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Fairy Tail Chapter 502 Review - Mavis and Zera

Written by Shiggins

Hooray for reunions!

As Great Granny Shigs used to say, reunions are best done naked. It's a life lesson I've taken to heart, especially when I met my old high-school friends, and I just wish Levy had thought about herself. On the bright side, Zera followed this advice and so we got a more pleasant chapter that feels like the calm before the storm... well, another calm before another storm.

I can't believe it's taken me so long to say this but... that is one weird-ass hat.
We start with Eileen wondering why it's taking so long to drain Mavis of her power, until Zeref suddenly appears. Zeref says he wants to have a final talk with Mavis, and this of course confuses Eileen until the real Zeref appears and reveals that one is an illusion created by Mavis. Thanks to Invel being knocked out, Mavis was able to use her illusions to escape. Eileen is not a happy bunny!

"Oh, I won't wound her. I won't wound her hard."
Mavis is currently outside, crawling down the walls of the pillar that the Guild has been placed upon, and suddenly Mest appears to help her out! Back to the battlefield, Droy collapses out of exhaustion and Jet is pretty beaten up too. This is when, suddenly, Gajeel appears out of nowhere and saves "his buddies".

See, Droy is the only one who fell down because he's fat. It's funny. LAUGH!
Gajeel is then reunited with his bro Pantherlily, and Levy who smacks him then sits on him. Now that I've completely ruined that sweet scene, we suddenly see Zera standing behind them as well in her half-hidden way and we notice she's starting to disappear. Mavis is remembering Zera now so story reasons mean she's disappearing. Finally, we go over to Mavis who remembers Zera completely.

I'm assuming Mest can't see this because he'd be foaming at the mouth right now if he could... which means Mavis must have gone completely blank in front of him with zero explanation instead.
Now suddenly, it's a naked conversation between the two lolis as the two seem to fuse like Steven Universe, with Lily excited to hear more stories of the Guild's origin. Mavis is happy to be back with Zera, kinda-sorta-not-really, and Mest is clearly about to apologise for fucking up but doesn't get the time to do so.

I think Mavis just joined Despair.
Finally, we go to Lucy and Natsu who are tied to chairs. It turns out Lucy didn't even last one second against Dimaria, who holds Lucy responsible for Brandish's "death" and is planning to torture for revenge. Lastly, we see Porlyusica, who has Evergreen with her, find Brandish and ask where Natsu is. This tumour apparently is not a tumour but something far worse!

Opinion: Ups and downs, hooray!

In the end, why was Zera here? She sent out a message to everyone in the Guild, true, but that's Warren's job. I mean okay, Warren sucks but it still felt like she wasn't entirely needed for that. Well, she saved Gajeel... but does that mean Gajeel's fake death scene was only for the confession and for Zera to be relevant? It's hard to say if we even needed Zera here, especially since this emotional goodbye was nowhere near as powerful as the one from Fairy Tail Zero.

How did Porlyusica misdiagnose the tumour? Is she that bad a physician that she can't recognise one thing from a completely different thing that is probably E.N.D being activated in some manner? Does E.N.D appear in the form of a tumour? I'm seriously baffled about this more than anything else in the entire series. HOW DO YOU MISTAKE A MAGICAL TUMOUR?!

I fixed it! ...I think I made it worse actually.
Gajeel is buddies with Jet and Droy! That's actually kinda cute, but it does make me wish those three had had more scenes together so this scene had a bit more payoff. Still, at least Levy hit Gajeel. That's funny, right? Domestic abuse... Hilarity!

Aaaaand Droy ruined the scene.
Dimaria... I actually kinda fucking love you. You are an absolute nutcase and it's brilliant. What sort of magic trick are you going to come out with next? I can't wait!

Manga Rating: 3.5/5

Character of the Week: Dimaria for being such a freak.

Best Part: Dimaria x Me, if Brandish is off the table, is now possible.

Worst Part: Zera's presence felt unnecessary.

Damn it. I need more material if I want to make a joke! Um... oh look... that lizard.... nope, no idea.

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