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Opinions on Bleach Ending Compilation Part 1

Written by: Pomelote

 Aw, that's cute, the striped bands are the pattern that used to be on the tankoubon volumes.

And now, at last, the trainwreck comes to a halt. On top of a children's hospital. Leaking its radioactive cargo into the environment around it, rendering it uninhabitable for decades to come.

Chapter 682: The Two Sided World End

Soul Society. A portal opens up and Yhwach exits it. He greets Aizen, who's still just vegging out in his snazzy Muken chair. 

"Come in, come in! I'd get up, but, well, you know..."

Back upstairs at Silbern, Uryu runs up one of its many handrail-less staircases to the top, but he's intercepted in his tracks by an arrow shot by his dad. Uryu demands to know what he and Isshin are doing there, and Ryuuken is cagey, but tells him that he came to deliver the arrowhead. He tells Uryu that he forged it from silver collected from the bloodstreams of dead, Auswahlened Quincy, accompanied by a brief flashback to him dissecting Katagiri, Uryu's mother.

In the Dangai, Ichigo and Renji are their way to fight Yhwach again. Ichigo falters, and Renji helps shoulder him. Ichigo tells Renji that he should have stayed with Orihime and Rukia, resulting in Renji headbutting him and punching him in the face. Renji tells Ichigo that it's because of him that his and Rukia's relationship was repaired, and he's always privately vowed to find a way to help Ichigo if he should ever falter.

In Soul Society,Yhwach destroy's Aizen's chair, and Aizen thanks him... for giving him the chance to stop him. Yhwach finds this curious, and comments that it's against Aizen's interests to fight him. Aizen responds that it has nothing to do with interests, and is just about stopping somebody who wants to rule over Aizen himself. Before they can bicker any more, Ichigo and Renji pop out, attacking Yhwach.
Alright, villain catfight! I love these!

His Mimihagi eyes spot them, and counter-attack. Yhwach is unsurprised, commenting that they recovered quickly, like he expected. He adds that he also expected Ichigo to fix his Bankai... only to have it broken again. A crack appears in the blade. Yhwach, however, says that he intended to destroy it entirely, not just crack it. He seems to get serious.

Chapter 683: The Dark Side of Two World Ends

Facing off, Yhwach asks Ichigo why he didn't wait for Orihime to heal him before setting off to fight again. He speculates on the reasoning, and then Renji tries to attack him, in Bankai mode. Yhwach casually focuses on him and takes off both Renji's regular arm and his Bankai arm.

As he taunts him, "Renji" is revealed to actually be Aizen using Kyouka Seigetsu. Yhwach barks out his surprise that Aizen is working together with and shielding the Shinigami, while Aizen, down to just one arm, performs Hadou 99. Yhwach tells Aizen that his Bankai has also "already" been broken, and he effortlessly hits Aizen, lifts him into the air, and hurls him away. Then, Ichigo (curiously missing an arm) makes his attack.

(3-seconds-from-now-spoiler alert) Have Aizen's illusions always had a lag time? 

Yhwach counters that as well, grasping his sword and breaking it completely. He mocks Ichigo and blasts a hole through the centre of his chest, and pushes his arm through the hole and lifts him up into the air. He bids Ichigo farewell, but an amused voice asks Yhwach if he thinks he's looking at Ichigo at that moment.

"I've made a huge mistake."

Aizen's illusion drops, revealing that "Ichigo" was Aizen again. They were all Aizen! I'm Aizen! You're Aizen! Everybody's Aizen! The real Ichigo's blade bursts through Yhwach's chest from behind, and he Getsuga Tenshous him.

Chapter 684: The Blade

Ichigo and Yhwach stare at each other for a moment, and Yhwach has a Mimihagi freakout and collapses. Aizen compliments Ichigo for recognising his illusion and reacting so quickly. Ichigo explains that he felt a similiar sensation the last time he entered a battle that Aizen had people under a Kyouka Suigetsu illusion. Aizen comments on the irony that Ichigo, his enemy, being unaffected by his illusions saved his butt.

Before he can say much more, he's suddenly struck down by Yhwach. Now with only his big shiny teeth not covered with black goo, he mocks Aizen and Ichigo for thinking that would be enough to stop him. He claims that he can even rewrite futures in which he (has died?) dies.

Ichigo tries to attack again, and his sword is knocked out of his hand, cracking even further. Yhwach presses his attack, completely overwhelming Ichigo. He rages that this is the end - everything is going to be destroyed and become one. 

And he's suddenly pierced from behind by a silver arrow.

 So let me get this straight: he can see and rewrite his own death (after his death already seems to have happened), but he can't see one guy without any ability to hide from his future-vision firing an arrow? Does this make no sense at all, or have I just not dropped enough acid?

Ryuuken's voice-over explains that the "still silver" collected from Auswahlen's victims, when mixed with the blood of the Auswahlen's user, temporarily deactives their powers. Yhwach grimaces and gets Quincy Blut Brainfreeze, and his body momentarily sheds the darkness. Uryu yells at Ichigo to take his shot, and Ichigo does, but his sword just hits the ground. Yhwach dodges and rages that it doesn't matter if they stop his powers for just a moment, as the first signs of his power coming back appear on his face. 

Ichigo takes another swing, and Yhwach blocks the blade with his right hand (his right side appearing to have regained his power), breaking the last remnants of the blade. However, inside the new blade was the previous form of Ichigo's Bankai, and Ichigo... swings that instead? I really don't know.

In any case, Yhwach is cut down. He thinks back to that dream-premonition about being killed by Ichigo, and wonders if it was a premonition sent by Haschwalth to warn him. Well, I don't recall Haschwalth being able to send dreams being a thing until now, but duh, pretty much. It seemed really obvious. You seemed fine with it at the time, though, so everyone assumed it was all part of your plan in some way. This is why you really needed to share more instead of keeping it all bottled up. Anyway, you're dead now, bye-bye.

Chapter 685: A Perfect End

Kyouraku sits in a small pavilion, drinking tea and talking to somebody. It seems it's been ten years since Yhwach's defeat, and everything is back to normal for Soul Society. He leaves for an appointment, promising to be back to talk again... to Ukitake's grave, in the pavilion. As he walks away, black energy seeps through a tile behind him.

In a laboratory somewhere, Mayuri grumbles about Soul Society's repairs finally being finished and now being able to expand his "secret underground network". He leaves, telling the next Nemu, Nemuri Hachigou, to follow him. Apparently, she's a little more exuberant than the last Nemu, which annoys Mayuri. 

 Kubo sneaks in a last jab at everyone who ever complained about his pacing.

In another part of the Seiretei, Kenpachi, Yumichika, and Ikkaku are also heading to the mysterious meeting. As always, Kenpachi is lost, but he says he shouldn't be lost anymore without Yachiru around to muddle his sense of direction. Oh, and Ikkaku's officially moved up to Vice-Captain, now.

Shinji and Momo spot them, and Momo suggests they help them, but Shinji vetoes it as her Captain. She notes that he only seems to exercise his Captain's authority in frivolous situations.

Iba jumps off a small cliff and encourages the rest of... the 7th Division, I think, to follow his example. He runs into Hitsugaya and Matsumoto at the bottom, and their conversation reveals that Iba's a Captain now. 

Hitsugaya needles Matsumoto about her benefitting from Iba's kind of discipline, and she pretends to misunderstand and think he was talking about Hisagi, who overhears, and protests that he already has his Bankai mastered. Oh, and Kensei's there somehow - alive, self-aware, and still Captain. No, Kensei, I hate to break it you, but, well... you're dead. You died. You don't get to be in the epilogue. Go home, okay?

Poor Hisagi. Never the bride... or the bridesmaid, or a flowergirl, or even invited to the wedding.

Everyone comments that if Hisagi has Bankai, it's strange that they've never seen it. He protests that they have, but Hitsugaya looks dreamy-eyed and suggests that if they haven't seen it in the ten years that's passed, that's a good thing, because it means they've had peace. 

At the 1st Division barracks, where the meeting/ceremony is being held, Soi-fon berates Kenpachi for being late. Isane, a Captain now, tries to smooth things over between the two of them. Kiyone, who appears to be her Vice-Captain, tells her that she needs to be more confident now. I have to admit, I'm curious about what Isane's Bankai would be. Something uncharacteristically horrifying would be a treat.
Come to think of it, where's Ukitake's other groupie, Sentarou? Who inherited him?

With everybody assembled at the Barracks (Lisa is a Captain, Rose is also back from the dead, and Byakuya is the same as last time we saw him) , Kyouraku bids the newest Captain, who the ceremony is for, to enter. Outside the room, Renji pokes fun at Rukia, who's about to become the new Captain of the 13th Division. 

Back at the R&D department, newly-Vice-Captained Akon talks with Hiyosu about how they've detected the appearance of the Yhwach-esque energy in Soul Society...

Chapter 686:  Death & Strawberry

In the colour page, Hiyori yells at a tiny little orange-haired boy hanging around the Vizard's lair. Back in Soul Society, Byakuya and Soi-fon rush towards the source of the Yhwach-esque energy. Mayuri is already there, surprised that they noticed, too.
In the Living World, Renji and Rukia are greeted at the door of the Kurosaki Clinic by Ichigo. Lounging around inside are Tatsuki, Keigo, and Mizuiro, as well as Ichigo's sisters, Karin and Yuzu, who have snacks. They all sit down on the couch to watch Chad in the World Boxing Championship. I don't really get how beating up weaker, non-empowered humans for money squares with Chad's previously established pacifism, but sure, it's a living, I guess.

What ending themes see as a joke, Kubo sees as inspiration.

Uryu, meanwhile, watches the match, all alone, on his phone on the roof of the hospital, where he now works as a doctor. Back at the Kurosaki place, Orihime enters the picture, taking off an apron as a visual shorthand to show that she and Ichigo are living in perfect gender-policed domestic bliss together. Ichigo asks her if she's seen "Kazui", and she says that he should be upstairs, in Yuzu's room (which used to be Ichigo's room). This reminds Ichigo to ask Rukia and Renji about their kid, who is supposed to be visiting with them for O-bon. But the kid's gone!

Honestly, this is probably the best parenting ever shown in this series.

In the room upstairs, where Kazui, Ichigo and Orihime's son is playing, a black... shape appears on the wall, resembling the Yhwach energy source up in Soul Society. Speaking of, the energy source bloats out at the Shinigami around it, and they scatter. As this is happening, Kazui cheerfully shoves his hand into the shape, seemingly unaware of what the significance of it is. In Soul Society, the energy suddenly dissipates into nothing, shocking Mayuri and co. even further. Mayuri helpfully tells us that the last remnants of Yhwach's power are disappearing. Down in Muken, a re-imprisoned Aizen confirms it. This segues into a flashback to Yhwach's final moments, ten years earlier.

Cut in half, Yhwach curses Ichigo and tells him that the path he was creating, to a world where the Living World, Soul Society, and Hueco Mundo were all fused together, and where there was no cycle of life and death and rebirth, has been closed. He says that now, people will continue to live their lives fearing their eventual deaths, and he presumably dies.

Back in the present, Aizen tut-tuts this philosophy, and gives a mini-speech about how that fear of death is what motivates people to press forward and have courage, and makes life "life", instead of just "existence" (my rough paraphrasing).

After apparently finishing off Yhwach by accident, Kazui has his back turned to the black shape. A Shinigami enters the room through the shape: it's Renji and Rukia's missing kid, Ichika. She introduces herself as a Shinigami apprentice, and Kazui, forming a Shinigami kimono over his hoodie (daww), replies that, hey, he's kinda a Shinigami, too!

 The End. No, Really.


Well, there you have it. It's pretty clear in hindsight that these last six chapters or so are a severely abridged version of the ending originally planned. The most likely scenario that pops up in my head is that after all the glacially-dragged out scenes in this arc, Jump finally just set this issue as the finale whether Kubo wanted it that way or not, and let him figure out how to end it. Things might look quite different now if Kubo hadn't decided that what this story's ending needed most was eight chapters of battle against a giant talking hand, or nine against a flamingo angel!

 Let Slip the Loose Ends of War

The first and most obvious thing that comes to mind when reading these final chapters is, "But what happened to character X?", since so many of Bleach's characters were left hanging. I feel almost like it's redundant to point any of them out, given that it's probably shorter to list characters who actually were seen. However, I will, but before I do, special mention has to go to Urahara, Yoruichi, and Grimmjow, who were last seen twenty chapters ago in Askin's deathtrap, while Nel prepared to try and rescue them. They not only didn't appear, but not even a single line of dialogue hints at their fates.

Now, I can understand that not every single character can get their finale moment in a series crammed with as many characters as Bleach, but Urahara and Yoruichi (and Grimmjow, to an extent) were major supporting characters, and they were left in a cliffhanger. They weren't Mashiro; they deserved better than that. Anyway, please enjoy a long list of characters:
  • Kira, who was last seen as a zombie cyborg about to battle fallen angel Lille. 
  • Lille, who was last seen split into a flamboyance of flamingos (that's what you get when you Google what to call a group of flamingos, incidentally). 
  • Komamura, who was last seen turned into completely into a wolf, but alive. 
  • Askin, who was last seen dying, but had been established as being absurdly durable, and seemed to still be alive when Nel went into the Gift Ball (unless the fourth reiatsu she sensed was Yoruchi's little brother, but nobody cared about him, especially compared to Askin's delightfulness). 
  • Ginjou, Tsukishima, and the other Fullbringers, who were last seen helping Ichigo get his powers back and being unclearly aligned. 
  • Ganju, who was last seen fighting statues with Chad. 
  • Liltotto and Giselle, who were last seen facedown after tangling with Yhwach, but ambiguously alive-or-dead. 
  • Bambietta, who was last seen still a zombie, which makes it inherently hard to tell whether she's dead-dead or not. 
  • Harribel, who was last seen a prisoner of Ywach's in Silbern. 
  • Ichibei, who was last seen looking very shifty after sending Ichigo to fight Yhwach. 
  • The rest of the Royal Guard, who were all last seen facedown and ambiguously alive-or-dead. 
  • Isshin and Ryuuken, who were last seen giving Uryu the silver arrow and are probably perfectly fine. 
  • Tessai, Ururu, and Jinta, whose last appearances I can't remember no matter how hard I try. 
  • The Tres Bestia, and Loly and Menoly, who were all last seen after beatings from Quilge Opie, but are pretty safe to assume still alive. 
  • Meninas and Candice, who were both off-panelled and then Auswahlened, but the effects of Auswahlen were so inconsistently depicted that it's impossible to tell whether they were supposed to have died or not. 
  • Nanana, who was last seen shot in the back by Bazz-B and was probably dead, but you never know. 
  • Cang-Du and BG-9, who were last seen being executed and are probably... well, executed. 
  • The Arrancar zombies, last seen as Mayuri's slaves. 
  • Kuukaku, who was last seen "training" the dead Fullbringers. 
  • Jidanbou, who was last seen attacking the R&D building as a zombie being controlled by Pepe. 
  • Mashiro, who was last seen being cheerfully irrelevant to everything that happens in Bleach, will always remain that way.
Curiously enough, despite all of these missing characters, Kubo spent part of these final chapters revealing that Kenji and Rose, who were extremely strongly implied to be dead-dead-for-real-reals, survived somehow. See, the important thing to remember when you're writing an ending to your story is to make sure there were no absolutely no consequences or changes, and the setting returns to exactly how it was the way it was before, with nobody learning anything. I'm sorry, I'll get to that below.

In the past, Bleach had been relatively good at following up on plot hooks. Not great, of course, since Kubo had a tendency to introduce new elements or ideas to the story and then fail to properly follow up on the implications or repurcussions of those elements, but generally, when something was set up, there was a pay-off. Not so for this ending.

Just a few issues left hanging:

  • Yoruichi's little brother and the special Shigouin family armour he brought to the battle. And why was Yoruichi a cat person?
    Tiny urchin, just what is your DEAL!?
  • Various Bankais. Personally, I don't mind a few unrevealed secrets, but this is a shounen battle manga; fans will get antsy if you tell them that characters have ultimate attacks and then never bother to show them.
  • It seemed like there was going to be a purpose to Yhwach stealing Yamamoto's Bankai, but nothing ever came of it.
  • What was the whole deal with Ururu? 
  • What did Robert Accutrone's N and BG-9's K stand for, anyway? This isn't a pressing issue at all, but the completionist in me is curious.
  • So many events in the past were implied or talked around rather than shown, but the most pressing was the original war a thousand years ago and Yhwach's defeat by Yamamoto. What the hell happened?
  • Is there a new Soul King now, or not? The whole "balance of existence hinges on the Soul King" seemed awfully important last year. Now, Yhwach is defeated and no mention is made of what happened in the immediate aftermath, or what the Soul King status is (it obviously isn't Aizen or Ichigo, who were the most popular bets for follow-up Soul Kings prior to these chapters). Which segues into the most disappointing loose ends of all...

Yhwach, the Soul King, and The Past

What, in the end, did Yhwach want? I still have only the vaguest idea, and the final chapter's reveal, that he wanted to end the cycle of rebirth for the benefit of everybody, goes completely against everything shown about Yhwach up to this point and confuses his already vague motivations even more. He's consistently viewed everybody else as nothing more than resources for him to consume. Why would he care about that cycle? What would the consequences have been if he'd succeeded? Frankly, Yhwach stopped making sense the moment he was directly connected to the Soul King.

And what was the Soul King? After years of seemingly-important references to the Soul King's role at the heart of Soul Society, he/it is finally revealed and... does nothing, says nothing, and has no significance on anything that happens. What connection did he/it have to Yhwach and the Quincy? Was the Soul King a person or artificial? Was the Soul King conscious? Was the Soul King a prisoner? Was the Soul King really interested in Ichigo? Is there a Soul King after the timeskip, or did it turn out that a Soul King was completely unnecessary in the first place?

 "All this fuss over li'l old me?"

What was the point of revealing that Mimihagi, Pernida, and Gerard were parts of the former Soul King? Why did Mimihagi side with the Shinigami, while Pernida and Gerard strongly identified as Quincy? These reveals didn't explain anything and opened up so, so many more questions that were never answered. And were we supposed to retroactively assume that Gremmy was supposed to part be of the Soul King as well?

The Shipping Forecast

The ending pairings? Honestly, I don't really mind. However, one of the things I liked most about Bleach was its firm adherence to aromanticism, and while I personally neither dislike it or like it, it's hard to see it as anything but last-minute pandering to shippers.

Rukia and Renji come off mostly okay, because they actually had a tangible friendship before this that could have plausibly led to romance (and they do look awfully cute together in the final chapter), but Ichigo and Orihime's relationship never came across as anything but pathetically one-sided, so the idea that Ichigo's hormones suddenly awakened and the two of them had an entire life off-panel that the audience never saw makes their pairing seem glaringly artificial. 

Orihime tangent: Despite the build-up, poor Orihime did nothing during the battle with Yhwach. Basically, it's business as usual for her. She didn't bust out her long-vaunted reality-warping powers and change the course of the fight, she only shielded Ichigo once or twice, and ineffectually, at that. And he still lost, and only survived because Yhwach was too lazy to finish him off. So, she truly accomplished nothing. She didn't even heal Liltotto and Giselle, and at least accomplish something. She just... existed. All-in-all, that was not a beautifully-composed character arc for Orihime.

 The Next Generation

The kids? They're cute, of course. But unless they're a hook to hang a sequel series on, they were nothing but wastes of valuable pages that should have been spent on characters that had actually existed before this chapter. Bleach has never had any major interest in exploring generational themes - the inconsistent depictions of the way Shinigami age and grow makes it fairly irrelevant, and Kubo's tendency to never explore the history of Bleach's world in anything but the vaguest details makes it impossible to even have a clear timeline or understanding of the how the world got to be the way it is. And ultimately, showing the next generation in this case feels meaningless and empty, because nothing in this world has changed. Absolutely nothing.

While the old guard (Yamamoto, Unohana, Ukitake, and Kyouraku) died (or in Kyouraku's case, became the new boss), it's a superficial change: the shinigami are still on top and in charge, and their society and methods appear to be exactly the same as they were at the beginning of the story. After all of those hints that Soul Society was rotten beneath the surface, and that Yhwach, Aizen, Ginjou, and the Quincy and the Hollows, had legitimate grievances, it ends with a complete victory for the status quo (and the Quincy, who at the beginning of the Blood War were said to be "fighting for a just cause", apparently just needed to be exterminated after all). Even Mayuri is still alive, in the same position, and carrying on his sadism-for-fun-and-profit experiments like nothing happened!

Warning, Mayuri tangent ahead: the continued survival of Mayuri is representative of the biggest problem I have with this status quo ending. Now, Mayuri is one of my favourite characters of Bleach. He's creepy, entertaining, has a great design/s, and it's interesting that ethical comparisons can be made between his relationship with Soul Society and that of the real-world relationship with Unit 731 and the governments that benefited from their human experimentation. 

In this final arc, it seemed (at first) like Kubo was aiming to bring these comparisons, which had mostly served as flavour in past arcs, to a final point by making Mayuri the most competent character on the Shinigami side and really emphasising how useful he was. 
  • First, he secretly slaughters a huge number of innocent souls in the Rukongai, to compensate for the Hollows killed by the Wandenreich and keeping the balance even (which is mostly condoned as a necessary and correct decision by the story). 
  • Second, the story makes a point of mentioning that he had already warned about the potential danger from Quincies (which he knew about from his previous experimentation on them and his encounter with Uryu), and that he had been ignored. 
  • Third, in the first invasion, he was the only Captain to realise that they shouldn't try to use Bankai (and in the aftermath of the invasion, the only one to notice the Quincy power over shadows) . 
  • Fourth, in the battle with Giselle, he trounced her without even trying. 
  • Fifth, he while he was doing all of this, he'd already constructed a room that, with a bit of tinkering by Urahara, could transport people to the Soul King's Realm (something Aizen spent the entirety of the Arrancar arc failing to do). 
Basically, he was so conspicuously firing on all cylinders, that it seemed that he had to be due for a fall in the battle with Pernida (having such a competent character lose and be killed by Pernida would have also made the Schutzstaffel credible threats, and the following battles would have had actual tension). Except, it didn't come. He succeeded again, when it needed to show him pulling out all the stops and trying as hard as he could, and coming to nothing. Pernida's appearance as a severed body part could even have served as a symbolic revenge from all of the people Mayuri had experimented on.
In short, Kubo needed to repudiate Mayuri's methods and the Shinigami's enabling of him by the end of the story, and he failed to do that. He lives on, openly murdering and torturing people with no comeuppance, blithely harboured and supported by Soul Society, and that's part of Bleach's peaceful, hopeful, happy ending. So remember, everyone, horrific evil is all fine and dandy as long as you benefit from it.    

 Positive Thinking!

Okay, enough complaining about the ending. Let's open up some love.

The final arc got off to an excellent start, with Shinigami deaths and real weight and tension to the battles. Byakuya really should have died, but you can't have everything. Then the lull between the first invasion and the second invasion happened, things slowed down, and if you ask most readers, that's when it starting getting bad. A dozen-and-a-half new characters were thrown at you (hey, hands up if you remember the Sword Five!), battles became drawn-out and one-sided in favour of Shinigami again, and the plot got bogged down with events and characters that didn't have much bearing on the main story.

However, something I liked about the second invasion (that I think most fans disliked) was the willingness to subvert Bleach's usual battle tropes. Kensei and Rose didn't die in battle, but were murdered silently in their sleep while they were recovering (at least, that's how it seemed until these last chapters). Sternritter sometimes worked together and used tactics instead of splitting off into one-on-one match-ups (though, ultimately, they mostly ended up solo). Only one or two Sternritter got flashbacks, making their deaths seem less telegraphed when they happened. And several fights were entirely resolved off-panel, although a lot of readers were probably annoyed by that. It felt unpredictable, like almost anything could happen, and I liked the novelty. That feeling disappeared when everybody got to Wahrwelt and the final section of the arc started.

Artwise, Bleach really took off in the final arc, and Kubo experimented more with ink than he had in the past, resulting in some really beautiful imagery. I'd put forward Yamamoto, Unohana, and Ichibei's Bankai reveals as the artistic highlights, incidentally. 

 Even crummy scans can't make this look anything but gorgeous.

Character-wise, I liked most of the Sternritter and would have liked to have seen more of them. With 26 letters to get through and the aforementioned subversions, Kubo obviously struggled to give them all time to shine (Nianzol Weizol, we hardly knew ye), and that was a shame. Meninas McAllon and Robert Accutrone, in particular, felt under-served.


So, overall, what did I think? Well, it's impossible to call these last few chapters a good ending. It just... isn't. It's full of holes, confusing, and extremely unsatisfying. It'd be easy to blame the problems on the (assumed) cancellation, but Kubo's always tended to lean towards glibness and not thinking through plot elements, and those faults were just exacerbated by the (just speculatin') cancellation. However, the main plot was technically wrapped up, so it could have been worse, really.

Bleach meant a lot to me over its long run, and I strongly hope there's some kind of follow-up, whether it's a sequel series, an OVA, a databook, or something else entirely. Personally, I'm hoping for a nice thick databook that straightforwardly fills in the gaps for me. How about you? And what did you think about Bleach's ending?

Coming up in Opinions on Bleach Ending Compilation Part 2: What Shiggins thought!

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