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Opinions on Bleach Ending Compilation Part 3

Written by: The Inquisitor

Ready to hear the same opinion (For the most part, anyway) for the third time? 

Like Shiggins, I'll just go over the more important stuff since Pomelote covered the rest.

As expected, the Bleach ending was full of disappointments and unsolved mysteries. And the thing that disappointed me the most is the fact that if Chapter 686 wasn't the final chapter, I would have considered it to be a semi-decent chapter. The first half of the chapter was rather enjoyable, it was nice to see the Karakura gang and some nostalgic Ichigo-Rukia bantering. Unfortunately, things went down hill from there...

Why do I feel the sudden urge to ship these two?

That whole thing with Yhwach and Aizen was just a waste of pages. All it did was give Yhwach a forced motive, which I doubt anyone cared about in the first place, and waste an entire page and an appearance from one of the best character in the series, just to shoot down said motive. Three-five pages isn't that much, especially by Bleach standards, but they could have been used to help fix one of the biggest problems of the ending: The lack of characters.
Anyone else having Soul Eater anime flashbacks
The final chapter focused on the wrong people. Ichigo's friends and hot sisters are fun characters and all, but there are many more important characters that should have received some attention. I know it's impossible to get everyone, but Isshin and Urahara and Co. should have been in at least one panel. One panel. That's it. One panel is enough to give us a vague idea of what they are up to. One panel would be all you need to show Urahara and the gang running the shop, Grimmjow sitting next to Harribel as the king of Hueco Mundo (that's my head-canon), etc. We could have had a couple of pages full of panels like that, but instead we got useless speeches and unnecessary confusion.
Speaking of characters who didn't appear, Why the hell did Isshin go to Soul Society back then? He didn't even do anything. What was he doing while Ichigo was getting his ass kicked?
And by confusion, I am referring to Kazui. Yhwachs's reiatsu appeared, which caused a hole to appear in Yuzu's room, Kazui put his hand in the hole, and the reiatsu popped. .......What? I'm assuming his reiatsu appearing is related to when he threatened  kill everyone when they were at their happiest. That would explain why it appeared near Kazui, it was aiming to kill him. Unfortunately for him, Kazui beat him to the punch.
I know he's a kid and all, but he looks way too happy to be seeing that hole.
What did Kazui even do anyway? Did he destroy the reiatsu? Did he absorb it? and if it was the latter, would that technically make him the new Soul King? and why the hell did Ichika seem to appear form the same hole? I'm not sure that Kubo even knows the answers to these questions.
Huh, she's surprisingly cute. When I heard she had Renji's hair and Rukia's eyes, the image that came to mind was terrifying.
Alright, that's enough about the chapter, lets talk about the arc itself. In the beginning, it was great. But once the fights with the Shitzwaffle or whatever they're called started, it took a nosedive into a week old pile of horse shit. These guys were supposed to be the cream of the crop, so we expected great fights out of them. Instead, we got fights full of bullshit deus ex machina.

Well, I shouldn't say they were all bad. Urahara and Co. vs Askin was full of DEM, but the entertaining interactions between the characters involved was more than enough to make up for it. Kyoraku vs Lille was somewhat entertaining until Nanao got involved with her convenient god slaying sword. Likewise, Mayuri vs Pernida was somewhat interesting until Nemu got involved and killed him with her pancreas. That actually happened, look it up. Basically, women ruin everything Kubo couldn't come up with a legitimate finish to those fights.
It's a shame, this would have actually been interesting if Kubo hadn't made it look like he pulled it out of his ass at the last minute.
Gerard Valkyrie, on the other hand, was shit from start to finish. Lets take a look at everyone he fought : Rukia, Renji, Hinamori, Shinji, multiple other Visoreds, Byakuya, a powered up Hitsugaya, and, most importantly, Kenpach Zaraki who was using his motherfucking Bankai. Any other enemy would have been destroyed instantly if they fought that many powerful enemies, but not Valkyrie. Thanks to his handy-dandy regeneration, he was able to fight all of them and never actually be defeated! He died because Yhwach needed a power up.

That fight was the home to the thing that pissed me off the most in this arc: Kenpachi's bankai. It had been built up for so long, and when it was finally released, I thought we were going to see Gerard get completely destroyed. ...nope, not only did Kenpachi not defeat him, he didn't even do any significant permanent damage. That my friends, is the very definition of bullshit.

Well, that's about everything I had something to say about.This was a disappointing final arc with a disappointing final fight and a disappointing ending of a once great series. Thank you, good night. If you'll excuse me, I'm off to play Attack on Titan.
Even though it turned out the way it did, I have to admit, I'm going to miss it.

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