourite Tartaros villain so far has returned from the grave thanks to a bunny-themed demon named Lamy. Yes, Jackal is back and not only him, Tempesta is back too! Except he now has a brand new look and skin colour. A friend of mine called him "bishie", which I'm guessing is a good thing considering she seemed very happy about it. Apparently, it's only Tempesta that loses his memory which sucks for him but Lamy seems delighted at that. She's less delighted when Minerva steps out in her completed demon form. And with Minerva now out, Lamy claims she is going to modify and make Mirajane hideous.

Don't you dare touch her beautiful body!

Meanwhile, Fairy Tail is having a rough time too. Cana is interrupting Elfman's explosion because she knows Elfman seems off about something. Personally, I'm still pissed off at her harsh words but I'm also convinced there's a reason behind them that's not just "her time of the month". Elfman then attacks Cana to make sure she can't interfere and I am extremely convinced that Elfman is just merely being controlled in some telepathic way.

Elfman has really taken up a strangling-theme this year

Oh and Levy has finally predicted where Tartaros' guild is. It's right above them! Extremely coincidental but there's most likely a reason behind all this, which we'll discover next week no doubt. With Fairy Tail now ready to fight back and seeming to be about to charge outside, the unexpected happens and the entire Fairy Tail guild suddenly explodes into pieces because of Elfman's lacrima.

I wonder how Hiro Mashima is trolling us this week

Overall, I thought this chapter was great. After the disappointing and coincidental chapter last week, it's nice to see that Hiro Mashima made the stakes even higher that ever before. There's now even more demons, one of which is a former villain and the next one is going to be a beloved friend. There's a target to get to, and now Fairy Tail has literally exploded and I can think of almost no way for them to have actually survived that. Could it have something to do with Lumen Histoire, the long-forgotten secret that lives under the guild? Probably not but it's fun to try to guess.

Manga Rating: 4.5/5

Overall Character of the Week: Lamy the horny rabbit for bringing back my favourite demon Jackal, a new form of Tempesta, and a new form of Minerva.

Predictions: Somehow, Fairy Tail survived the attack but hopefully at least one person dies. Even some of the minors like Max and his broomstick would be noteworthy. Lucy, Gajeel and Wendy are going to fly up with their exceeds to take on Tartaros. Mirajane's new demon form might pop up soon.

P.S I only just got this joke...

She's as horny as a rabbit... I see what you did there.

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