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Fairy Tail 100 Year Quest Chapter 6 & Eden's Zero Chapter 8 Review

Written by Shiggins

Hooray for violence!

While today's Fairy Tail chapter made me feel a roller-coaster of emotions and surprises, I admit that Eden's Zero left me feeling satisfied but unimpressed. I can tell it's going to take quite a while before the latter of the two finds its footing, much like Mashima's other titles have in the past, so I'll need to make a decision soon about whether or not I am going to keep reviewing them each chapter, or maybe change how I review the series...

I never noticed the first time she appeared, but her clothing makes her breasts look... free.

Fairy Tail Summary:

Our chapter begins with Natsu, Lucy and Happy getting a surprise when the female prisoner from last week wakes up and is grinning excitedly. A gorgeous serpent of the sea floats in, making the woman break open her locks and cage with ease, showing she was captured on purpose. An exciting battle takes place, ending when the woman uses Dragon Slayer magic to tear the monster apart and then proceeds to devour it whole!

I want to catch that Alolan Rayquaza!
The woman is annoyed however, as this is clearly not the Water God Dragon. She decides to attack Natsu instead, hoping to get some excitement, and Natsu goes back to human form to fight against her. She reveals that she is a Dragon Slayer as well, but is a Fifth Generation that gains their power by eating dragons! Her mage guild, called Diabolos, is full of Fifth Gen Dragon Slayers, and her name is Kyria. She is a Blade Dragon Slayer!

Fairy Tail Opinion:

So can we take a second to appreciate how badass a "Blade Dragon Slayer" is? I mean... her magic is blades! You want a knife? She doesn't need one! She has blades in her magic! Oh Erza, you use magic to equip swords? That's cute but Kyria's magic IS the sword! Hi, Food Wars. Need your meat cut? BLADE MAGIC!

STOP WITH THE JELLYFISH! If the Water God Dragon turns out to be a jellyfish, I swear...
For those who are curious, the "Fourth Generation" of Dragon Slayers debuted in Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry. They mostly existed to provide some fodder for our heroes to fight, but I at least appreciate the acknowledgement that they are canon. Even if it does sound a bit ridiculous that we have moved on to a Fifth Generation, when I still feel like our Second Generation guys (Cobra and Laxus) should be explored more. And GOD SERENA!

Once again, the glaring issue of "Where have these dragons been this whole time?" crops up. Why did Natsu, Gajeel and Wendy never hear of these guys, or the dragons they've managed to eat? How come Acnologia never knew about them and killed them first? We all have the same questions, but we definitely need some answers eventually.

Hey look! It's Kyria devouring the dragon for the first time.
I liked Kyria! But then again, my love for Himiko Toga should tell you that I have a fondness for crazy girls who love to murder. (My future wedding will be very interesting!) And it is good that we have an entire Guild of enemies, just waiting to cause trouble throughout the entire journey. This makes me wonder if the duo we saw a few chapters ago are actually good characters. "Protectors", like The Mummy's "Medjai", trying to keep the dragons from waking up.

Also, the Sea Serpent died... 😢

Manga Rating: 4.5/5

Character of the Week: Kyria for Crazy Bitch Blade Dragon Slayer 5!

Best Part: Kyria's reveal.

Worst Part: No questions answered. Only asked.

Eden's Zero Summary:

Do you remember the convenient bunny girl from last time? Well, she knows Sibir's lair! (Christ...). Anyway, the trio race off on a bike to rescue Pino. And at Sibir's lair, Pino is about to get her leg torn off for allowing herself to be captured, causing Weisz to reluctantly save her. As Sibir is about to kick his ass, the trio arrive on their bike.

He's so evil it overwhelms his common sense!
A nice few pages of gravity powers, which I love as always, but Weisz takes the bike to escape. The bike that also has Happy on it! Before they can help, Sibir drops a crate on Shiki and rides out in another robot to give chase. And that leaves Rebecca alone against the eccentric Foot Brothers. As Pino worries about some other robots/people, we see Shiki has landed underground and discovers the robotic remains of his friend Michael/Pumpking from his home planet!

Eden's Zero Opinion:

Do you remember when Michael officially died, and we were all confused why he was on the main colour page when he only existed for one chapter? And how a dark area in our minds expected a resurrection? Well, thank God for this reveal as it means we don't have to deal with that (hopefully), and the Michael we saw in the cover page was actually his past version... Which means the Michael we saw die in chapter 1 was a version that had watched his own friend Shiki grow up twice without Shiki realising and volunteered to raise Shiki, knowing he'd die at the very end. Damn, this could get really dark!

Why do I feel like I saw this scene several times in Fairy Tail? Why am I having to deal with this damn cat so much in my life?!
So, raise your hands if you think the series will let Rebecca kick some ass on her own. And if you are fully aware that they'll make Shiki rescue her instead, raise your metal foot. I mean, I'd personally love to see Rebecca not need Shiki's help and let him chase after Sibir instead so she can take them on alone, but she has no Happy-Guns and Shiki is our main-main protagonist. I hope I'm wrong, but I have little hope that she will get to own these two by herself.

Maybe its because of games like Nier Automata and Detroit Become Human but seeing these robot remains makes me feel sad.
Other than that, the rest was fine. Some fun action involving gravity, Weisz trying to remain a dick, a few laughs, and a bit of bullshit. Honestly, there is very little to discuss in a chapter like this, since most of it was predictable. It's still fun and a relaxing read, but not much else deserved a special mention.

Manga Rating: 3/5

Character of the Week: Michael for his surprising reappearance.

Best Part: Michael's first form!

Worst Part: The rest was predictable. Fun, but predictable.

NOOOOOOOOO! *Sobs* At least your death was provided by someone hot, you beautiful creature.

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