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Fairy Tail Chapter 499 Review - Gray and Juvia

Written by Shiggins

Oooh, that's a lot of blood.

Speaking of hurt, it's time for another feel-fest as Invel's horrible plan that he thought of 3 minutes ago is coming to fruition. Man, he's a real smarty pants when you think about it... Anyway, it's time for Gray vs Juvia! It's time for a Death Battleeeee!

Well, more like a One Minute Melee but still... fight!
Both of them are still aware of what's going on, so their personalities and thoughts aren't affected by Invel's magic. However, that doesn't stop them attacking each other with water and ice. Whether you love her or not, it's hard to deny how tragic it is to see Gray literally punch Juvia in the face. He's far more powerful than Juvia, and that's what Invel was aware of.

Aww.... Punch make Shiggins sad...
As Invel thinks about how this will make Gray turn evil, he flashbacks for a second to remember when Zeref was looking at a picture of himself with his little brother Natsu before he became E.N.D. Invel believes the only one standing in the way of Zeref defeating Acnologia and taking over the world is E.N.D, so he's going to have Gray kill him.

Are they meant to be super-Chibi or just have big heads? Because those heads are bigger than mine!
Juvia wishes to not hurt Gray anymore, or have him take her life because that would make Gray blame himself, so she uses the last of her willpower to stab herself in the chest with water... Which I would love to see the calculations of because for water to literally stab through someone like that, it must be going at an amazing speed and density.

Wow, Hiro Mashima is really good at drawing Juvia's thighs... HOLY SHIT!
However, there's a twist... Gray stabbed himself as well! Somehow, they both missed each other doing that to themselves... odd. Invel is in pure shock, and watches as they fall. Gray wishes for Natsu to avenge them, feeling guilt for not being able to protect Juvia. Invel walks away, destroying the chain and realising he has to deal with E.N.D on his own.

Damn, Hiro Mashima has gotten really good at drawing swords that go right through Gray's stomach............. HOLY SHIT!
Once Invel and his blizzard leaves, Gray is surprised to find himself alive. He realises Juvia has used her magic to transfer her blood into Gray, saving his life. Gray realises Juvia gave her life for him, and breaks down in tears as he begs her to open her eyes again... We then see Invel walking to find Brandish, when he turns around and finds a great reason to utterly shit himself.

Saw it coming! I mean... it's still awesome but I just wanted it on record that I saw this coming.
Opinion: Yeah... She's not dead.

Come on, Fairy Tail. Stop doing the fake-out. You aren't killing Juvia, and we know it. This isn't the kind of series where characters die, which is totally fine really, but you can't keep doing the fake-out to make us think for one second that they might. You've done it with Makarov and Gajeel and Erza, and they're still alive so we know Juvia is alive. I'm not part of the "this is for kids because nobody is murdered every second page" club, but I am part of the "stop doing fake-outs" club, which has a far shorter title.

And there's the blood I promised you.
That being said, thank God this is Fairy Tail because I don't want Juvia to die! She's too adorable and sweet and has those boots and I once saw her wearing glasses so she needs to wear them in canon forever and she's lovabibble!! And dear god, she's reckless. We've seen it before, but adding in blood to Juvia's self-sacrificing for someone else is quite a good way of upgrading her as a brave character.

I know it's almost completely impossible, but wouldn't it be amazing if the next arc was a ghost version of Juvia that haunted Gray? Only he can see her, and everyone else thinks he's gone mad and he has to get her a new body while she bugs the crap out of him? That'd be amazing, and don't you dare deny it!
Gray has gone nuts, and it's about time. Let's smash Invel's face in and... wait, why is the next chapter called "Fire and Ice". Is Natsu joining in too? I know it's the 500th chapter next week but this is Gray's time to shine! Natsu, you stay away and fight Brandish. No wait, Lucy needs to fight Brandish... Natsu, stay away.

Manga Rating: 3.5/5

Character of the Week: Juvia, because she's Juvia. (See what I did there?)

Best Part: Juvia and Gray stab themselves for each other.

Worst Part: Another fake-out in an arc full of them.

A stands for Gray
B stands for Gray
C stands for Gray
D stands for Gray's...

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  1. I just don't care anymore. I mean Juvia used to to be my favorite characters before Mashima flanderized her and after the copious amounts of bad drama and fakeouts, I know this isn't going to stick. Then Gray will have a boring curbstomp of Invel.