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Hiro Mashima Double Review - FT 100 Year Quest Chapter 3 & Eden's Zero Chapter 6

Written by Shiggins

Plenty of conflict!

We continue the double review of Mashima-senpai's works with two chapters that begin plenty of problems for our heroes and, thankfully, seem to be keeping them going on their hot streak! With the brief weird moments here or there, because anime is anime and manga is manga and both are just odd. And I know this review is a bit late but work got in the way. Damn you, reality!

Vegeta did it better.
FT 100 Year Quest Summary:

So we begin with jellyfish, that seem weirdly hostile and try to go inside people's mouths. Natsu and Lucy struggle, but Wendy saves the day. Natsu ate his though. The characters are crossing the Giltena continent, which is North of Ishgar (hey, there's a flashback for ya!) and we get a flashback of Natsu telling Elefceria that he is the one who defeated Acnologia, making this the old man's last chance. And back to the present, Lucy continues her narration.

So... Natsu swallows.
The five dragons apparently kept themselves hidden, not even being involved in the war that caused Acnologia to wipe them all out. Due to their existence potentially creating nothing but destrution, Elfceria learned Dragon Slayer Magic but could do nothing against them. Natsu theorises that Gildarts had made a mistake, and had thought Acnologia was one of the five. And we finally learn that the dragon they are currently headed to face right now is Mercfovia, the Water God Dragon!

Well... It's not exactly the spinoff I asked for, but I'll take it!
The group are nearing the port town where Mercfovia was once worshipped as a God, and we get one last flashback about the reward for this quest. "One wish of whatever they want". And in the present, they finally arrive at the town of Elmina to begin their search. Meanwhile, Gajeel, Levy, Juvia and Pantherlily have begun their mission to figure out Touka. And at Elmina, two new villains are watching the group arrive.

FT 100 Year Quest Opinion:

So, who else doesn't trust Elefceria? I'm assuming it isn't just me, since Elefceria is an old man/dragon promising literally anything, and wants five supremely powerful dragons who aren't bothering anyone to be sealed away from sight. All our information comes from him, so I'm betting money right now that he will be an antagonist soon enough.

Oh look. The movie villains! Is Cooler with you guys?
On a brighter note, we're finally getting to see a Water Dragon! As we've seen from characters like Juvia or... well, Blastoise, technically... water is great for combat and spectacle! Tsunamis, pretty waves, shooting water out of your back cannons etc. Tons of potential. And a friend of mine also made a good point that these five dragons could perhaps be related to God Serena, one of Fairy Tail's most underused characters, and how he got his powers. If anything, that'd be a fun way to have at least some more connection to a character that desperately needed more time.

As for Touka, see my previous review for my thoughts on her. Nothing has changed there.

Manga Rating: 3.5/5

Character of the Week:
Gajeel for his amazing outfit.

Best Part: Water Dragon backstory!

Worst Part: Not enough Water Dragon backstory!

Eden's Zero Summary:

Sibir is demanding info on Weisz, while being nagged at by his chirping bird, but Rebecca and Shiki don't know so they chose to run away instead of interfering with the timeline. With the power of gravity control, Shiki, Rebecca and Happy have an exciting chase and damage Sibir's robot. We then go to a bar full of aliens, but which is nowhere near the Mos Eisley Cantina we all love and adore. And there's Weisz, coincidentally! Phew, I was worried they'd have to use their brains to find him!

I swear to god, selfies are a plague on fiction.
They convince Weisz that they know his future self, and they try to ask what Weisz stole from them but he refuses to tell and demands they leave him alone. Of course, Shiki eventually takes it to find out and the briefcase is accidently opened to reveal a female robot.

Eden's Zero Opinion:

So Weisz has a new friend/girlfriend/robot. Is this going to be a thing where Exceeds are replaced with robots, and every major character has one by their side? Because if so, I'm not entirely against it. And on the plus side, it's clear Weisz didn't mean to steal her! Maybe I'm jumping the gun here, but that might imply we're not going the cliche route of "they caused my father to lose his livelihood" or whatever and Weisz was being a selfish bastard. At least, a little bit? Maybe?

As for the discount Mos Eisley Cantina, what a letdown! If you told me Hiro Mashima was going to draw a bar full of aliens, I'd be picturing tons of images and creations. Instead, the most memorable and strange thing we got was a sexy bunny girl. And I'm pretty sure she's not even Mashima's sexiest bunny girl!

Oh there you are, fanservice! It's been a while! How you doing? 
As for the robot, she said "master" and has a cube with her that resembles Happy's. Could this be the same cube that Happy will wear in the future? Or is it part of a set, and the characters will need to work together to find the rest? Possibilities! And is the robot saying "master" a sign that we have another masochistic Hiro Mashima character like Virgo, or a maid character like Virgo, or both?!

I shall name her... Peggy Pegleg.
Interestingly, the series has brought up that they shouldn't change history. It could never be answered, but we might be about to see the first inklings of a multiverse effect where different timelines are created through time travel. At least I hope so, because I'm not a fan of the scenario where something is made possible by a character going back in time to have sex with their own grandmother to give birth to their own father to give birth to them so they can go back in time to have sex with their own grandmother to....

Manga Rating: 3.5/5

Character of the Week: Weisz for being (hopefully) a dick and not a bland perfect hero.

Best Part: A new character!

Worst Part: Waste of an alien bar.

If this was Naruto, readers would try and use this as proof they'll end up as a couple... Seriously. It was strange.
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  1. Is Lily trying to cosplay as Blacksad?
    I'll let you decide

    1. I had to Google what that was, and I am so glad I did! It looks amazing!

  2. It was the comic Pantherlily's design was actually based on so that's why I thought it could be.

    1. I think you're right. Definitely a homage or something. Very cool.

  3. Honestly, I get the feeling that Touka is a dragon slayer, and the "tail" belongs to her exceed that she hid

    1., that sounds a lot more obvious than "catfish". I feel I should have realised that.