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Fairy Tail Chapter 501 Review - Mari and Randi

Written by Shiggins

Well, that title is a bit misleading.

I mean, yes, it featured both characters in this chapter and they do interact at the end, but something like "Brandish vs Lucy: Non-Naked Edition" might have worked out a bit better since that was the more major focus. So if you were hoping for some sort of explanation as to why Dimaria is so coo-coo for Brandish's coco puffs, maybe you need to wait until next week.

I think she's been reading the comment section, and has come to the same conclusion I have: Natsu must be removed for Fairy Tail's greatness to strive!
Natsu tells Brandish to stand aside while Neinhart is officially knocked out, but then Natsu starts to feel pain. Do you remember that magic tumour from ages ago which Brandish conveniently shrunk so it wouldn't kill Natsu and let her join the goodies? Well, it's back now as Brandish has grown it to normal size! 

Brandish declares Natsu a threat that must die, and that while she no longer harbours a grudge against them personally (She must only blame Mest for the August negotiation chaos), she has to eliminate him for the war. So it's time for Lucy vs Brandish again, with Lucy hoping Brandish will reverse this when Lucy wins.

She's got a headband and scorpion chain tail... I think I'm going to faint.
The next pages are fighting, which include the first sightings of the Scorpio and Cancer dresses that, in all honesty, are pretty damn badass. Scorpio is able to throw Lucy around like a missile and Cancer gives Lucy swords... it's all fantastic fun. I love it and you haters can suck it. Finally, the Aquarius clothes return and Lucy sends a final attack at Brandish. During this entire battle, all Brandish seems to need to do is shrink and grow Lucy and her magic because she's just stronger.

Yes, Brandish! Use the Kamehameha! DO IT!
Lucy isn't giving up obviously, but this battle is suddenly suspended when Dimaria saunters in. Dimaria does her little smirk, saying it's clear Brandish never intended to kill the three of them or she would have just had Natsu's organs grow and explode or something like that. (Which would be horrific to see but amazing!). Dimaria believes Brandish knew she was watching so started this fight with the intention of throwing it to trick Dimaria. 

I know this is completely the wrong time to ask this, but don't anime women get uncomfortable in clothing? Both these outfits look so sore and awkward, I just can't imagine someone being entirely relaxed or non-chafed in them.
Sadly, this is when Dimaria strikes down her beloved with a blade and steps on Lucy's head. She's angered by how Lucy has corrupted Brandish to the good guys, and she's out for revenge.

Opinion: So... how are they gonna win this one?

I genuinely have no clue. Dimaria was beaten because Ultear popped up out of nowhere, but that's not possible this time. (At least it better not be...). Since the next chapter is called "Mavis and Zera", maybe a ghost will save them but I don't see how that's possible. And as cool as it would be to see Lucy wearing his dress, I can't see the Celestial Spirit King making another appearance unless we really dig deep into an ass to pull out that possibility without sacrificing another key. 

Okay, clearly I have been underestimating Brandish quite a bit because DAMN!
Could this maybe be the first sighting of E.N.D, so we have something demonic to fight Dimaria's Goddess-side? Will Natsu explode the tumour through anger and hot-rod fire, then proceed to eat Dimaria as if he's a walker in Walking Dead? Who knows?! Not me, certainly.

I've said it once and I'll say it again; I love Lucy, especially when she fights. She's funny, she's tough, she dresses up, and it never feels like she's a useless decoration. Any person who puts her in a "Top 10 Useless Characters" or whatever list are just putting her in there because they've read 3 chapters of the series or think heroines are useless without guns.

Man, how confused must Lucy and Natsu be? They don't know Dimaria at all but she's crying, smiling and stabbing in one chapter without any room to breathe. She's just a nutjob to them right now.
Admittedly, I do feel some disappointment. When the chapter's title was revealed to us last week, I was curious about seeing how Dimaria and Brandish's relationship actually is. Is it the unrequited lesbian love I think it is? Were they once dear friends but grew apart because of a third party's manipulation? Could this just be a really drastic version of Sakura and Ino? I really do want to know!

Neinhart is unconscious but I don't think he's finished with this arc. I just don't think it's possible, but I do wonder if some of the Spriggan 12 have disappeared now. Was Rogue unable to beat Bradman until Natsu saved him by knocking out the caster? This could be the case! 

Manga Rating: 3.5/5

Character of the Week: Lucy for her fighting skills.

Best Part: Lucy vs Brandish.

Worst Part: I didn't get the backstory I wanted. And when I lose, we all lose.

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