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My Hero Academia Chapter 106: Class I-A Review

Written by: The Inquisitor

Quick recap of the two chapters I missed: The U.A. students were separated and the seemingly sophisticated Shiketsu is actually full of freaks.

The chapter starts with Todoroki who has already passed the exam. After he arrives at the winners waiting room, he finds Inasa engaged in conversation with another winner. Strangely, he has never met Inasa before, even though they should have met during the U.A. entrance exam. Inasa notices Todoroki and he is not happy to see him.
Oooh, Pretty.

We move to Midoriya and the naked Shiketsu freak I mentioned earlier. The Freak wants to know more about Midoriya's morals and motivations. Midoriya wants to know why she's naked. We hear the answer to neither of these questions due to the timely arrival of Sero and Uraraka. The naked chick gets all depressed and says something about Uraraka being well trusted before running away.
It's good to know you have your priorities straight, Midoriya

Now that she's gone, it's game plan time. They are going to try to capture as many people as they can in order for the class to gt an easy win. After all the discussion about the plan is over, they hear people approaching and set their plan into action, with Midoriya distracting and Sero and Uraraka capturing.
Why does the guy saying "fuck" look so happy? And why doesn't he have eyebrows like the other one?
Next, we move to Kaminari and Bakugou. Things start to get weird here. They are fighting a Shiketsu student with a very....interesting quirk. I'm not sure what he actually does to people. Crunches them? Mashes them? Rearranges them? I don't know, bottom line is: it's weird as hell. His personality is somewhat normal compared to his naked friend. A proud student with a bit of a complex about his eyes. As I'm sure you can imagine, his personality mixes quite well with Bakugou's.
Seriously, what the fuck did he do?
We move to Joke and Aizawa. Joke thinks that Aizawa is worried, but he explains that it's actually the opposite.He explains that there are two students whose attitudes have an effect on the entire class' performance, and he has high expectations because of that. As he says this, we see see these two students, Midoriya and Bakugou, in action. Midoriya and Co. have successfully captured at least two people, and Bakugou is seen blowing up Captain Crunch's flying fingers (Shiggins would have boiled me alive if I didn't mention that nickname).
Way to kill the mood, Joke

Opinion: Shiketsu is one fucked up school

I should have known Shiketsu wouldn't be as boring as it looked. The first panel we saw them in made them looked like a proper dignified school. So I expected semi-boring characters with semi-interesting quirks. Instead, we got a nudist inquisitive chick with an appearance-changing slime quirk, and Captain Crunch has the dignified personality I was expecting, but his quirk is...well, his quirk.
I can't wait to hear the science behind this
Inasa has some sort of grudge against Todoroki, and seeing as how they never met during testing, I'm guessing whatever caused the grudged happened before that. My only guess so far is that his father/brother/sister/goldfish/other was a villain that was captured by Endeavor, Todoroki's father, but considering Inasa's admiration of heroes, that may not be the case.

Every arc gives at least one side character a chance to shine, and this time it's Sero. Sero is a fun character with a nice quirk, so it'll be fun to see what kind of plan they come up with next chapter.

Manga rating: 3.5/5

Good Things: Shiketsu isn't boring

Captain Crunch's quirk

Bad things: Nothing, really.

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