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Opinions on Nisekoi Ending Compilation Part 1

Written by Shiggins

Yeah, we're men who read Nisekoi. So?

This week, Naoshi Komi's romcom manga Nisekoi finally ended after it's 229 chapter run that began November 2011. (There's also a few spinoff chapters and a light novel or two, but we're not counting them). So just like we did with Naruto, all the writers of Otaku Nuts that actually read Nisekoi are giving their opinions in articles. Now, let's talk about love!

Ending after 229 chapters... Such an odd and unpleasant number to end on.
So for those of you who didn't read chapters 1 - 228, let me recap as quickly as possible: Raku loved a girl in his class, a tsundere showed up, Raku loved a tsundere. Yes, it's that classic story of boy-meets-girl, girl constantly hits boy, boy likes it so falls for her. If you're a long-time reader of romance, you'll know this cliche inside and out. As someone who only dabbles with fictional love, even I know this has been done a lot.

So... they aren't yakuza then. Or at least, they're the Nickelodeon version.
However, let's talk about this chapter before we talk about the series as a whole. The final chapter of Nisekoi begins with a timeskip, like every single manga ending needs to, in which Raku has become the head of the yakuza family he swore he never would. His view on these yakuza have changed quite a lot, and he's also working in City Hall's public safety department. All in all, he's one privileged little shit.

Took the words right out of my mouth... seriously, this Raku stuff is getting obnoxious.
Raku's father is going off on a second honeymoon with Raku's mother, which really raises the question of what their relationship has been this whole time, and Raku tells us that Chitoge's father retired as well, leaving a far more calm and collected Claude in charge. Raku gets changed, says goodbye to animals, and has a phonecall with the second best character in the show, Shuu.

Best panel in the entire chapter, I swear to god.
It looks like Shuu is living with the best character in the show Ruri, and is calling to confirm he'll be going to the "event" he was invited to, since he's the organiser and best pal of Raku. Shuu then jokes to Ruri that they should get married, and it warms my heart to see her banter about how they should. Shuu then calls Ms Kyoko, or whatever her name must be by now, to ask if she'll attend. She says she will, and we see her with kids because she got married around a 100 or so chapters ago.

Da-a-amn, Paula! You are making glasses look even better than usual. 
Now it's off to another generation of characters, where Kosaki Onodera's little sister Haru is running the sweet shop and talking to best friend Fuu about how she can't find a "prince", which somehow leads them to mention how Paula joined a lab after going to graduate school. Fuu is a reporter who likes to do articles on sweet shops, but not about the sweets if you get my meaning. If not, here's the panel from the chapter.

I am ashamed to admit that it took me way too long to realise what Fuu's "interests" were.
Yue is pregnant... She just is. Don't know when or who did that to her but she's pregnant! Woo hoo! And Tsugumi is a model! Or more importantly, Chitoge's exclusive model. Hot damn! And we then see the energetic Marika accepting the invite from Raku, but also complaining about the blind date she was on last night. Marika is trying to find a man better than Raku, so that means lots of dates apparently!

Knowing your history with Chitoge, almost anybody would have guessed it... Sorry, gorgeous.
Lastly, Kosaki... She's apparently working in a large cake shop, and has made a prototype for the wedding cake for Raku and Chitoge, which she offered to do. I'll talk about that in a moment, but for now we skip over to Raku at the top of that hill again (which seems a bit tacky considering you rejected the first girl you confessed to there... which is also the same spot you confessed to her as a kid...) and he spots Chitoge.

Really? No "Beansprout"? I mean... I kinda thought that was your thing with Raku. You insult him, he insults you, you hit him... Do you even tsundere?!
Through some awkward exposition, we find out Chitoge is a fashion designer who tours the world (hence Tsugumi the model) and there is now a new locket. Raku asks Chitoge to marry him again (assume the first time happened off-screen), to which she says yes. And finally, faces red and awkward, they fuck up their first kiss.

Opinion: And that's the end of Raku's story.

I'll talk about my least controversial complaint first; I didn't see Ruri and Shuu get together. And that will haunt me for the rest of my days. With all that damn time we spent providing filler and silly chapters, we couldn't have one where Ruri and Shuu gazed into each other's eyes, or held hands for the first time? (Light novels don't count!) These two were the best characters, and while it's great to see them together, we never saw them be together. Not a kiss, not a hug, not a slap on the arse from Ruri as Shuu gets out of their bed so he can wash his face, nothing! The only hint we got was in Chapter 228, when we saw them staring at Christmas. That's it.

I remember being really annoyed when I saw Raku was the head of the family, due to his constant declarations that he'll be a civil servant, but it's actually quite appropriate when you think about it. These yakuza are nice idiots, and Raku would never ditch them. That being said, holy crap did they hit us over the head with how damn convenient and perfect Raku's life became. The dream job he wanted. The people he wanted. Animals outside his fucking house! Is he a goddamn Disney Princess?!

*choking on this crap*
Some characters got better endings than others. Tsugumi becoming a model is unexpected, but she looks absolutely gorgeous, is regarded as a feminine and beautiful woman by the world, and she's still working for Chitoge, so I can dig it. Yue's ending is so out-of-nowhere I'm indifferent to her, which is par for the course for me actually, but my favourite ending easily went to Haru, Fuu and Paula. Like seriously, can Komi just work on a spinoff starring those three please? Nisekoi: The Next Generation.

Does it bother anyone else that none of the 3 "loser girls" are in relationships? A series that is so based on love and such couldn't give Kosaki, Tsugumi or Marika a boyfriend/girlfriend/other? Maybe this is a nitpick, but I would have paid good money to see Tsugumi currently dating a lovely man who carries her everywhere, or see Marika getting adored by a badass musclebound behemoth named Jason Momoa. Feels like a bit of a middle finger to the girls when they end up alone at night while Chitoge gets to be with Raku.

I just picture Marika introducing herself by going up to him and whispering "I hear you can talk to fish..."
And okay, let's talk about Raku's decision. And sorry, but I am a Kosaki fan. I don't like tsunderes, I love the sweet girl, and the adorkable™ chemistry between them. When Kosaki got dumped, it sucked. I'm not being salty, I'm being honest. I never fully felt invested when Raku and Chitoge were developing into a relationship, and I don't feel attached to their chemistry. I tried, I swear. I really did try, but I saw Onodera and Raku fall asleep on the bus together. And I saw Chitoge hit Raku. I'll never understand what anime characters love about tsunderes so much, but it's aggravating to me. At the very least, I wanted a happy ending for a lovely character. Instead... she made a cake for Raku and Chitoge's wedding.

Oh Onodera... you were too good for this series.
Actually, hang on. Why did she do that? She's rarely good at making cakes, the love of her life is the one getting married so she shouldn't have to witness that, let alone bake a freaking cake for them, and we had quite a few chapters about Kosaki thinking about her future and not wanting to make sweet things! Go to chapter 122 if you don't believe me!

"But fuck that bitch. We won't ever properly show her face in this entire final chapter."
Kosaki's ending aside, the rest was... okay. I do wish the ending had had a lot more humour and funny faces, considering that was the main appeal to me when I first read this, but it was sweet enough, more or less. Raku got on my nerves but everyone else either cheered me up with their energy or were met with indifference. They could have had happier endings and they should have had much happier endings, but I suppose Raku was hogging all the happiness for himself. The stupid savage shithead...

Chapter Rating: 2/5

Character of the Series: Ruri Miyamoto, followed by Shuu Maiko, who will one day be known as Shuu Miyamoto.

Best Part: The trio of the younger generation.

Worst Part: Kosaki's tragic ending.

If you want to see Claydragon's opinion on this ending, just wait! Part 2 will be coming soon!

Until then, if anybody knows any good romcom manga then please tell me in the comments below. I need love in my life.

And lastly, stay tuned because in 2 weeks time, it's Bleach's turn to end!

At least they ended on a laugh. Thanks for the jokes, Nisekoi. Believe it or not, I'll miss you.

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    1. Well then, wait until Shuu and Ruri make a baby together, so it's combined greatness will be number 1.