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Fairy Tail Chapter 371 Review - Time To Fight Back!

Fairy Tail are finally charging forward!

With the entire guild exploding, I was left wondering how exactly the characters were going to survive that. Of course, the demons of Tartaros were just smiling and assuming they had succeeded in wiping out everybody because no villain is ever worried that their big bad plan failed. As Kyouka and the others prepare to find Face, Franmalth suddenly notices something is very wrong. The 3 exceeds of Fairy Tail are flying right towards them.

Kyouka has gotten really dramatic this chapter
As Franmalth notices Silver clearly had something to do with them, Kyouka wonders why so much magic is sensed from them. Sayla notices the exceeds are holding cards. We then get a flashback where Elfman is strangling Cana, and Cana activates a new magical ability she learned. She traps Elfman in a card. For those of you who can't remember or never started reading Fairy Tail until recently, we first saw this magic spell in the Tower of Heaven arc when Erza's old friend Sho used it. And from Cana's words, she learned that spell from Sho recently (although she didn't ever meet Sho so obviously, she didn't recognise him.)

That's too coincidental for my liking

As Cana notices the bomb is about to explode, she races and suddenly captures the entire guild, including herself, in the cards before ordering Happy, Carla and Pantherlily to escape with them. Back to present day, Kyouka doesn't want the cats to reach the top half of the big floating cube, so activates gravity magic. This forces the Exceeds to get stuck to the very bottom of the cube instead. And now, Fairy Tail get out the cards and begin their long-awaited charge on Tartaros, with Cana telling Elfman to get up and help them save Mirajane and Lisanna.

This is a great picture but how many of these characters are actually going to be useful?

Speaking of which, it doesn't look like Mirajane needs help. As Lamy, the rabbit-demon who likes her boys big and bad, is laughing at Mirajane due to being excited of making her ugly, Mirajane wakes up. There's a huge crash and Lamy is thrown backwards, with Mirajane now exiting the tank in all her naked glory. (With the usual coincidental item/light/creepy tentacle to block any naughty bits). She tells Lamy that she has Satan Soul, and therefore the only things Demon Particles do to her is make her stronger than before.

No matter what she wears, she still looks sexy!

Kyouka has decided to use Erza as a hostage, which admittedly would be quite interesting if it wasn't for the fact that Erza had disappeared. Natsu and Lisanna then suddenly appear and grab the confused Kyouka. After noticing that Natsu has the powerful blade that helped those two escape, she demands to know where Erza is. And thankfully, Erza decided to do the world a favour and wipe out that huge tentacled monster that was torturing her. And we didn't even need to see it waste our time by trying to fight Erza.

Her first clothed appearance in 6 chapters, and she's only barely covering her chest.

So, it looks like the big battle has begun. Fairy Tail vs Tartaros. To be honest, I don't think this is the start of the final battle because it's too soon and I think Tartaros can do so much more. Hiro Mashima has recently started improving his storytelling skills (not counting that unfortunate Sun Village arc) and I doubt he's going to ruin that by ending this arc too quickly.

Manga Rating: 3.5/5

Overall Character of the Week: Cana Alberona for keeping the Fairy Tail guild from being massacred (although if she had left behind one of the pointless characters, I would have been okay with that).

Predictions: Erza and Kyouka are finally going to have a fight, The other demons of Tartaros, or at least some of them, are going to start fighting too. Jackal is going to go hunting for Natsu and I think Elfman and/or Mirajane might end up taking down the lesbian lover of Kyouka.

P.S Does this mean Sho and Wally are going to be in this arc?

I really hope not...

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