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Fairy Tail Chapter 372 Review - Erza Penetrates!

Payback's a bitch.

Kicking off from last time, Kyouka is now in the same chains Erza has been in for the past few chapters, with Erza looking very angry and grumpy over the previous torturing and wanting to get some sadistic revenge. Erza, Natsu and Lisanna demand she tells them where Mirajane and Elfman are. Kyouka tells them that Mirajane is in the lab and they're probably already too late. She also tells them she doesn't know who Elfman is. And with that, Natsu and Lisanna run off to find Mirajane, leaving Erza with Kyouka.

Erza's rape face is giving me the weirdest boner right now.

Kyouka then answers Erza's questions. The vibration from earlier was Face's seal being removed. Jellal is not dead, which sucks for me. And their goal is to return to "Zeref's place". It looks like the demons are trying to return to their master who gave them life. Kyouka then reveals the chains never worked on her because she is a demon and uses curses instead of magic, and easily breaks out of them. However, Kyouka underestimated Erza and is soon sent flying by one kick through the wall. Kyouka then tells Erza that the demons are all because of Zeref, who created them in The Book Of Zeref.

This is starting to become a ridiculously overpowered loophole.

As Erza and Kyouka face off, they talk about how Kyouka blindly believes in her creator no matter what, and Erza tells her a person should choose who they believe in. Personally, I find this lesson almost pointless because we all know Kyouka is far too dark and cruel to ever even listen to Erza and change sides. If she did, this arc would lose a lot of points. This is when Erza takes out her next armour, and a huge lance smashes into Kyouka.

How is there no blood?!

Back to the rest of Fairy Tail, they're getting fed up fighting all the soldiers that seem endless. I have a theory that there are so many guards due to some sort of cloning technique. Possibly the demon in the helmet. Possibly Lamy. Maybe we'll find out soon. I hope they answer it because random generic humans fighting them? That makes no sense. Anyway, Elfman finally stands back up and is now fighting alongside them to correct his mistake of being manipulated.

Nothing wrong with a Juvia-upskirt-while-raging picture... right?

With literally every character of the Fairy Tail guild, who aren't horribly injured or inside Tartaros already or never in the plot except when it suits him, (where the hell is Gildarts right now?!), Happy and Carla are trying to figure out how they can get inside Tartaros since they are still stuck on the very bottom. In comes Erza and her massive lance of penetration, which has literally broken through the entire guild-cube!

A Levy panel without Gajeel? I don't approve!

Natsu and Lisanna are splitting up now, due to Natsu having/wanting to fight off the guards that are chasing them. It's weird to see Natsu use magic in so long, but I suppose it had to happen eventually. We can't have a plot without the main character. This is when things take a very surprising turn. The guards stop moving suddenly. Frozen in time. And out of the shadows, steps Zeref!!!

Wait. Is Zeref... cute?

I'm going to start off with talking about Zeref. That's easily the biggest part of this chapter and the one that interests me the most. Zeref is here and he looks somewhat happy. That's a big difference to how he looked when he first stepped out in front of Natsu. Again, I am 100% sure that Zeref is secretly Natsu's biological father. Is Natsu a demon of Zeref like the others? Not likely but don't rule anything out. And with the arrival of Zeref, the chances of the guild defeating Tartaros just got even slimmer than before. We've only had Kyouka get defeated by the looks of things, so there are still far more enemies to go through.

Manga Rating: 4.5/5

Overall Character of the Week: Erza Scarlet for finally getting her revenge against Kyouka, and creating a massive hole in Tartaros so the rest of the characters can get involved.

A) Zeref and Natsu are going to have a big talk, where Zeref reveals plot twists and why he is here. He might say he wants to save magic and stop the demons. He might say he just wanted to see Natsu, his son. Gray, Gajeel, Juvia and more will enter Tartaros and end up facing their main battle of the arc, finally!

B) It's not Zeref. It's an illusion created by one of the demons of Tartaros, who is trying to trick Natsu so he/she can get a better chance at killing him. I'll be really pissed off, consider leaving the manga series, bitch for a while, then sigh and write how disappointed I am in the next review.

P.S Does this mean Kain Hikaru and Rustyrose are here too?

You know you fail when these two survive and you don't. (I'm talking to you, Zancrow)

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  2. Why didn't Erza torture Kyouka back!? You said Erza "wanting to get some sadistic revenge" but if she truly did, she would have tortured Kyouka back. But she didn't. WHY!? For example, when Kyouka said "I don't know who Elfman is," why didn't Erza say, "I don't believe you," whip out her Lightning Empress spear, and zap her with a whopping amount of high voltage that would put Yakidorga's electric shocks to shame? Or better yet, gouged Kyouka's eyes out with a knife? Or chopped her limbs off? Or cut her stomach open and ripped out a few of her organs? Or stabbed her with so many of her swords, turning her into a human pincushion? Yes, Kyouka's a demon, but she's very human-like in appearance. And yes, I know Kyouka ends up getting tortured anyway, but not by Erza. Considering that Chapter 372 started with Erza saying that she was going to make Kyouka pay for what she did to her in Chapters 365 and 368, directly to her face, I might add, it seemed as if she really were going to torture Kyouka, which she should have. She had every right to. So why didn't she!?!?

    Thankfully, I wrote a fan fiction where Erza really does end up getting sadistic revenge. Hope you like it.