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My Hero Academia Chapter 103: The Exam Review

Written by: The Inquisitor

First, quick recap of the last chapter: All Might is going through a crisis, Uraraka is in love with Midoriya, and they meet there greatest competition for the exam, Shiketsu High. One of the Shiketsu students is a weird guy named Inasa, he is apparently stronger than Todoroki.

Alright, back to the review. As the students talk about Inasa, Aizawa is greeted by an old "friend", a pro hero named Ms. Joke, they crossed paths a lot before they both became teachers. Her quirk makes people laugh. Ironically, her jokes do not. This chick is a little annoying.
Is that her tongue? Or spit? Seriously, what the hell is that?

Time to meet Joke's students. Out of all of her students, we only see four. And while they all look rather interesting, the only one that does anything is black-haired guy named Shindou. Shindou attempts to make friends with some of the U.A students, and his attempts succeed, with the exception of Bakugou. Bakugou tells him to fuck off and that his face doesn't match his words. We then see Shindou wearing an evil smile that kind of makes him look like Zeref.

Now that that's over, it's speech time! The speech is given by a very very tired man named Mera. He tells all 1540 students that heroes are a very important part of society and that the public expects a lot for them. Anyone who recieve a provisional license must be prepared for the speed of the job or something like that, I'm not entirely sure what this guy means. Anyway, this will be a speed based test.
Go back to this page and take a good look, There's some funny shit in here. I see a Tentacruel, a Giraffe, Kenpachi, that a refrigerator in the back? 
Alright, rule time. Every student gets three targets and six balls. The targets will be placed on the student's body and the balls will be used to hit other people's targets. If all three of a person's targets get hit, they lose, and whoever hit the last target gets a "takedown". The first 100 students to get two takedowns pass. So the rules are pretty severe.

After the explanation is over, the room folds away to reveal an area similar to USJ from one of the first arcs. So there are many different terrains for the students to fight in. And with that, the countdown begins. The U.A. student stay together for the most part, the exceptions being Todoroki and Bakugou. Over in the stands, Joke and Aizawa discuss a little "tradition" for the test that Aizawa didn't tell the students about. 
hahahahahahahahahahahah...haha,,,ha. Slap her, Aizawa. please. For the love of God, slap her so she'll shut up.
The students of U.A had their quirks and fighting styles revealed to the rest of the World during the annual festival, so the rest of the schools take advantage of that. Every year at the start of the exam, everyone targets U.A. This year is no different. The test starts and everyone hurls their balls at Midoriya and co. However, none of them hit their mark.
Hey, look. Shiggins' waifu is doing something for once

Opinion: Well, that summary was longer than I expected. 

Anyway, the test has started and it's U.A. vs the world. I expect we'll see at least one person get taken out before they use their power and strategy to push the other schools back and make it more of a fair fight. We'll finally get to see some action again. 

Yay, new characters. Well, half-yay. Joke is annoying and in case you couldn't tell, I just want Aizawa to slap her. However, Shindou is an interesting character, a seemingly nice guy that has something going on. I expect we'll see him clash with Bakugou at some point. It's also worth noting that he grabbed most of the class with both hands, that may or may not be related to his quirk. As for Shindou's classmates, they didn't get much attention here so I expect they'll be shown within the next few chapters. 
Lets see, we've got a depressed Android 17, the lovechild of Kira and Hiyori from Bleach, Shindou, and an Ultron reject.

Good Things:

It finally started

Shindou looks interesting 

Bad Things:

Ms. Joke. I know being annoying is part of her character, but it gets old.

Manga Rating: 3.5/5

Beware the awesome might of the anal beads. That joke never gets old for me.

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