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Bleach's New Endings

Written by Shiggins

It's time to get creative!

Since Chapter 686 of Bleach failed to wow fans by not answering so many plotlines or characters, I have decided to take it upon myself to give you them instead. Yes, I am going to take certain characters and tell you what happened to them after the defeat of Yhwach. From Urahara to Grimmjow to Candice to Kira, I am taking this responsibility for you all. You're welcome. And if you want to contribute, please do so in the comments below!

It's going to get weird!

Grimmjow's Epic Adventure

After Grimmjow, Urahara and Yoruichi are saved by Nel, a dying Askin tells them that they have Harribel locked up in their palace in Hueco Mundo and are using her to create more Arrancar. Pissed off at how a fellow Arrancar is being used like a tool, Grimmjow's pride has him make the decision to go save her while Ichigo fights Yhwach. Urahara makes a cheeky comment about how his fellow Arrancar are now more important to him than killing Ichigo, and Grimmjow refuses to even acknowledge that before leaving.

I think we can all agree though that we need to learn the origin of Grimmjow's shirt.
When Grimmjow arrives at Hueco Mundo, he comes across the last of the Arrancar. Harribel's Fracciónes, Loly and Menoly, Pesche and Dondochakka and even Yammy's dog Kukkapuro. Disappointed at such a lacklustre crew, Grimmjow rolls his eyes and goes in by himself to save Harribel. The other Arrancar are considering just leaving him to die because he's an asshole, but Kukkapuro gives them all a sad look because dogs are masters of manipulation, and so they all run to catch up with him.

Why did we get Kon as a mascot instead of Kukkapuro?!
What follows is a badass arc of fighting and interacting, as Kukkapuro ends up being attached to Grimmjow while Harribel's girls argue over which way to go. Yhwach's own Quincy-made Arrancars attack, providing development for everyone. Pesche, Dondochakka and Kukkapuro release their Resurrección to obtain victory, while Grimmjow discovers how to release Resurrección: Segunda Etapa, thus giving him a brand new form that puts him far above the number 6.

Should there be an evil Zombie-Quincy Nnoitra Gilga? Might be too far...
Loly and Menoly are saved by the Zombie Arrancar because Loly and Menoly suck, and Urahara knew those four should also be involved with this battle. Meanwhile, Grimmjow finally arrives at Harribel, who has now become controlled by the Quincies powers, and they have a fight. Grimmjow manages to rip out her mind control and she's saved, thus the War for Hueco Mundo is won. Grimmjow proves they no longer need to rely on someone like Aizen by ripping off his own number, and the other Arrancar follow his example. Grimmjow is now the king he always wanted to be, and he begrudgingly shares the position of ruler with Harribel, who has become a tsundere because Grimmjow is sexy and she'd be mad not to want a bit of that man.

Kira Crossover

When last we saw Izuru Kira, he was a sort-of zombie thanks to Kurotsuchi and about to fight the Lille Barro army in the Soul Society. If you don't remember Lille much then... well, I don't blame you. Kira thankfully cuts him down without listening to his crap because Kira isn't the type to let someone ramble on and on for multiple chapters. Kira just keeps fighting, as do other defeated Shinigami, until Yhwach decides to end their existence by activating his Auswählen.

In the studio's defence, that hair would look awful in live-action.
Today, Kira is currently attempting to join the Avengers as part of Marvel's ever-growing Cinematic Universe. He will be played by Jamie Foxx, which will cause comments from Facebook and Twitter and IGN and YouTube to blame "SJWs" because Foxx is not blonde and it'll be part of a racist conspiracy that will threaten the existence of white characters out there. Personally, I think Kira should get his own Netflix series about Soul Society politics.

A Normal Comedy

Did you know there was a character called Tatsuki Arisawa in Bleach? How about Keigo Asano? Mizuiro Kojima? Chizuru Honsho? No? Don't blame you but yeah they exist and they're quite a lot of fun. And it turns out they've been having a lot of comedy chapters.

Oh and Chad is there, being completely usef-AHAAHAHAHAA!
From festivals to a beach episode to some funny shipping moments, this group engaged in a lot of activities. One chapter had Keigo so desperate for a date that he paid Tatsuki so he'd have someone to talk to on Valentine's Day. Another chapter had Mizuiro secretly using his cunning Shuu Maiko-like abilities to help Orihime and Ichigo get together. Add in some supernatural elements from time-to-time because of the ghosts and hollows, like that time Chizuru got invisibility after selling her soul and tried to use it during cheerleader practice, and you got some pretty fun arcs of comedy. There was even a few instances where they met Riruka and Yukio.

I loved Tatsuki. Like seriously, that's not a joke. Tatsuki was awesome. Why did the series ever refuse to use her properly, I mean just.... She's Tatsuki!
Their storyline ends when they finally enter the Soul Society by using those tickets Shunsui gave them, so they can save Ichigo from an evil hollow that wants to sacrifice Ichigo to the great god Cthulu. After a fairly mediocre adventure, they save the day and return home. Chizuru is now happily engaged to Mashiro Kuna, while Tatsuki has Keigo as a flatmate since he's trying to be independent from his family and thinks he can still be independent while living off of someone else. As for Mizuiro, he's currently at university, designing Flappy Bird 5: The Flappening.

Fullbring the Funk!

Yes, even the Fullbringers had a story, not that you cared. To try to liven things up for this group, the writers decided to make a full-blown musical featuring the lovable weirdos and their adventures. Ganju led the group of Ginjo, Tsukishima and Giriko as they try to take over the slums and streets of the Soul Society, creating order. Meanwhile, Yukio and Riruka brought back Xcution and had Don Kanoji join them!

Kon also sang a song. You didn't want him to, but he did it anyway. Then Judge Doom came with The Dip and annihilated those filler toys, which was the sexiest thing of all time. (Fuck those filler toy/spirit/shits)
From Yukio's "The Sound of Gaming" to Riruka's "Ichigo Had it Coming", to Ganju leading a chorus of "Tell Me More" after he went on a date with Matsumoto, it looked like the good times would never stop. Sadly, it all came to a tragic end when Ginjo betrayed Ganju because they both have similar names and Ganju was forced to banish his former comrade down the Wishing Well, which is where bad people go. (I really hope someone gets the Wishing Well reference...)

Quincy Troubles

While some of the Quincies, like Opie and Gerald, are confirmed 100% dead, there are many out there who aren't. Candice was beaten by Byakuya, yes, but since NaNaNa and Accutorne survived that exact same attack, it's fair to assume she did as well. Other Quincies that survived are Meninas, Giselle, Liltotto and Bazz-B, since we all know Bleach characters can survive far worse than what we saw them get. Even Yhwach's Auswählen doesn't count, because you're alive until proven otherwise when it comes to manga.

Yeah, screw you! They're not dead. We all had a member of this group we loved, damn it! (Mine was Candice)
Now of course, the Quincies are pissed because it turns out their boss is a boring jackass who never explained how his moustache kept growing... oh and he betrayed them for essentially no reason except arrogance. So when Lille Barro descended down, the Quincies were in the right mood for some vengeance and proceeded to beat the shit out of him and his stupid army. It was a dramatic and flawed battle, but Bazz-B eventually came down and led them to victory!

We never saw him fight Grimmjow. In fact, they never even met! That's just crap!
Bazz-B is currently living his dream, singing for children in a band called The Bazzles and on tour across America, while having an on-again-off-again relationship with Justin Timberlake... he really wants to make it work.

Bambietta's Femritters asked Kurotsuchi to help them out in resurrecting Bambietta, to which he agreed but only if they let him experiment on Giselle. They agreed far quicker than Giselle liked, and Bambietta is back. Giselle has taken the surgery necessary to become a woman both inside and out, including an artificial womb that Kurotsuchi inserted so she could give birth to Nemuri Hachigo. She's surprised at how happy she is creating life for the first time.

Hey, I'd trust him.
Candice, Meninas and Liltotto tried to join The Bazzles but were told to get lost, so they've been hopping from job to job constantly. Right now, they're back-up dancers for Don Kanoji's new tv show, while Candice does everything in her power to avoid his sexual advances.

See how attached she is to Gigi in this picture? That's basically how attached I am to this character every second of my life.
Meanwhile, Bambietta has become the new warden of the prison known as "Nest of Maggots" and rules it with an iron fist thanks to her Quincy powers and not needing a sword to kick some ass. She's also "enjoying" Iba's painful training regimen, which he is very passionate about. Komamura enjoys watching his former lieutenant train someone who could be indeed be the future captain for the 7th Division...

Zero to Zero

The Zero Squad survived their ordeal with Yhwach and are... who gives a shit really? I don't. Moving on!

Team Aizen

After his defeat, Aizen spent a lot of time in prison thinking about his next plan. As the years go by, he starts to lose his consciousness and becomes mindless, dormant and quiet since everyone forgot to visit him. His prison sentence is extended due to the Soul Society forgetting to free him, and Aizen essentially becomes a shell of a man...

His last memory before he faded away was that time when he became a reporter for a newspaper... His last truly happy moment.
Years have passed. Countless decades gone by and mankind has entered a new age... An age of odd creatures that teenagers capture and use to fight each other. One such creature awakens Aizen, and Aizen slowly tries to piece together who he was. His hair has turned black and short, and he adopts a new suit to replace the odd misshapen mess of fashion he had before. As The Artist Formerly known as Aizen walks on, he eventually finds a tree in a town called Shinto known as "Sakaki". Intrigued, Aizen names himself after this tree...

"Sakaki" soon discovers the method for capturing these creatures from before, and adopts a large white cat that reminds him of someone who used to work with him and was also quite shifty. When he travels to an area known as Viridian City, he discovers his new name can be translated to "Giovanni". And so began... the new age of Aizen.

"When were you under the impression I wasn't using Confusion?" See?! IT WORKS!

Project Urahara

Urahara is a gorgeous man with a gorgeous best friend, so this path makes complete sense. After the victory of Yhwach, Urahara quietly examined Askin's body and realised what was truly the best thing about him; His fashion! Urahara's love for science translated perfectly to fashion, and a new passion was born!

You may think it's ridiculous that people would wear this, but I see girls wearing jeans that are purposefully ripped apart so...
After selling the shop to those two little shithead brats that seem to always live there, Urahara went on tour with the "Le Vaar" style and gained immediate popularity because millennials are weird and will like anything that sounds weird. It took a lot of convincing, but he did manage to stroke Yoruichi's ego long enough to get her to be a model for the Urahara name, thus causing even more popularity.

When Urahara was trying to find the perfect model for his fashion line, he remembered this moment. (Also, Yoruichi fan-artists... you people are my Gods. I mean wow!)
Currently, Urahara and Yoruichi are trying to pick the right sponsors for their wedding and Yoruichi is making sure all her strippers for the Hen Night have at least some sort of anime-style tattoo. Tessai is the Best Man and Rukia has been asked to be Maid of Honour, while Soi Fon is doing her damn best to assassinate Urahara before she can take her precious Yoruichi away!

Any characters I missed out? Tons! So tell me some of your headcanons as well! The more diverse, the better. 

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